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Weird Bridges: Google Earth Glitches


Google Earth provides fertile ground for artists who like to discover and appropriate quirky coincidences. These distorted satellite photos of bridges and valleys were found online by Clement Valla.

Here’s how he explains what we are seeing:

“The images are screenshots from Google Earth with basic color adjustment. tulsa attorneys . tent rental . They are glitches that occur when the 2d satellite imagery and 3d terrain don’t line up quite right, or structures such as bridges get projected down onto the terrain below, creating fabulous and unintentional distortions. These images are like funhouse mirrors – strange illusions and reflections of the real.”

See more bridges, and discover lots of other technical oddities and fun stuff at Clement Valla’s website.


Postcards from Google Earth

Google just won’t stop popping up in the art world these days. After the much-hyped and thus far disappointing Google Art Project and several interesting photographic projects using Google Street View technology, the French artist Clement Valla has used Google Earth to create his Bridges series. The series began when Valla, who has worked as an architect and designer, noticed a bug in Google Earth’s 3D view: while the software uses the altitude of the ground to create it’s 3D renderings, it isn’t accurate enough to pick up on bridges which find themselves warping and melting according to the contour of the surrounding landscape. The results remind me a little of Fontcuberta’s Landscapes without memory, landscapes that seem only to be possible in a computer’s imagination.


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