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March Madness and April Fools: Strange but True Photos

April 1—or April Fool’s Day—is traditionally a time for harmless pranks and practical jokes. It is a day when many will be taken in by good-natured mischief, whether tricked by the most elaborate or the simplest of deceptions. In the spirit of tomfoolery and fabrications, LightBox presents a selection images that show some of the more surreal and bizarre realities of the world around us, all photographed during the mad month of March.
From costumed crime fighters to giant paper airplanes and facial-massaging snails, these photos prove that truth can be more astounding than fiction. Happy April Fool’s Day!

Patrick Millard, in Memoriam

Pittsburgh photographer and educator, Patrick Ford Millard, aged 30 and formerly of Lamont, MI, passed away Monday, December 12, 2011. I was informed by one of his devoted students, Margaret O’Hara, about this loss to the photographic community, and to Patrick’s family and friends. I featured Patrick’s work on Lenscratch just about a year ago and I loved his unique approach to image making. He had a scientific and visual mind and was exploring new terrain with his many projects and areas of interest. Margaret shared that Patrick would often show her work featured on Lenscratch and it is her goal to bring things full circle. Margaret is working on a project that I will be featuring in the future, as a way to honor Patrick.

Here is what Margaret has to say about Patrick as a teacher and mentor:
When I first met Patrick a year and a half ago, starting off my sophomore year in college at Point Park, I thought he was quite possibly the most pretentious individual I would ever meet. However, I soon learned that what Patrick was wasn’t pretentious at all, but true genius and incredibly inspired about everything he was doing with his life. I almost as quickly learned that he was just as inspired about each of his students as he was about his own artwork. Before Patrick entered my life, I was a photojournalism major at the university, kind of just doing things I knew needed to be done, taking classes I knew I needed to take, etc. After I met Patrick, I changed my major to photography, and everything about my life changed thereafter. Patrick saw something in me that no one ever had before. He brought alive a spirit inside of me that I never knew existed. He showed me what it was to truly believe in photography as an art form, and to believe in myself as an artist. One thing Patrick always said to me, that never meant so much until we lost him as a part of this world, was: “Mags, if you love what you are doing, you will make it take you wherever you want to go.” I have never in my 20 years of life come across a person so motivated about, well, every aspect of their life, and more specifically, about their artwork. I am truly thankful to have had such a great inspiration in my life, if only for a short period of time. Patrick Millard forever changed my vision of this world and what I want to make of it. I will never forget him.

Patrick Millard, Evening Reboot, 2007

Needless to say, Patrick’s passing is a huge loss to the photography and education communities, as well as to his friends and family. Here is his bio, taken from the Park Point University site:

Patrick Millard, who joined the School of Communication faculty in 2010, is an artist who originates from the small Western Michigan town of Lamont. His work in photography, new media and sound addresses ideas about media, digital culture, technology and the interactions that human beings have within their own synthetic environment.

His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and continues to gain recognition. Recent exhibitions include Homo Virtualis [Porto Santo Biennial] in Porto Santo, Portugal; Tek’tanik at Art Guild New Jersey and Gallery Affero in Newark, N.J.; Digital Landscapes at the TMG Gallery in Guarda, Portugal; Digital Fringe at the Melbourne Fringe Festival in Melbourne, Australia; Fauna Show at The Workshop Gallery in Bialystok, Poland; Origins at the Fox Art Gallery in Philadelphia; Snap To Grid at the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art in Los Angeles; The Human Canvas at The Center for Fine Art Photography in Fort Collins, Colo.; Virtual Worlds at the UAVM; Virtual Humanities at the Icone Gallery in Coimbra, Portugal; SMart Festival at Open Concepts Gallery in Grand Rapids, Mich., and A Million Little Pictures at Art House in Decatur, Ga.

In 2008, Patrick began to show his work inside the virtual simulation world Second Life; exhibitions that advance beyond two-dimension work and expand his ideas of simulation, virtual reality and the synthetic future where the physical object gives way to its virtual counterpart and its presence is valued entirely for its idea rather than its place in space.

This transition toward a more prominent virtual presence as an artist eventually led to the inevitable. In 2009, shortly after becoming a regular exhibitor in the virtual environment, Millard embarked upon his first photographic series that used the environment and society of Second Life as its subject matter and conceptual theme. Virtual Lens is an artistic and anthropological investigation into the life of the avatar, landscape of the sim environment and experience of the virtual world. Millard continues to photograph and exhibit his portfolios as well as spend time with fellow avatars in Second Life.

Patrick received a Bachelor of Arts in photography from Grand Valley State University and a Master in Fine Arts in photography from the Savannah College of Art and Design.

During June 2010, Millard was an artist in residence at the Biosphere 2. During his time in residence he worked on photographic, sound and digital media portfolios.

A recent Vimeo of Patrick lecturing…

Patrick Millard | Formatting Gaia + Technological Symbiosis from vasa on Vimeo.

Rest in Peace, Patrick. You are missed.

Jehad Nga talks to Pete Brook about Professional Insecurities and Libyan Detention

Pete Brook of Prison Photography and Raw File has a great interview with Jehad Nga that covers everything from the insecurities that come with being a working photographer to Jehad’s detention while covering the uprising in Libya.

jehad nga photo from Something In The Way
From the series "Something In The Way" – Jehad Nga

If you look at my website, you’d think, “Here’s a photographer whose confident and secure in his work.” On a good day it’s a complete mess, but I am very happy with the mess. Dilemmas are hard and can break the spirit but they bring on just decisions about your work.

Jehad Nga

Head over to Raw File to read the interview. Go!


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Tomas Cochello – Antarctica

I came across Tomas Cochello’s photos of Antarctica while browsing through Revista Lunfarda, an online-only fashion and art magazine focused on [only] Argentine artists. Looking at Cochello’s photos I’m reminded of Werner Herzog declaring at the beginning of Encounters at the End of the World, his documentary about the continent, that he will not make a movie about fluffy penguins, but instead follow his whim and curiosity. Cochello’s photos show a similar whimsical, omniverous and beautiful spirit.

© Tomas Cochello

© Tomas Cochello

© Tomas Cochello

I was also taken in by Cochello’s photos of Buenos Aires. Avoiding cliché when depicting a city is a huge challenge, even more so when using subject matter (homeless people, pigeons, parking lots) which are themselves cliché in photography. Somehow Cochello manages to thread the needle.

© Tomas Cochello

© Tomas Cochello

© Tomas Cochello

New Video: Yann Amstutz from reGeneration2

In this interview, Swiss photographer Yann Amstutz presents the spirit of his work inspired by his observation of nature that he then conveys through cinematic scenes. Amstutz contructs images and narratives that question the reality of the environments created. 

reGeneration2: tomorrow’s photographers today exhibition and accompanying publication, is presented by Aperture Foundation from January 20 through March 17, 2011, in collaboration with the Musée de l’Elysée in Lausanne, Switzerland, and with the support of Pro Helvetia and the Consulate General of Switzerland in New York.

Click here to purchase the accompanying publication of reGeneration2: tomorrow Photographer’s Today

Don’t miss reGeneration2 at Aperture Gallery, closing later  today Thursday, March 17

joseph raffael: monumental watercolors

click images for full size

new cycle 2010

life streams 2004

renewal 2010

november 2009

anniversary 2008

guido’s gift 2009

spirit 2006

prayer 2007

inman’s sacred pond 2004

re-entry 2003

eternal pond 2003

all content copyright © joseph raffael all rights reserved
via www.josephraffael.com

All Ochava Solstices

All Ochava Solstices, overlaid in Photoshop

British artist Idris Khan took the typological photos of Bernd & Hilla Becher and overlaid them on top of eachother, digitally. The other morning I was bored and decided to do the same treatment to my series, Ochava Soltice, as it’s a typology very much in the spirit of the Becher’s. The result is the photo above. My Photoshop skills are pathetic so I was surprised at how trivially easy this was to do.

On my website I have 15 Ochava Solstices. Since putting the work on my website I’ve been able to take about 10 more. I’m planning on returning to Buenos Aires in a few months to continue working on the project. My goal is 50. It’s an arbitrary number but I now have an idea about how I would like to eventually exhibit this work and, more is better.

New video: Adrian Wood from reGeneration2

In this interview, British photographer Adrian Wood presents the spirit of his work, his influences, and his interpretation of portraiture and stage photography. Wood centers his work on people, their experiences, and their lives.

reGeneration2: tomorrow’s photographers today exhibition and accompanying publication, is presented by Aperture Foundation from January 20 through March 17, 2011, in collaboration with the Musée de l’Elysée in Lausanne, Switzerland, and with the support of Pro Helvetia and the Consulate General of Switzerland in New York.

Stay tuned for more video interviews with artists from this exhibition to be featured on the blog!

Click here to view and purchase the reGeneration2: tomorrow’s photographers today book

View previous interviews with curators William A. Ewing and Nathalie Herschdorfer here and artists Geoffrey H. Short and Kristoffer Axen.