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David Bram and The Bram TEN

The name David Bram may sound familiar.  It’s often attached to another well known name: Fraction Magazinean online venue dedicated to fine art photography, showcasing the work of both emerging and very established fine art photographers. We often forget that many of the names that make things happen for photographers around the world are also photographers themselves, and it gives me great pleasure to shine a light on David’s new photographic venture, The Bram Ten.

David ‘s work has been exhibited throughout the U.S. and is included in several private and public collections, including the Palace of the Governors in Santa Fe. His work focuses primarily on his immediate environment in New Mexico. David lives and works in Albuquerque with his wife and two exquisite children. He is an incredible advocate for all things photographic.

The ten images below are the newest addition to the The Ten program created by the Jennifer Schwartz Gallery in Atlanta.

Images from The Bram Ten

Nearly every weekend, I drive an hour north of Albuquerque to a place just south of Santa Fe.  My in-laws have owned this nearly 100 year-old house for about 38 years and it is where my wife was born. It is a place of great comfort and a place where I love to spend time. We spend enough time there to consider it our home away from home.

Supay Fotos – Border

It’s a couple of months now since I left Iquitos, but I still have the jungle on my mind.

Supay Fotos is a collective of photographers in Peru who work both individually as well as a collaborating on projects. While I was in Lima they had a show of photos on Iquitos called Borde (which means border or edge, as in ‘the edge of reason’). One of their members, Adrian Portugal, whom I had the pleasure of meeting while I was in Iquitos, recently sent me some photos of the project.

From the series ‘Borde’ by Supay Fotos

From the series ‘Borde’ by Supay Fotos

From the series ‘Borde’ by Supay Fotos

Again, I was super-lucky to be in Lima and be able to visit this show. Here are a couple of photos from the exhibit:

Exhibition of ‘Borde’ in Lima

Exhibition of ‘Borde’ in Lima

The New  Yorker published one of Portugal’s images for a story back in 2010. For the occasion, their blog Photo Booth, wrote a post about Supay’s work.

Photographer #417: Ulrich Lebeuf

Ulrich Lebeuf, 1972, France, is a photojournalist and documentary photographer. He has worked on numerous stories for the French and international press. Next to his photojournalistic work he is interested in themes of popular culture, representation, consumption and the notion of immediate pleasure. The series Antonyme de la pudeur takes a look at the sex industry. It is a glimpse into a world in which Ulrich manages to humanize the actresses, making the viewer reflect on the stereotypes of the business and on our own moral judgments. His work has been published in newspapers and magazines as Le Monde, Libération, Time and National Geographic. His photographs have been shown at several venues as the opening of the Rencontres d’Arles festival in 2006. He is a member of the M.Y.O.P agency. The following images come from the series Antonyme de la pudeur, Tropique du Cancer and Alaska Highway.

Website: www.ulrichlebeuf.fr & www.myop.fr

Mona Kuhn

I had the great pleasure of attending Mona Kuhn’s lecture at the Annenberg Space for Photography in Los Angeles last month. I am a longtime fan of her person and her work. Mona recently let me know about a fashion campaign that she used her fine art skills to create and am sharing the links here:


To view the Bottega Veneta video, go here.

To view the interview at New York Magazine,