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Submit and Upcoming Workshops and Events

The next LENSCRATCH exhibition is on your HOME TOWN.  Please send one image of your home town (72dpi, 1000px on the long side, in jpg format) and include:

Name, title, location, link  (Aline Smithson, Lego Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA, http://www.alinesmithson.com)

Send to: [email protected] BEFORE August 20th
Aline Smithson, Lego Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA

2012 FotoWeek DC International Awards Competition

Challenge the Way We Look at the World
FotoWeekDC’s 5th Annual International Awards Competition is looking for extraordinary images – we’re looking for yours! The 2012 competition will honor professional and emerging photographers from our region and from around the world.
  • Cash prizes totaling $20,000
  • Winning images will be exhibited and/or projected during FotoWeekDC, November 9-18 as well as online.
  • Winners will be selected by a distinguished panel of world-renowned judges
  • Winners will be notified on or about October 5, 2012


I have a really full fall, teaching in Los Angeles at the Julia Dean Photo Workshops, but also teaching and reviewing at a variety of photo events around the country, so thought I’d share my schedule in case you happen to be in the area! The expansion of photography festivals only reflects our growing community and lucky for us that we can benefit from the exposure, the education, the ability to share work and make new connections.

Fall classes at the Julia Dean Photo Workshops can be found here.

I will also be at the Santa Fe Workshops next spring (I believe the 3rd week of March), again teaching, The Big Picture. Details to follow.

In San Diego, from September 6-8th, the inaugural launch of the Medium Festival Of Photography will kick off with a keynote lecture by Alec Soth, speaking on Sept 6th.  The festival includes workshops, lectures, artist lectures, portfolio reviews, and exhibitions.

I will be reviewing and be teaching the workshop, Preparing for Portfolio Reviews on September 7th.

Filter Photo Festival takes place in Chicago and is a week long festival with lectures, workshops, portfolio reviews, exhibitions, and connections. The keynote speaker will be the compelling, Brian Ulrich, on Thursday, October 18th.

Filter is an organization dedicated
to producing the Midwest’s premier photography event, the annual Filter
Photo Festival.  The Festival’s ongoing mission is to connect em
mid-level, and professional photographers from across the country with
gallerists, educators, curators, editors, and other elite photo
professionals, focusing
particularly on those of the Midwest.”

I will be reviewing at the event and teaching The Art of Presentation: Showing your work to the fine art market (presented by the Santa Fe workshops) on Wednesday, October 16th, from 9am-1pm.  This workshop will get you ready for reviews and help you contextualize your work in the fine art world.  There are also terrific workshops in addition to mine, lectures, portfolio reviews, and lots of connecting and celebrating of photography.

This year The Center for Fine Art Photography in Fort Collins, CO will be hosting the SPE Southwest regional conference. Running from November 1st-5th, It will be 4-5 days filled with lectures, artist presentations, exhibitions, and networking.  More specific programing to follow.

I will be giving an artist’s lecture, will have a solo exhibition at the Center for Fine Art Photography, will be giving a workshop, and participating as a reviewer for SPE.  SPE events are open to ALL photographers, and they are incredibly informative and interesting.

The keynote speak of this year’s event is the amazing Phillip Toledano.

Foto DC is a week long event from November 9-18th that is filled with exhibitions, workshops, lectures, and portfolio reviews.

On Sunday, November 11th, I will be teaching a workshop for emerging photographers on how to create a fine art portfolio.

PhotoNOLA is an annual festival of photography in New Orleans, coordinated by the New Orleans Photo Alliance in partnership with galleries, museums and photographers citywide.
The 2012 festival will take place from November 29 – December 2
with broad ranging photography exhibitions on display throughout the
month. The lineup includes portfolio reviews, workshops, lectures,
demonstrations and a kick-off gala at the Musée Conti Historical Wax
Museum. Many events are free and open to the public.
Portfolio Review registration will open on September 5, and the reviewers list will be announced in August.

I will be teaching a workshop and reviewing at PhotoNOLA this year.  Dates and details to follow.

Hope to see you somewhere!

Alejandra Prieto – Jardín Satélite

On my way to Peru, I stopped in Santiago de Chile. I asked an acquaintence there if he could recommend any local artists, which is how I discovered Alejandra Prieto. The images below are stills from a short video showing houses in the upscale neighborhood of Jardín Satélite in Santiago.

Alejandra Prieto – Jardín Satélite

Alejandra Prieto – Jardín Satélite

Alejandra Prieto – Jardín Satélite

The punchline of the video is that these homes could be from any gated community in Chatsworth or Woodland Hills. I’m reminded a bit of Catherine Opie’s photographs of homes in Bel Air. Santiago already shares a climate and topography very similar to that of Southern California. Furthermore Chilean real estate developers, have worked hard to meticulously recreate the look and feel of wealthy North American suburbs here in the south.

Tricia Lawless Murray, Imperial Inn

Tricia Lawless Murray, Imperial Inn

Tricia Lawless Murray

Imperial Inn,
Oakland, California, 2010
Website – TriciaLawlessMurray.com

Tricia Lawless Murray was born and raised along the coast in Southern California but completed both her undergraduate and graduate degrees in Northern California. At UC Berkeley she studied Art History through the lens of class, gender and race and at California College of the Arts she studied photography and video embracing the performative aspects of feminist self-representation. Her work has been exhibited internationally and nationally, most recently at Human Resources and Jancar Gallery where she is represented in Los Angeles. Recently, her work was featured on American Suburb X, Conveyor, Fraction Magazine, Kroutchev Planet Photo, Notes on Looking, One Giant Arm, Poncz, and Too Much Chocolate. Her work is in the collections of the Allan Kaprow Estate and the Getty Research Institute and it has been published in the Collector’s Guide to New Art Photography, Vol. 2.

Ryan Killackey

Ryan Killackey’s, A Day in California, took 10,000 photos and 18 months of work to complete, but you’ll only need about three minutes to enjoy it.

A Day in California from Ryan Killackey on Vimeo.

This interview has been lifted from the Huffington Post from an article by Anna Almendrala. Husband and wife team Ryan and Sheri Killackey spent over one year collecting more than 10,000 photos to create this stunning time-lapse film of the Golden State.

Anna asked Ryan a few questions about how he created the film, and it turns out that the video” is more than just an ode to California — it’s also a love letter to his wife.”

Huffington Post: What inspired this film?

Ryan Killackey: I have to give full credit to my wife Sheri as being an inspiration to start this film. Photography was a hobby that I had been practicing for only around 2 years, and I was getting better at it each day. As I became more confident in my skills, it was apparent that we should make a film. I chose to make this film about California so that I could take her to places that she had never been to. It was truly a great adventure.

Sheri and I both grew up in Southern California. She lived in La Puente, and I lived in Covina. It’s still funny to me just how little Sheri knew about California before I met her. She didn’t get around much when she was smaller. I found it slightly charming that she had been living in a 5 mile radius bubble. It was great to get her out and show her around. Hopefully this will inspire others to do the same.

HP: Why make this film? Are you trying to get people to move here?

RK: The film was originally intended for personal use. I thought that it would be a great family movie to keep on my hard drive, so that Sheri and I would remember these places forever. I think it truly inspires people to visit or possibly move to California, though. I have received thousands of comments and emails from people around the world, telling me how much it made them want to vacation here, or how homesick they are just from watching it.

I even had a man and his wife email me to say “thank you” for reinforcing their decision to move here in two months. They knew that they were taking a big step by bringing their family across country, and they were unsure of their decision until they saw my film. Stuff like this is truly inspiring to me. Every comment that I have received goes straight to my heart and will not be forgotten.

HP: You worked on it for over a year. How hard was it to keep going with the project?

RK: At times it was difficult to keep moving forward with the film. The first 10,000 photos that I ever took for the film were completely scrapped, because I wasn’t happy with the feel of them. Setbacks always take a toll, but my biggest hurdle for completing the film was being busy with school and being a good husband to my wife.

Sheri is a Senior at Best Buy, and an expecting mother. We will be welcoming our baby girl Leah Patricia into the world within the next month. I am a Pre-Med student at Biola University, and I just graduated from Orange Coast College with a degree in Respiratory Care.

HP: How did you choose the locations?

RK: For most locations, I looked back at my childhood and tried to remember places my parents and grandparents would bring me. My father was the first person to bring me to Sturtevant Falls when I was young, and the beauty of the waterfall made it a natural choice for including it in the film. Interesting fact: My wife was nearly bit by a rattlesnake as I was actually photographing the first waterfall scene.

For the other locations, such as the Wild Animal Park in San Diego, we merely made a family day trip out of it and I wishfully brought my camera bag and tripod. I had NO idea that I would be getting such an amazing balloon shot that day. For the scene where I am scrambling up Mormon Rock, I thought it would just be an awesome shot to have.

HP: How does this film convey what you both feel about the Golden State?

RK: I think it is easy to focus on the politics of California, and the traffic, and the taxes. It’s so easy to forget just how beautiful this state is. God has created something extraordinary, and I really think people should get out and enjoy what California has to offer. There’s simply nothing like it.