Photo News – Mute: The Silence of Dogs by Martin Usborne book signing

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How could I resist posting more photos from Martin Usborne’s marvellous book of doggie portraits, Mute: The Silence of Dogs? Especially as the book signing took place this afternoon at at the Kerher Verlag Publishing stand at Paris Photo. Book … Continue reading

Europe Week: Salva Lopez

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Guest editor, Jacqueline Roberts shares a week of European photographers, starting with Salva Lopez. A huge thank you toJacqueline for her insight and efforts. Her statement for why she selected the photographers follows: 

 I chose these pho…

TIME’s Class of 2016: The Political Leaders to Watch

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As Barack Obama and Mitt Romney fought for the presidency this fall, TIME contract photographer Marco Grob was crisscrossing the country to meet the men and women who may be doing the same four years from now.

Guillaume Grasset: California Dreamin’

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Imagine arriving in Los Angeles at the age of 20, fresh off the plane from a childhood in Paris and looking to break into the photo world, packing a suitcase full of visual references that come from the created realities of Hollywood.  Guillaume …