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Preview: Photomonth Krakow Poland

photomonthkrakow-2012_1 copy.jpg

Polia, from the Kids I series, 2000, and #2, from the Armygirls series, 2001 Siergiej Bratkow.
Courtesy of Regina Gallery, London & Moscow.

The Krakow Photomonth festival is always a feast for the eyes and the intellect. This year (its 10th anniversary) is offering up a wonderful eclectic mix of young, old, traditional, anarchic and real-time digital interaction photography. Lots of associated events run throughout the month, too. SEO Experts search engine marketing . See the preview, and read about some of the many highlights in Lens Culture.

Photographer #419: Regina DeLuise

Regina DeLuise, 1959, USA, is a fine art photographer based in Baltimore. She received a BFA at State University of New York and an MA at the Rosary College Graduate School of Fine Arts in Italy. Her poetic images contain a large range of tones and a lot of texture. To achieve this she makes platinum / palladium contact prints from 8×10″ film negatives. 100% rag paper is coated with a light-sensitive chemical and the metals onto which the negative is placed. The large contact prints are soft, dreamy yet strong in expression. Regina has been teaching at Maryland Institute College of Art since 1998. Her work is in various public collections as the Museum of Modern Art in New York, Houston Museum of Fine Art and the Art Institute of Chicago. The Photographs have also been shown in numerous exhibitions, mainly in the USA. The following images come from the series Cortona, The Phenomenal World and Guggenheim.

Website: www.reginadeluise.com