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Rachel Hulin, Picnic

Rachel Hulin, Picnic

Rachel Hulin

Storrs, Connecticut, 2012
Website – RachelHulin.com

Rachel Hulin is a writer and photographer. Her work has been shown at Jen Bekman Gallery, The Bronx Museum of the Arts, Wallspace Gallery, and The New York Photo Festival. She has written about photography for Photo District News, Emerging Photographer Magazine, Huffington Post, The Daily Beast, and The Faster Times. She is editor and co-founder of The Photography Post. Her first book — A children's photography book about a flying baby — will be published by powerHouse in April 2013.

Photographer #441: Tereza Vlčková

Tereza Vlčková, 1983, Czech Republic, is a conceptual and fine-art photographer currently studying at the Silesian University in Opava, the Institute of Creative Photography. In 2007 she completed the series A Perfect Day, Elise… showing floating girls with a mountainous background. Since then she has been in numerous exhibitions amongst which are Paris Photo in 2010 and 2011 and the traveling reGeneration2 group show. Throughout her series we find deeper layers dealing with themes as fear, the self and dreams. In her series Two she photographed indentical twins in a scary forest setting. The project deals with the questions of the “I” and the psychology of how we perceive ourselves. She seeks a fine line between fiction and reality. Are all of the twins truly twins or have some been created merely showing an alter-ego of some of the girls? Her work has been featured in a large number of photography / art magazines and catalogs as Exit, Picnic and Photonews. The following images come from the series Mirrors Inside, Two and A Perfect Day, Elise...

Website: www.terezavlckova.com

INTERVIEW: "Jeff Wall talks to Bob Nickas" (2003)

Siphoning Fuel, 2008Jeff Wall talks to Bob Nickas, Originally Published in ArtForum, March, 2003 BOB NICKAS: When I saw The Vampires’ Picnic in 1991 it made me realize the ’80s were over. washington dc car service . emergency vet . In retrospect, how do you see the decade through the filter of your work?JEFF WALL: I don’t think it’s because of the calendar, but by about 1990 I had decided to move in slightly different directions. storage facilities . The