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Matthais Heiderich

On first experiencing the photographs of German photographer, Matthias Heiderich, one might think that a trip to Berlin might be necessary in order to experience the eye candy of architecture, color, and shape captured in his work.  But in reality, I think only Matthias can find those vibrant angles that make his images so striking.  For the past four years, while roaming around Berlin on a bicycle, Matthias has captured the city with medium-format film and digital cameras. Using
color and composition, he creates patterns and abstract images
that may not obviously be architecture or the city’s skylines. The work is refreshing in it’s simplicity and brilliant colorings.

Born in Bad Hersfeld, Germany, Matthias studied Computational
linguistics and phonetics. His interest in sound extended to DJing and
production and eventually a career in Acoustic Branding was forged. Music is a
huge influence on his photography and album covers are a specialty.  He’s also busy sharing work through his 10 international galleries and is about to open an exhibition on July 19th at the Carte Blanche Gallery
in San Francisco that runs through September 13th.

Matthias also offers up some of his visual sweets for FB timelines and all he asks is a link to his website and a credit.  Check it out here.

Images from Spektrum Berlin

Selected images from Berlin Hansaviertel – 
Die Stadt der Zukunft / The City of the Future

Goseong Choi

Goseong Choi submitted this powerful image to the Mother’s Day post and I wanted to know more:

Goseong looks at intimate domestic situations that focus on subtleties hidden in the daily routines of life. He seeks the emotion of everyday life, and “sometimes the appearance of simplicity in truth hides enormous depths”.  Being a participant observer, Goseong is able to access the relationship between things in space.  His series, Umma, looks at the sense of loss that his mother felt when her mother passed away.

Born in Sungnam, South Korea, Goseong recieved his MFA from Pratt Institute.  He currently lives in Brooklyn, NY. He has two upcoming exhibitions: one opening in September at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center in Wisconsin, and another opening in December at the Korean Cultural Service in New York.

Umma, Korean for “Mom: is a recent series of photographs witnessing a dramatic family event, my grandmother’s passing.  When I was in Korea photographing in January 2011, I was taking intimate domestic pictures of my family in their daily lives.  Then I went to a small village where my father was from and was photographing the rural life there when I got world that my grandmother had had a stroke.

She was in a coma for three weeks, and at the end of the third week, she died. She is my mother’s mother, and during the funeral and its anticipation and aftermath, I was particularly aware of my mother’s grief and emotion. I felt her deep sorrow and fear. And I photographed the sense of loss. The work that I had already been doing about her daily routine prepared us both for my role as a photographer during this momentous time.

Daniel Depew

I recently discovered the work of Daniel Depew when I found this photograph on Feature Shoot’s On the Road Exhibition. There was something about the simplicity of the image, combined with the poignancy of a man wearing a USA vest in an empty coffee shop, that drew my interest. You could feel time passing in the still of winter, in that sterile burger joint, and wonder about his life, his family, his future. Upon investigating Dan’s work further, he brings that same way of seeing to many of his portraits and images.  Based in Atlanta, Georgia, his photographs celebrate the odd, humorous, awkward, honest, and unpolished moments and characters of real life.
On his site, I found this photograph, one that represents all the I love about photography.
The images below are from Dan’s People with Stories series.  And they are just that.  People with Stories.

TIME Picks the Best Viral Photos of 2011

Spontaneous snapshots. Intimate moments. Unexpected exposures. There was no one formula for this year’s most viral photographs. Most were based on news events, such as the death of longtime Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi—but these photos ended up becoming the news themselves. They shocked us. They awed us. They inspired us to feel. But the most powerful feeling was the impulse to share.

The best viral images of 2011 are those we found flooding our email inboxes and Twitter feeds this year. One thing weaves the images together: each photographer netted a once-in-a-lifetime picture. From Royal Wedding mania and a bloodied despot to an utterly unexpected leopard on the loose, photographers both professional and amateur brought us the scenes of unpredictability and chaos that gripped our world over the past 12 months. As shocking as the subject matter is the simplicity of some images. A few came from mobile phones. Most were snapped without a thought of—or time to handle—composition or lighting. One was even taken by a man who would be dead minutes later.

Given that the Internet is a notoriously fickle beast, it’s impossible to predict which photos will score a hit. Here, LightBox looks back on the photos we couldn’t help but share. —Nick Carbone

and the winner is…

Buyers of the first limited edition 500 Photographers T-shirt were able to enter the photography competition and possibly win a copy of the next edition. Several people entered and a winner has been chosen. All images were wonderful and it was a pleasure to see how various people approached the object in different ways.
The winning image is a man running in an open field with the sun slowly going down. It is an uplifting photograph full of movement and freedom. Strong in its simplicity. Congratulations to Jasper Hof.

The winning photograph:

Image by Jasper Hof | www.jasperhof.nl |

The other entries:

Image by Lawrence Mooij | www.dutchfoto.nl |

Image by Ghada Khunji | www.ghadakhunji.com |

Image by Erik Kroes | www.k4rp.nl |
Image by Robert Kleijweg | www.amouri.nl |
Image by Edmund Janssen

This message will be online for one week and will then be moved to a new page on this website. To find out more about the photographers and to see the work they normally make, click on the websites below their images when available. Thanks to all the people who bought a t-shirt and to those who send in an image.

Nadav Kander

© Nadav Kander

Nadav Kander is a comercial photographer, and perhaps one of the best portraitists in the world today. But he also has extraordinary work beyond portraits at both his assignment and personal portfolios. Here I share few images that I like quite a lot, for their simplicity, colors and composition, if give a sense of the quality of his work. If you visit his website take a look to the series “Bodies”. To browse his work when you load the website see on the top left corner the access to open a flash based gallery.

© Nadav Kander

© Nadav Kander