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Winner: European Publishers Award for Photography 2012


From The Garden Alessandro Imbriaco. Image courtesy of Dewi Lewis Publishing.

Italian photographer Alessandro Imbriaco is the winner of The European Publishers Award for Photography 2012. The Award was established in 1994 and celebrated its 19th year in 2012. Previous winners have included Bruce Gilden, Simon Norfolk, Jeff Mermelstein, Paolo Pellegrin, Jacob Aue Sobol, Ambroise Tzenas, Klavdij Sluban and Davide Monteleone.

The competition requires the submission of a substantial, completed and unpublished photographic book project. The winning project is then published in book form simultaneously by five European publishers and thus in five languages. Comcast Cable California . For several past winners the Award book has been their first publication and has proved to be of significant benefit in the development of their careers. Additionally, in recent years the winning photographer has had their work exhibited during the following Rencontres dArles.

The other shortlisted photographers for the 2012 Award were:

Luca Desienna My dearest Javanese concubine
Zoltn Jkay Mrs Raab wants to go home
Fernando Moleres Behind Bars. Juveniles in Sierra Leone Prisons
Kosuke Okahara Ibasyo
Guillaume Simoneau Love And War
Kurt Tong The Queen, the Chairman and I


From The Garden Alessandro Imbriaco. Image courtesy Dewi Lewis Publishing.

Over the last five years Alessandro Imbriaco has been photographing issues around the housing problems in Rome. This led him to explore the peripheral and hidden spaces of the city.

The Garden is one of those places. XFINITY From Home . It is a small swamp under a flyover on the ring road circling the eastern outskirts of Rome a failed nature reserve that ended up protecting other living creatures: Angela, a six-year-old child, was born here and grew up here with her parents Piero, from Sicily, and Luba, from Russia.

Alessandro Imbriaco was born in Salerno, Italy, in 1980. He currently lives in Rome and works on both editorial and personal photographic projects. He has already won several awards the 2008 Canon Award for Young Photographers, World Press Photo 2010 Conteporary Issues 2nd prize stories, Premio Biennale Giovani Monza and Premio Pesaresi 2011. In 2011 he was selected for the World Press Photo Joop Swart Masterclass.


From The Garden Alessandro Imbriaco. squido lense . Image courtesy Dewi Lewis Publishing.

The book will be published in Autumn 2012 by the five publishers

Actes Sud (France)
Blume (Spain)
Dewi Lewis Publishing (UK)
Kehrer Verlag (Germany)
Peliti Associati (Italy)

Burke + Norfolk

2011 © Simon Norfolk

The Crawford Art Gallery presents Photographs from the War in Afghanistan by John Burke and Simon Norfolk. Burke was the first photographer to make pictures in Afghanistan while accompanying British forces in the late 1880’s. Fast forward to present day, Norfolk’s work follows the footsteps of Burke. His images are a contemporary response to Burke’s war scenes, presented alongside one another, modern parallels and similar vantage points included.

Accompanying the exhibition is a short film by Simon Norfolk, which discusses John Burke’s photography and both of their relationships with Afghanistan.

Simon Norfolk has appeared in Aperture issue 188 and is featured in The New York Times Magazine Photographs (Aperture 2011).

Photographs from the War in Afghanistan by John Burke and Simon Norfolk
April 20–June 30, 2012

Crawford Art Gallery

Emmet Place
Cork City, Ireland
+353 (0)21 480 5042


›› Buy The New York Times Magazine Photographs ($52.50, available here)
›› Order Aperture 188 ($14.80, available here)

Video + photobook review: Burke + Norfolk on Afghanistan Wars

Already an award-winning photographer of contemporary Afghanistan, Simon Norfolk returned this time to follow the footsteps of a relatively unknown Irish war photographer, John Burke, who had documented the Second Anglo-Afghan War (1878-1880). An immensely engaging book presents the works of both photographers, as well as compelling essays that offer context to this subtle and complex work.

This work is also currently on exhibit at the Tate Modern in London, and it won a World Press Photo Award, too. carrera de fotografia . It is highly unusual for a single body of work to be lauded by both the fine art world and praised by the toughest critics in documentary photojournalism. squido lense .

See 20 photographs, and read more about the book, here in Lens Culture.

Photo News: Sony World Photography Awards 2012 Shortlist announced

The World Photography Organisation announces the shortlist for the 2012 Sony World Photography Awards.  Billed as the global photographic event of the year, the Sony World Photography Awards celebrate the very best in photography from around the world, from the next generation of emerging photographers through to the established masters of the art.

The 2012 competition has garnered increased worldwide interest with over 112,000 entries from 171 countries, with the shortlisted images depicting the stories of extraordinary lives from around the world.  The Professional competition reflects a turbulent year of global events with the war in Libya; the Greek and European economic crisis; the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan and the fall of Gaddafi, in the Photojournalism & Documentary categories.  The shortlist for the Fine Art and Commercial categories gets to the very heart of daily life –  a small sheep-farming community in Iceland; the rice harvest in South China; a religious pilgrimage in Poland and gold diggers in Chile.

This year the honorary jury found the quality of work exceptionally strong across all categories, discovering many photographers new to the Sony World Photography Awards roster.  Manuel Geerinck (Belgium);  Lee Chee Wai (China); Alejandro Cartagena (Mexico), Irina Werning (Argentina); Gwenn Dubourthoumieu (Republic of the Congo) and Simon Norfolk (UK), are but a few of the new names to place as finalists and shortlisted photographers.

Returning photographers from previous years, include 2010 Professional Landscape winner, Peter Franck (Germany); who this year is a finalist in three categories; 2011 Professional Contemporary Issues and Current Affairs winner, Javier Arcenillas (Spain); and Chan Kwok Hung (Hong Kong) whose stunningly dramatic image ‘Buffalo Race’ won the  Overall Open Competition in 2011.

W M Hunt, Chair of the Honorary Judging Committee, commented: ‘As a judge, you bring an open mind and a passion for photography – its presence and its present, its past and its legacy.  You are hopeful and hungry to see great work that is fresh and full, expecting the exceptional.  The rewards are rich and delightful.  It is a pleasure to present this year’s selections.’

Astrid Merget, Creative Director of the World Photography Organisation added: ‘Looking at the vast collection of shortlisted work across the categories, is truly gratifying this year.  Within the Professional awards, the bodies of work are beautifully presented and distinctive, whilst in the Open categories, the single snapshots are diverse and demonstrate excellent skill within the amateur market.  The new Youth competition also delighted us, as we were thrilled to find some exceptional budding talent.’

Shortlisted photographers have their work exhibited at a major exhibition at London’s Somerset House, to coincide with the award ceremony in April 2012.

The shortlist for the Professional Competition was selected by the Honorary Judging committee which was chaired by esteemed photographic consultant W.M. Hunt. This year the Open entries were judged by a pre-selection committee of inspectors from Shutterstock, WPO and representatives from Sony.  The Youth Competition was judged by a WPO and Sony selection committee.

The annual Sony World Photography Awards ceremony and gala dinner will take place on 26 April at the Hilton Hotel in London’s Park Lane.  The awards celebration will once again take place alongside World Photo, London, a month-long event which brings an eclectic mix of photographic events for all to enjoy.

The opening weekend of World Photo London will be held at Somerset House from 27 – 30 April with selected events including portfolio reviews, workshops, symposiums and the Sony World Photography Awards winners’ exhibitions, which continue through to 20 May 2012.  Honorary Judges for the 2012 Awards and other international industry experts will be leading many of the festival events.

Honorary judging committee:
Presiding Chair: W. M. Hunt (USA) Photographic Consultant.

Chairs: Michael Benson (UK) Director, Prix Pictet; James Reid (UK) Photography Director of Wallpaper*; Claudia Hinterseer (Netherlands) Managing Director and co-owner of NOOR.

Additional Jury: Jodi Bieber (South Africa) Photographer; Jon Jones (UK) Director of Photography Sunday Times Magazine; Rebecca Lewis (US) Vice-President and Senior Agent for Art+Commerce; Prabuddha Dasgupta (India) Photographer; Shizuka Yokomizo (Japan) Photographer.

In each category the judges could select up to three finalist photographers and up to seven additional shortlist photographers.  From the finalists, the winners plus 2nd and 3rd place will be chosen and announced at the awards ceremony on 26 April.

In selecting the shortlist, jury members are required to choose a minimum of 3 photographers with a maximum of 10 in each category.

Photographers entering the Professional competition may enter a minimum of 2 and maximum of 10 images per category, being judged on a body of work; those entering the Open category, are judged on a single snapshot in any category.

Images submitted must have been taken in 2011 for the Open Competition, whilst Professionals may have taken their images in 2011, or first published their work in 2011.

A selection of photos will be added tomorrow once the press zone has been accessed. For today, see over for the FULL list of Finalists and Shortlisted photographers.

Photographers are listed alphabetically.


Current Affairs


●      Fernando Alfonso Brito Lizárraga (El Debate de Culiacan)Mexico

●      Rémi Ochlik (IP3 Press)                                 France

●      Donald Weber (VII PHOTO)                                Canada


●      Javier Arcenillas                                       Spain

●      Fabio Bucciarelli                                       Italy

●      Pietro Masturzo                                         Italy

●      Giorgos Moutafis                                        Greece

●      Goran Tomasevic                                         United Kingdom

Contemporary Issues


●      Kasia Bielska                                            Poland

●      Alessandro Grassani                                      Italy

●      Gustavo Jononovich                                       Argentina


●      Francesco Giusti                                         Italy

●      Sebastian Liste                                          Spain

●      Ivor Prickett                                            Ireland

●      Jose Luis Rodriguez Maldonado               Columbia

●      Natasha Shulte                                           Ukraine

●      Anastasia Taylor-Lind                                   United Kingdom

●      Donald Weber (VII PHOTO)                       Canada



●      Alejandro Cartagena                                      Mexico

●      Maja Daniels                                             Sweden

●      Simon Norfolk                                            United Kingdom


●      Philippe Leroux                                          France

●      Kerry Mansfield                                          United States

●      Francesca Oggiano                                        Italy

●      Huage Shang                                             China

●      Salvi Danés Vernedas                                     Spain



●      Pawel Kopczynski (Thomson Reuters)     Poland

●      Andrew McConnell                                     Ireland

●      Palmer + Pawel                                       United Kingdom


●      Delfosse Colin                                       Belgium

●      Alvaro Deprit                                        Italy

●      Mikhail Domozhilov                                   Russian Federation

●      Adam Pretty                                          Australia

●      Scott Robin Barbour                                  New Zealand

●      Robin Utrecht                                        Netherlands

Nature & Wildlife


  • David Chancellor (Institute)                  United Kingdom
  • Jacek  Kusz                                   Poland
  • Palani Mohan                                  India


  • Salil Bera                                                   India
  • Terence du Fresne                                            Switzerland
  • Barbara Leven                                                United States
  • Suren Manvelyan                                           Armenia
  • Tapash Paul                                                  Bangladesh

Arts and Culture


●      Rob Hornstra                                            Netherlands

●      Anastasia Taylor-Lind                                   United Kingdom

●      Mattia Vacca                                            Italy


●      Javier Arcenillas                                       Spain

●      Jacek Swierczynski                                      Poland

●      Yannick Cormier                                         France

●      Alvaro Deprit                                           Italy

●      Susana Girón                                            Spain

●      Davide Monteleone                                       Italy

●      Andrea Santolaya                                        Spain




●      Javier Arcenillas                                     Spain

●      Peter Franck (Büro stoltenhoff)              Germany

●      Laura Pannack                                         United Kingdom


●      Michael Blann                                         United Kingdom

●      Felipe Cantillana                                     Chile

●      Jan von Holleben                                     Germany

●      Miguel Navarro                                        United Kingdom

●      Michelle Siu                                          Canada

●      Roberto Soares-Gomes                                  Brazil

●      Daniele Testa                                         Italy



●      Jan Brykczynski                                        Poland

●      Luis Henry Agudelo Cano                               Colombia

●      Peter Franck                                                          Germany


●      Giancarlo Ceraudo                                         Italy

●      Andrea Hamilton                                             United Kingdom

●      Cristina De Middel                                           Spain

●      Yurian Quintanas Nobel                                  Spain

●      Gianluca Pulcini                                              Italy

●      Lisa Wiltse                                                         United States



●      Peter Franck                                                          Germany

●      Elizaveta Porodina                                          Germany

●      Jayden Tang                                                    United Kingdom


●      Michelle Beatty                                                United Kingdom

●      Susi Belianska                                                  Italy

●      Romano Decker Dejan Kutic                           Croatia

●      Filippo Del Vita                                                Italy

●      Alice Pavesi                                                     Italy

●      Dasha Ketsko                                                   Ukraine

●      Frauke Thielking                                               Germany




●      Igor Chirikov                                                    Russian Federation

●      David Ibernón Boria                                        Spain

●      Simon Norfolk                                                   United Kingdom


●      Robin Broderick                                               Canada

●      Riccardo Budini                                               Italy

●      Tamas Bujnovszky                                            Hungary

●      Alejandro Cartagena                                      Mexico

●      Paula Gortazar                                                United Kingdom

●      David de Jong                                                Netherlands

●      Michael Joseph                                               United States



●      Lei Liu                                                               China

●      Paolo Marchetti                                               Italy

●      Irina Werning                                                   Argentina


●      Gwenn Dubourthoumieu                   The Democratic Republic of Congo

●      Lavinia Parlamenti                                           Italy

●      Johann Rousselot                                            France

●      Javier Arcenillas                                              Spain

●      George Mayer                                               Russian Federation


Finalists :

●      Rona Chang                                                   United States

●      Lee Chee Wai                                                  Malaysia

●      Mitch Dobrowner                                            United States


●      Regis Boileau                                                   France

●      Ximena Etchart                                                Argentina

●      Jeroen Hofman                                                Netherlands

●      Zhang Kechun                                                 China

●      Matthias H. Risse                                              Germany

●      Chaoliang Shen                                       Taiwan, Province of China

●      Stephen Wilkes                                                 United States

Still Life


●      Renan Cepeda                                               Brazil

●      Rena Effendi (INSTITUTE)                                     Azerbaijan

●      Helen Thompson                                              United Kingdom


●      Michal Cole                                                  United Kingdom

●      Peter Franck                                                  Germany

●      Martina Geccelli                                              United Kingdom

●      Miri Mor                                                         Israel

●      Song Nian Ang                                                Singapore

●      Gicheol Shin                                            Republic of Korea



●      Manuel Geerinck                                                Belgium

●      Luis Mallo                                                  United States

●      Cristina De Middel                                           Spain


●      Carlo D’Orta                                                    Italy

●      Photographer Hal                                            Japan

●      Giuseppe Parisi                                                Italy

●      Carlos Henrique Reinesch                                Brazil

●      Sanne Maloe Slecht                                        Netherlands

●      Frauke Thielking                                               Germany

●      Patricia van de Camp                                    Netherlands

Open shortlisted photographers

In each category judges were able to select up to ten images.


●      Babul Bhatt                                                      India

●      Patrice Carré                                                   France

●      Filippo Di Rosa                                                 Italy

●      Fabrizio Intonti                                                 Italy

●      Francisco Mendes                                            Portugal

●      Rui Nunes                                                      United Kingdom

●      Fulvio Pellegrini                                                Italy

●      José Ramón Montes                                        Spain

●      Thai Son Huynh                                                Vietnam

Arts & Culture

●      Dovile Dagiene                                               Lithuania

●      Levi Fanan                                                       Brazil

●      Kushal Gangopadhyay                                   India

●      Antonio Iubatti                                                Italy

●      Sanket K                                                          India

●      Klaartje Lambrechts                                         Belgium

●      Oliver Mezger                                                  Germany

●      Tan Nono Rahardian                                       Indonesia

●      Samanta Sollima                                             Italy

●      Paul Störm                                                    Australia


●      Alexandr Afonin                                            Russian Federation

●      Sandra Cifo                                                  United States

●      Paul Irving                                                  United Kingdom

●      Milan Makarský                                               Czech Republic

●      Frank Martin Eisele                                           Germany

●      Rodolfo Mejías                                                Venezuela

●      Jochen Resch                                                  Germany

●      Oren Shved                                                     Israel

●      Victor Vargas Villafuerte                                  Canada

●      Antonios Vlachou                                            Slovakia

Low Light

●      Elmar Akhmetov                                              Kazakhstan

●      Edoardo Brotto                                                Italy

●      Ignasi cunill                                                 Spain

●      Teng Hin Khoo                                                 Malaysia

●      Sergey Kochmak                                             Russian Federation

●      Christoph Krüger                                            Germany

●      Belentsova Natalia                                          Russian Federation

●      Pansiri Pikunkaew                                            Thailand

●      Derrick Woo                                                   Hong Kong

●      Heng Zee Kek                                                  Singapore

Nature & Wildlife

●      Nadav Bagim                                                  Israel

●      Anita Erdmann                                                Canada

●      Handri Fitrido                                                Indonesia

●      Felicitas Frei                                                 Switzerland

●      Giovanni Frescura                                           Italy

●      Peter Krejzl                                                 Czech Republic

●      Chan Kwok Hung                                             Hong Kong

●      William Lee                                                 United States

●      Kuntal Paul                                                    India

●      Petar Sabol                                                      Croatia


●      Pramiga Aditya                                               Indonesia

●      Ionut Hrenciuc                                                 Romania

●      Istvan Nagy                                                     Netherlands

●      Noel Plaszkó                                                    Hungary

●      Matthew Post                                                   Australia

●      James Rider                                                     United Kingdom

●      Terry Soo                                                          Australia

●      Ian Taylor                                                     United Kingdom

●      steve Williams                                                United Kingdom

●      Denise Worden                                                United States


●      Victoria Bolshemennik                                     Israel

●      Tommy Braxton                                              United Kingdom

●      Thomas Dymond                                             United Kingdom

●      Mehmet Fatih Yaldiz                                        Turkey

●      Ana Gregorič                                                Slovenia

●      Paul MacKinnon                                              United Kingdom

●      Christine Pearl                                             United States

●      Fulvio Pellegrini                                             Italy

●      Zulkifli Thalib                                         Indonesia

●      Игорь Лобанов                  Russian Federation
(I have no idea what the name above translates as in English, it was written like this in the press release. If anyone can translate this, pls do so in a comment and I will change it.)


●      Ricky Alexander                                               Indonesia

●      Nguyen Duc Tri                                                Vietnam

●      Gerold Guggenbuehl                                      Switzerland

●      Arnold Jumpay                                                Philippines

●      Anom Manik Agung                                        Indonesia

●      Kivera Mara                                                 Réunion

●      Diana Mrazikova                                             Slovakia

●      Meghann Prouse                                             United States

●      Nick Redman                                                   United Kingdom

●      Piotr Stasiuk                                                  Poland

Split Second

●      Cemhan Biricik                                                United States

●      Tobias Bräuning                                               Germany

●      Samuel Chan                                                  China

●      Andrzej Chrobot                                              Poland

●      Alessandro Falco                                             Italy

●      Don Horne                                                    Ireland

●      Johnny Joo                                                    United States

●      Gustavo Magnavacca                                   Argentina

●      Greg Parker                                                  United Kingdom

●      Peter Prazenka                                                Slovakia


●      Krzysztof Browko                                         Poland

●      Krzysztof Browko                                         Poland

●      Marco Lachmann-Anke                                  Germany

●      John Lai Teck Kee                                         Malaysia

●      Carlos Macedonio                                          Brazil

●      N S Ng                                                     Singapore

●      Keith Pace                                               Malta

●      Suprijanto Suprijanto                                       Indonesia

●      George Turnbull                                             United Kingdom

●      Malte Wittmann                                               Germany

Youth shortlisted photographers


  • Hanne Grannestad                                          Norway
  • Lam Ka Ho                                                 Hong Kong
  • Sahil Lodha                                               India
  • Merijn Mulder                                                   Netherlands
  • Carolina Paltrinieri                                     Italy
  • Adrian Pelegrin  Bonet                                 Spain
  • Kolyaskin Sergey                                  Russian Federation
  • Benedek Varga                                               Hungary


  • Alla Aliokhina                                              Ukraine
  • Kolyaskin Sergey                                  Russian Federation
  • Thamyres Matarozzi                                         Brazil
  • Adrian Pelegrin Bonet                                     Spain
  • Bernard Pieterse                                        South Africa
  • Imanuel Thallinger                                         Austria
  • KaziSudipto                                               Bangladesh
  • Kseniya Sovenko                                     United States


  • Tertious Alio                                 Russian Federation
  • Hadi Asgari                                   Iran
  • Lidia K                                       United Kingdom
  • Darya Kasyanova                               Russian Federation
  • Samujjwal Sahu                                India
  • Karina Sembe                                  Ukraine
  • Kolyaskin Sergey                              Russian Federation
  • Felicia Simion                                Romania
  • Marina Tkhorzhevskaya                         Russian Federation
  • Berta Vicente                                 Spain

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Thursday 13 October 2011

Features and Essays

Last week saw the tenth anniversary of the war in Afghanistan..

Most of you have probably already seen this…nevertheless….LightBox put up a gallery of 43 images by war photographers in Afghanistan and the images that moved them most….Lot of familiar frames by Anderson, Morris, Sinclair, Bronstein, Haviv, Murphy, van Agtmael, Nachtwey, etc…. you name it…Hadn’t seen this one by Emilio Morenatti before…

Photo: Emilio Morenatti/AP. Afghanistan. October 4, 2004.

TIME Lightbox: Afghanistan: The Photographs That Moved Them Most (LightBox) Includes Michael Kamber  commenting on a  Tim Hetherington photo and Pancho Bernasconi commenting on a Chris Hondros photo

Just noticed Patrick Witty tweet that this week’s TIME International cover story is on Afghanistan..Cover photo by Adam Ferguson…My eyes were drawn to the headline that accompanies the image… “Why The US Will Never Save Afghanistan”…you compare that to the famous 2010 cover with Jodi Bieber’s Aisha portrait with the headline “What Happens if We Leave Afghanistan”,and I would argue there’s been a change in Afghanistan thinking at TIME’s editorial desk…see the covers side-by-side here.

Panos have a slideshow of Afghanistan images from the past ten years… Was looking at the below Martin Adler one from Kabul in 2002, and noticed the building looked familiar… realised it’s the same one as in a famous Simon Norfolk one from 2001… See the two side-by-side here

Photo: Martin Adler/Panos. Afghanistan. Kabul. 2002.

Panos Pictures (various photographers): 10 Years of War in Afghanistan (Panos)

Donovan Wylie: Capturing the Architecture of War Before It’s Gone (Lightbox)

Nice series on Lightbox by Gillian Laub from a Tel Aviv beach..Was surprised to see the credit didn’t mention Institute… Checked her website…Looks she’s no longer represented by them…

Gillian Laub: Tel Aviv Beach (TIME Lightbox)

Occupy Wall Street…

Nina Berman: Occupy Wall Street (NOOR)

Yunghi Kim: Faces of Occupy Wall Street (Photographer’s website)

Life.com: Occupy Wall Street (Life) Photos by various photographers

Larry Fink: Occupy Wall Street in 1967 (New Yorker)

From Newsweek…First Donald Weber’s photos from Japan… See later in this post for info on Weber’s grant writing workshop…

Donald Weber: Japan: Life After Zero Hour (Newsweek) Fukushima

Lynsey Addario: Famine in Africa’s Horn (Newsweek)

Rafal Milach: Life in Putin’s Russia (Newsweek)

More Russia… this by new VII member Davide Monteleone…

Davide Monteleone: Russian Soul (Phaidon)

Tomas Munita: Chilean Miners (NYT)

Stuart Freedman: Delhi’s Army of Homeless (Panos)

Lauren Greenfield: Child Beauty Queens (Institute)

Lauren Greenfield: Boom to Bust in Ireland (Institute)

Peter diCampo: Ivory Coast (VII Magazine)

Jonathan Saruk: Kabul Cinemas (MSNBC)

Richard Renaldi: Touching Strangers (TIME LightBox)

Lynsey Addario: Kenya (Starved for Attention)

Damir Sagolj: Hunger in North Korea (NYT Lens)

Peter Beste: Norwegian Black Metal (New Yorker)

Robin Hammond: Condemned (Panos)

Seamus Murphy: Libya (VII)

Tom Hyde: After The Fall (Statement Images)

Richard Nicholson: The Last Of London’s Darkrooms (NPR)

Giorgos Moutafis: The Arab Spring Project (Foto8) Moutafis’ website 

Xavier Comas: The House of the Raja (LightBox)

Elliott Erwitt: Sequentially, Yours (Magnum)

Matt Bowditch: Afghan Blueys (Lightbox)

Maciej Dakowicz: Cardiff Nights (M – Le Monde magazine)

Daniel Lilley: The Isle of Vindelis (Foto8)

Interviews and Talks

Don McCullin (CNN)

VII photographers Kashi, Pagetti, Bleasdale, Kratochvil interviewed (Canon Digital Learning Center)

Finbarr O’Reilly (Reuters Photo blog)

It appears Martin Parr has ditched the Nintendo.. Looks like he’s doing his thang with 5D kit and a Gary Fong diffuser in this video…

Martin Parr (YouTube) “Magnum photographer Martin Parr was asked by FotoFreo Festival Director Bob Hewitt to photograph three Western Australian port cities, Fremantle, Broome and Port Hedland.”

Paolo Woods (YouTube)

Davide Monteleone (BJP)

Free Sunday evening? Check this out…

Photo: John Moore/Getty Images

BagNewsSalon webinar discussing the visual framing of “The Great Recession” in the United States and Europe : Date: Sunday October 16th : Time: 10 am PST/1 pm EST/6pm GMT (running for 90 minutes) : Where:  Open-i platform, hosted by the London School of Communications, via live audio : Facebook RSVP here.

Mirjana Vrbaski (Conscientious)

Laura El-Tantawi (Emphas.is)

Jake Price (Verve)

Sergey Chilikov (BJP)


Guardian’s monthly recommendations on exhibitions and books…

photo: Bruce Davidson  .. Was fiddling Davidson’s book last weekend…Stunning photos..

Guardian: The Month in Photography

More on the Davidson work…

Guardian: Bruce Davidson’s subway photography takes us to New York’s heart

New Yorker: New Photography at MOMA

BBC: Injured photographer Giles Duley wants Afghanistan return

Magnum Photos have some found Libyan Secret Service photos in their archive…David Campbell raised the issue should they be for sale like any other Magnum photo… Read the debate below…I saw some of the photos printed in the Guardian in July…Credited to Magnum Photos…pic of the spread here (had it on my iPhone)..I don’t know did Guardian have to pay Magnum for this set to be published…

David Campbell: The Libyan Secret Service photo archive – questions for Magnum Photos (DC Storify)

David Campbell: The problem with the dramatic staging of photojournalism: what is the real issue? (DC website)

Telegraph: Diane Arbus, in her own words (TelePhoto)

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The Independent: Out with the new: Turbine Hall’s latest work is tribute to old movies (Independent) | slide show (Guardian)  On a slightly different note, I was at Tate Modern over the weekend and saw their shop is selling Martin Parr Autoportrait ceramic plates for £65.. Fancy one? Take a look

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More awards for Yuri Kozyrev…

Yuri Kozyrev Wins 2 Prix Bayeux-Calvados Awards for Libya Coverage (PDN) Same news on BJP

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To finish off… Seen it before, but was a giggle to bump into this again… The Life of Photographer

Fall Exhibitions in New York

Basil Jones (2011) © Gary Schneider

This Fall, many works by Aperture-featured photographers are being exhibited in New York City. Here is our run-down of this season’s must-see shows.

Gary Schneider: HandPrints, Johhanesburg at David Krut Projects. Made by hands’ sweat and heat interacting with film emulsion, these unusual portraits of friends and family will be on view September 8 – October 22, 2011.

Hellen van Meene at Yancey Richardson Gallery, September 8 – October 22, 2011, will exhibit the photographer’s distinct style of portraiture.

Vik Muniz at Sikkema Jenkins & Co., September 9 – October 15, 2011, focusing on paintings by the Brazilian artist.

Edward Steichen: The Last Printing at Danziger Projects, September 15 – October 29, 2011. Photographs made by George Tice, renowned photographer and Steichen’s last printer.

Social Media at Pace/MacGill, from September 16 – October 15, 2011, featuring work by Penelope Umbrico & others. Detailing the rise of social media in our visual culture, it includes Umbrico’s work Sunset Portraits From 9,623,557 Sunset Pictures which was meticulously culled from the photo-sharing website Flickr.

Simon Norfolk: Burke + Norfolk at Bonni Benrubi Gallery, September 14 – December 3, 2011, features a visual dialogue between nineteenth-century British photographer John Burke and contemporary photographer Simon Norfolk, centered in Afghanistan.

The Radical Camera: New York’s Photo League, 1936 – 1951 at The Jewish Museum from November 4 – March 25, 2011. Featuring work by Lisette Modell, Aaron Siskind, Weegee & many other photography legends.

There are also many gallery openings that are showing artists featured in our 2011 Benefit, Auction & SNAP! Party:

Sara Greenberger Rafferty at Rachel Uffner Gallery, September 7 – October 23, 2011.

Charlotte Dumas: Retrieved at Julie Saul Gallery, September 8 – October 15, 2011.

Click here to start bidding online for work by these artists and others!

Simon Norfolk talks about Full Spectrum Dominance at the Belfast Photo Festival. VIDEO

Simon Norfolk talks about Full Spectrum Dominance at the Belfast Photo Festival.



Simon Norfolk


Following on from Val William’s exclusive feature on Simon Norfolk & John Burke: Photographs From The War In Afghanistan in #11 of 1000 Words, here is a very well put together short video from Tate Shots wherein he discusses the parallels between the two bodies of work, his outspoken political opinions and his manner of seducing his audience through beauty in order to draw their attention to the real issues he is trying to represent.