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Embodiment: A Portrait of Queer Life in America by Molly Landreth


Stella and Sterling, 2007, Seattle, WA, from Embodiment: A Portrait of Queer Life in America
© Molly Landreth

Embodiment: A Portrait of Queer Life in America is an ongoing photography / biography archive project by Molly Landreth. It is rich with imagery, honesty, humor, and individual stories. It’s a celebration of life and love, and it avoids the usual clichés.

Here’s the story about this photo of Stella and Sterling, written 5 years after it was taken:

STELLA 2012:

“Basically, when this photo was taken, me and Sterling had recently broken up. Well, of course, that’s what gives this photo such a strange undertone. I look angry. Well, my choice in eyebrows doesn’t help the situation. Our mattresses had been pushed apart prior to the photo I believe. That was a big deal. I was waiting to hear back about a new apartment and we were awkwardly living together after the break up in a one bedroom. And then the “happy valentines day” box, pinned above our beds. It looks so empty and lonely up there. I remember being excited to be featured in your project and I’m still glad I did it but I also remember thinking we were fooling everyone that we were still together in the photo that so many people who didn’t know us at all would be viewing. Looking back at it years later, I see we weren’t fooling anyone. Though it was an uncomfortable time in my life, I’m happy that you were able to capture the situation so perfectly.”

See many more portraits and related stories from this series here in Lens Culture.

2012 LENSCRATCH Americana Exhibition Part 1

4th of July is America’s official day to celebrate our amazing country, a country founded on equality, open mindedness, on progress, and possibility.  I must admit, I tear up when I think about the waves of immigrants that have found their way to our shores and made our country so much richer, bringing new ideas, new cultures, and new faces.  In Los Angeles, we are a melange of Mexican, Armenian, Central American, Korean, European, Japanese, Persian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Afro American, Filipino, East Indian, Eastern European, and a little bit Walt Disney and Cowboy.  As I drive across the city, I see signs in languages I don’t speak or understand and I am struck that we are all working towards the same goals. No matter our differences or where we come from, we want the same things in life: peace, health, a future for our children, a place to call home, a job, and the sense that someone  acknowledges who we are.  So I take this day to say thank you and bravo to a country that, no matter it’s ills and troubles, its politicians or policies, still stands for the rights of the individual and the privilege of expressing our opinions.  Thank you for your wonderful submissions and for being part of the LENSCRATCH family. Enjoy the fireworks tonight!

This post will be in three parts (to keep the rss fee from crashing).  Many thanks to Cleo Schoeplein for her assistance in compiling the post.

HAPPY 4th of JULY!
Dale DeGabriele, Human Flag, Seattle WA

shared by Christa Blackwood, Michelle and Barack, Washington, 2009
photographer unknown

Jason ThompsonThe Barber, Avenue Barber Shop, Austin, TX

Marisa Sciabarrasi, New Hampshire 4th, Dover, NH

Winky Lewis, Harry in the Flag, Portland, ME

Deb SchwedhelmA Hero’s Return, Tampa, FL

Morgan HagarMr. Cal Cotton, Victorville, CA

Jennifer HynesFlags for the Fallen, New York, NY

Beatrice M. Mady, Liberty 1, Liberty Sate Park, Jersey City, New Jersey
Lauren DoranMowers, Charlotte, NC

Russ Rowland, At Arm’s Length, Red Hook, NY

Bill VaccaroFireworks Youth, Favil, OK

Bruce MortonJesus,  Rushville,IL  USA

Tom Griscom, Chattanooga, TN, Chattanooga, TN

Ryan HoffmanMark Twain Riverboat, Disneyland/Anaheim, CA

Mary Defer, Clothes Line, Hiram, OH

Greg Oakes, Lucky Day, Sanwich, IL

Frank Armstrong, Mt Holly, NJ 1985

Cheryl A Townsend, Man With Patriotic Bike, Stow, Ohio

Derek Zarn, Rays of Hope Between the Storm, Ames, IA

William DunnWhere Humility and Greatness are Revealed, Canyonlands National Park, Utah

Steven Ward, John Frum Society, Oregon

Adam Williams, The Flag, Denver, Colorado

Leonard Correa, Walk of Honor, Sacramento, CA

Jim Ford, Upstate New York

Betsy Chang, July 4th, 2011, Old Saybrook, CT

Thomas Kittel, Jesus, North Carolina

Nina Weinberg Doran, Route 22, Upstate NY

Leslie J. Yerman, Sun-Drenched Flag, New York City, NY

Lisa Blair, Father and Son at Balloon Fiesta, Albuquerque, NM

Jim Lustenader, Handing Out Flags, Bristol, RI

Stan Banos, Wall St., Wall St., NYC

Charlotte Niel, Please Stay Off the Dinosaur, Exit 303, Hwy 40, AZ

Matthew Hunt, Harry’s Corner, Wildwood, NJ

Walter Beckham, Washington, DC

Tammy Mercure, Untitled 2012, East Dublin, GA

Rhonda Boocock, Soldier’s Return, Chattanooga, Tennessee

Andi Schreiber, Red Glare, Scarsdale, NY

Carol Isaak, Family Values, Taos Reservation, NM

Tommaso Fiscaletti, Untitled NYC #3, New York City, NY

Carolyn Russo, Little Jack, Big Island, Hawaii

Kevin McCollister, Late Night Flag, Los Angeles, CA

Stacie Turner, Civil War Display, West Hartford, CT

Sarah Bilotta, Tis of Thee, Hollis, NH

Valerie Patterson, Spark, Los Angeles, CA

 Nicole WhiteNiagara, Niagara Falls, American side
Dan Porter, tattoo parlour, Swindon UK
Mary Furlong, Leonard Knight’s Salvation Mountain, CA
Tytia Habing, Mushroom Hunting, Watson, IL
Laurie McCormick, Sparkler Boy, Chinatown, CA
Gloria Baker Feinstein, Boy With Flag, Kansas City, Missouri
Martina, TECHNOSEUM, Mannheim, Germany

Thomas Locke HobbsMotel 6, Wilcox, AZ

Vicky Stromee, The Rodeo, Tucson, Az 

Jeanne Apelseth, Lakota Man, Black Hills, South Dakota

Tom Kidd, Justice for All, Merced, CA

Bruce MartinJuly 4,1986100th Anniversary of The Statue Of Liberty Ceremony

While on assignment for Contact Press, to cover the make over of the newly refinished “Lady Liberty”. Shot from New Jersey.Who would have ever thought 26 years later that the WTC wouldn’t be there…..that’s what makes this image of  “Americana”  so special to me. 


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Lori Nix,  Violin Repair Shop

Lori Nix,  Violin Repair Shop

Lori Nix

Violin Repair Shop,
, 2011
From the The City series
Website – LoriNix.net

Lori Nix (b. 1969) was raised throughout the Midwest and holds advanced degrees in ceramics and photography. A landscape photographer at heart, she has been building and photographing complex dioramas in her Brooklyn, New York apartment for over a decade. Her work has been shown across the United States with exhibitions at ClampArt Gallery, New York, NY, The George Eastman House, G. Gibson Gallery in Seattle, WA, Miller Block Gallery, Boston, MA, the California Museum of Photography, and the Catherine Edelman Gallery in Chicago. Her series The City was exhibited in its entirety at the Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo, Ohio this past winter.

Guy Tillim: Second Nature

Tautira, Tahiti (4510702), 2010, © Guy Tillim

Exhibition on view:
Through March 17, 2012

James Harris Gallery
312 2nd Ave. S.
Seattle, WA
(206) 903-6220

South African photographer Guy Tillim is appearing in his first solo exhibition in the United States at the James Harris Gallery in Seattle, WA. Second Nature synthesizes the beauty of the French Polynesian landscape and discerning art historical references such as Paul Gauguin’s Tahitian ‘primitive’ paintings.

Tillim has deviated from his background documenting the effects of South Africa’s apartheid, child soldiers, famine, death, and decay. He now provides us with idealistic, romantic views of sprawling landscapes bestrewn with a contemporary human presence contradictory to the environment. Panoramic views and day-to-day minutiae make up this exhibition of six, large-scale photographs.

A book of these photographs titled Second Nature will be published by Prestel.

Tillim was featured in Aperture issue 193.

Collin Avery

Massachusetts photographer, Collin Avery, is at the beginning of what looks like a long and happy career as an imagemaker. While many of his peers are watching Curb Your Enthusiasm or still figuring out a life direction, Collin is going full speed ahead. He uses his camera as a communicative tool to emphasize the quiet subtleties of his world….and it seems to be working. Just this year his work has been exhibited in the Photo Center NW, 16th Annual Photo Competition, Seattle, WA, juried by Karen Irvine, the Soho Photo National Competition, Soho Photo Gallery, NYC, juried by Lyle Rexer, Inanimate, Flash Gallery, Lakewood Colorado, juried by Adam Lerner, and The Photoplace Open 2011, Photoplace Gallery, Middlebury, VT juried by Alison Nordstrom. He will also be featured in the Aground exhibition at Photo Center NW opening August 5th in Seattle.

In the project entitled, “Here Nor There,” I am continuing to examine my interest with the intricacies and oddities of my immediate environment. As a child, I always remember being very keen to my surroundings and paying close attention to the quiet nuances often overlooked by others. Growing up I would avoid confrontation; oftentimes imagining I could disappear with a hope of avoiding my social awkwardness.

As I matured, I realized that I thrived on being an outsider that lacked in social normalcy. I am an observer and my fear is confrontation. I do not consider this a negative attribute, although my friends and family alike would argue differently. By photographing people and objects, I am creating a delicate juxtaposition between the awkward interactions and subtle nuances in my life, confronting moments that I once chose to avoid.

YPA Mentoring Program Deadline Extension

If you’re young and have a passion for photography, Young Photographers Alliance coordinates a mentoring program that will develop your skills and portfolio under the guidance of a professional photographer. The program offers six two-hour sessions with a mentor in the course of eight weeks and the application registration fee for a year membership is only $21. hotel deals . The finished project will show in an exhibit and be promoted through press.

The application deadline has been extended until Saturday, May 21st and there are spaces available in multiple cities across the US and internationally. This list of mentors for US cities are as follows:

Atlanta, GA, led by Stan Kaady
Boston, MA, led by Lynne Damianos & Margot Cheel
Chicago, IL, led by Dirk Fletcher
Denver, CO, led by EJ Carr & Christopher Davies
Houston, TX, led by Rocky Kneten & Sofia van der Dys
Los Angeles, CA, led by Cat Jimenez
New York, NY, led by Barbara Bordnick, Stella Kramer & Jill Waterman
San Diego, CA, led by Jenna Close & Jon Held
Seattle, WA, led by Rafael Soldi & tbc
Toronto, Canada, led by Ozant Kamaci

For details and to apply, please visit YPA’s website here.