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Emiliano Granado – Go Big or Go Home

I first started following Emiliano Granado’s work in 2008 when he was named part of the PDN 30 for that year. As I do each year, I looked at everyone’s website and for those who had blogs, added them to my RSS reader [lamentably, a technology that’s never taken off]. Since I was living in Argentina at the time, I was obviously very interested in his take on the place.

© Emiliano Granado from the series 'On the Coast'

About a year later I was doing an unpaid internship for a free English language newspaper in Buenos Aires. We were doing a story on Cumbia Villera and I emailed Emiliano asking for permission to use one of his photos.

© Emiliano Granado from the series 'Cumbia Villera.' That's Pablo Lescano

He said no, as I would have, because we had no budget and we were trolling for free content. Nevertheless, we struck up a correspondence and another year later, in the winter of 2010, we were both in Los Angeles at the same time and we met up for coffee. Afterwards, sitting in his rental car, he took out a box of these precious little 4×5″ polaroids from his “secret” project.

© Emiliano Granado – Time for Picture

I felt like an effete Englishman in the 19th century, on a grand tour of the Middle East, being shown a book of “naughty” postcards by some sly merchant. I wanted to look, to really stare, but felt guilty in his presence.

I remember asking him how many photos he took in a single session. The response floored me, accustomed as I was to the modest endeavors of cash-strapped photographers in Argentina. Sensing my surprise he said, simply, “go big or go home.” Perhaps it’s not the most original advice, but it’s something I’ve taken to heart in all my subsequent projects. Though I’m sad to miss tonight’s opening of his project Time for Print, I can’t wait to see it in person and stare to my heart’s content.

– Photography Blog Review: An Art Producer’s Perspective

Over at artproducer.blogspot.com , readers can find a wide array of information pertaining to photography. While the content of the blog shies away from the artistic aspects, the posts tend to give some practical insights into the business side of the industry.

Author Caitlin Ravin touches on subjects like purchase orders – something that probably does not spring to mind when someone considers becoming a photographer. However, her entry provides some sound advice, especially for those who are in the industry as artists and who could stand to enhance their business sensibilities. The author posts news, relevant links, and self-promotion/marketing tips.

You can also find some photographers that she features every so often. While the photographs themselves are only okay, the interviews are an interesting way to see various photographers’ processes when developing a project.

The best part of the site may be that you leave with a more personal perspective of Caitlin as a photographer: you can follow what’s on her mind, what she finds most challenging and what is going on in her own business.

One of the most personal sections is the "Creative Opinion" section. Caitlin posts questions that call for people’s views on different trends in photography, as well as their personal experiences. These provide the opportunity to interact and create dialogue with Caitlin and others in the biz.

After all, this is the case for many blogs – they can be both informational and personal.

What blogs have you added to your RSS reader lately?


– PDNedu goes of the deep end

Looks like PDNedu, a blog I mistakenly feed into my RSS reader, ran out of things to write this week.

Monday’s PDNedu post urges students not to reach for their PDA “or worse … to veer away to your favorite web page” while in class. Seriously? And their reasoning was that “You risk being called out by your professor.”

Thank you so much for the informative article, PDN. I feel enlightened.

I hope you aren’t veering off to PDN this week. Posts like that could make you even dumber.