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Li-Han Lin, Mother

Li-Han Lin, Mother

Li-Han Lin

Taichung, Taiwan, 2012
From the Mother series
Website – CargoCollective.com/LiHanLin

Li-Han Lin is a Taiwanese-German photographer who was born and raised in Hilden, Germany before moving to the States where to study photography at the Art Center College of Design. He has worked in Los Angeles , New York City, Shanghai and Taiwan. His work reflects his unique background, exploring themes of identity, friends and family . He has contributed to Monocle Magazine, Vogue Japan, GQ Japan, Nulon Japan. He has also shown work at the S+S Gallery in Taipei and recently was a winner of the Samsung NX project 2012. Currently based in Berlin where he is working on a stop motion animation short film.

Chris Dorley-Brown, SunUp 2010

Chris Dorley-Brown, SunUp 2010

Chris Dorley-Brown

SunUp 2010,
London, 2012
From the The Fogs series
Website – Modrex.com

Chris Dorley-Brown grew up on the south coast of England but has lived and worked in the east end of London for the last thirty years. His influences are shaped by personal memory and those of others. The east end and its ever-increasing diaspora — with its tradition of radicalism, experimentation and innovation — are crucial to his work. Immigration, integration, conflict and movement are all studied in his images. In addition to his photographic archive production, since 1993 he has been collaborating with artists, filmmakers, curators, performers and writers producing feature film, short film, radio, publications and exhibitions. He lives and works in London.


Loving this short film montage by Mishka Henner and David Oates, collectively known as BlackLab. By extracting and resequencing hundreds of movie scenes featuring photographers, Photographers explores the tropes of the photographer on screen from voyeur, to fashion photographer, investigator or war photographer. Beyond the fun of trying to figure out what films were used for the montage, this is also a fascinating deconstruction of the mythology of the photographer.


Complete short film masterpiece: La Jetée – Chris Marker (1921-2012) RIP

Chris Marker died on Sunday, his 91st birthday. Comcast NJ . elektrische verwarming . Comcast High Speed Internet . This 27-minute film is one of his best known masterpieces, but he was prolific and profound during his whole life. The film includes the original French narration, but you can choose subtitles (CC) to enjoy the richness of it in your own language.

Photo News – Foam for You launches short film featuring Jessica Backhaus and invites amateur photographers to contribute to Wonder Flickr group

Foam For You has launched the second in its series of short films with Jessica Backhaus giving an insight into her working practice as she explores the theme Wonder for Foam magazine. Backhaus featured in Hotshoe magazine way back in April/may 2006 with her series Jesus and the Cherries.

Jesus and the Cherries, © Jessica Backhaus

“Foam For You is an online resource which features professional photographers providing inspiration and advice for amateurs looking to improve their own work. At the core of Foam For You’s content is a series of extended films about the work of three internationally renowned artists: Michael Wolf (USA), Jessica Backhaus (GER) and Melanie Bonajo (NL).

“They have given Foam exclusive access to their working practice in three fifteen minute documentaries. They explain the thinking behind their work and, in particular, how it relates to themes taken from different issues of Foam Magazine, in which their work appeared.”

What’s more, the best ones will appear in a gallery on the Foam website and you could win a year’s subscription to Foam Magazine.

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Multimedia: Jim Goldberg’s out-of-print book Raised by Wolves

A short film about Jim Goldberg’s book ‘Raised by Wolves’. Fotografia . Seeing that the book has been out of print and hard to find, the studio decided to try and share this amazing work by making a movie about it/with it. Combining footage and audio from Jim’s archive, along with new video made specifically for this project, we hope it tells Dave & Echo’s story in a new and exciting way. Edited & animated by Brandon Tauszik – brandontauszik.com

Suitably creepy, and probably NSFW. Discovered via Wired’s Raw File Blog.

Burke + Norfolk

2011 © Simon Norfolk

The Crawford Art Gallery presents Photographs from the War in Afghanistan by John Burke and Simon Norfolk. Burke was the first photographer to make pictures in Afghanistan while accompanying British forces in the late 1880’s. Fast forward to present day, Norfolk’s work follows the footsteps of Burke. His images are a contemporary response to Burke’s war scenes, presented alongside one another, modern parallels and similar vantage points included.

Accompanying the exhibition is a short film by Simon Norfolk, which discusses John Burke’s photography and both of their relationships with Afghanistan.

Simon Norfolk has appeared in Aperture issue 188 and is featured in The New York Times Magazine Photographs (Aperture 2011).

Photographs from the War in Afghanistan by John Burke and Simon Norfolk
April 20–June 30, 2012

Crawford Art Gallery

Emmet Place
Cork City, Ireland
+353 (0)21 480 5042


›› Buy The New York Times Magazine Photographs ($52.50, available here)
›› Order Aperture 188 ($14.80, available here)

Dean Chalkley screens The New Faces at the book club in London

iPhone shots from the screening of Dean Chalkley’s latest short film The New Faces at the book club in east London last week. Check out the electric light bulb ceiling. Love it. The 20-minute film played to a packed house and was followed by some rare groove and northern soul moves on the dance floor courtesy of the audience. See previous post for more information and a link to the video online.

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