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Viktoria Sorochinski, Attachment

Viktoria Sorochinski, Attachment

Viktoria Sorochinski

Montreal, 2006
From the Anna & Eve series
Website – ViktoriArt.com

Viktoria Sorochinski is a Ukrainian-born artist who has lived and studied in Russia, Israel, and Canada prior to settling in New York City, where she acquired her Masters of Fine Arts in 2008. Since 2001 she has participated in various group and solo exhibitions and international photography festivals in Canada, USA, France, Italy, Russia, China, Georgia and Argentina. She is also a finalist and winner of several international photography competitions and awards including Lucie Award – IPA (Discovery of the Year), Magenta Foundation's Flash Forward, PDN Photo Annual, Voices Off Arles, ONWARD, Review Santa Fe, Descubrimientos PHE, BluePrint Fellowship, and Encuentros Abiertos. Her work is widely published in internationally acclaimed magazines, among which are British Journal of Photography, EYEMAZING, NY Times, PDN, GUP, Le Monde, BLINK Magazine, THE PHOTO/ARTVAS, Planeando Sobre BUE, AZART Photo, and many others, as well as in web portals worldwide.

– Top 10 Documentary Photo Contests

Want photography fame and fortune? Check out this list of photography competitions to see a wide range of contests starting with newer competitions and building up to those that are well-established and garner widespread prestige. So get to work on compiling your photo essays, project proposals, and artists statements!


10) Vewd : Our own contest for students which runs from October to February.


9) Gordon Parks Center : An annual competition that seeks images with subjects complimentary to the work of photographer Gordon Parks. Entries due in June.


8) Alexia Foundation : An annual competition awarding 1 professional and 1 student. Entries due in February.


7) Aperture Portfolio Prize : Although this is not a genre-specific competition, judges seek work created within the last five years with a consistent theme. Entries due in July.


6) New Works Photography Awards : A contest for minorities that is sponsored by non-profit organization En Foco. Entries due in July.


5) http://newyorkphotoawards.com/ ” target=”_blank”>New York Photo Awards : With classifications such as “Personal Series,” “Editorial,” and “Photography Book,” there are a lot of options for this contest which coincides with the New York Photography Festival held in May.


4) The Pilsner Urquell International Photography Awards : This contest gives major money and major exposure with a multitude of categories, and separate contests for pros and nonpros. Entries due in July.


3) International Center for Photography : Honoring a young photographer and an individual in photojournalism among other categories, this is via nomination only. The Infinity Awards are given in May, annually.


2) Howard Chapnick Grant : In association with the Eugene Smith Fund, this grant is for undertakings that advance photojournalistic endeavors. Application due in July.


1) Eugene Smith Grant : A grant that gives a hefty amount of money to a photographer who has a substantial body of work and experience. Applications due in July.