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Ewen Spencer, April Pearson, “Skins”

Ewen Spencer, April Pearson, “Skins”

Ewen Spencer

April Pearson, “Skins”,
Watford, England, 2006
Website – EwenSpencer.com

In the late 1990’s Ewen Spencer's groundbreaking editorial for The Face & Sleazenation immediately spoke to an audience interested in subcultures, multiculturalism, music, graphic art, photography, fashion and youth culture. In 2001 Ewen embarked upon a project called Teenagers documenting British adolescents as they come to terms with socialising, dating and sex. His signature flash style became synonymous with a close aspect to his subjects. In 2002 Martin Parr tipped him as the most promising newcomer of that year. In 2004 London’s burgeoning grime scene allowed him access to make photographs during open mic session in and around London. His book Open Mic is one of the best examples of Ewen’s work to date. 

Photographer #313: Ville Varumo

Ville Varumo, 1986, Finland, is a young conceptual fashion photographer based in Helsinki. He started taking pictures in his teenage years and hasn’t done anything else since. His photography is an extension of his moods and his growth as a human. He is fascinated by the feeling of mystery. Next to his often soft-toned fashion photographs Ville focuses on landscape photography. The tone and style of his landcsape images have the same signature as his fashion photographs. There is a certain calmness and aspects of islation in his imagery. The following images come from the portfolios Fashion, Untitled Work and Tölö Gymnasium.

Website: www.villevarumo.com

Photographer #283: Mitch Dobrowner

Mitch Dobrowner, 1956, USA, is a landscape photographer with a unique signature. He fell in love with photography at an early age but due to the tasks of running a design studio and raising a family he did not take photographs. Early 2005, inspired by his wife, children and friends, he once again started to make images. His black and white photography concentrates on mountains, water, trees and heavy clouds. His landscapes are threatening yet peaceful and serene. He states that when shooting a quality image, he knows it; “At those moments things are quiet, seem simple again.” Mitch has won numerous awards since 2006, amongst which are the IPA/Lucie Awards which he won first as a non-professional and now twice as a professional. The following images come from the portfolio’s Storms, Land and Urban.

Website: www.mitchdobrowner.com

Errata Editions limited editions signed by David Goldblatt

If you have not yet ordered your set of the Errata Editions newest books now might be the time. A little while ago David Goldblatt stopped by our studio to sign some books, so for a brief time we have Limited Edition sets available with David’s signature in Books on Books #7: In Boksburg. All current orders for the sets will be shipping with a signed copy, you do not have to specify.

See the Errata Editions website and click on the ‘SHOP’ page for ordering details.