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John Stezaker Awarded the 2012 Deutsche Börse Photography Prize

For more than 30 years, artist John Stezaker has used found images as his primary medium. In his compositions, black-and-white studio portraits become surreal two-faced beings; elsewhere, a woman’s face is replaced by the crashing white waves of an illustrated postcard. These collages, which use classic movie stills, vintage postcards and book illustrations, are sliced and re-arranged into entirely new forms—they’re simple constructions, but Stezaker’s eye for the uncanny makes them powerful.

On Sept. 3, Stezaker was awarded the 2012 Deutsche Börse Photography Prize, which recognizes a significant contribution to the medium of photography through exhibition or publication, for his presentation of photographic collages last year at the Whitechapel Gallery in London.

The £30,000 prize (about $48,000) is organized by The Photographers’ Gallery in London. “Stezaker’s work has been influential on a new generation of image-makers,” said Brett Rogers, the Director of The Photographers’ Gallery, in a statement. “Within the vastness of today’s image flow, Stezaker has managed to resurrect the power and uncanny mystery inherent in the still image using traditional photographic strategies, most especially collage.”

Stezaker’s exhibition at Whitechapel showcased work from the 1970s until today.

“I am dedicated to fascination—to image fascination, a fascination for the point at which the image becomes self-enclosed and autonomous. It does so through a series of processes of disjunction,” Stezaker said in a statement from Whitechapel.

John Stezaker is a London-based artist. See more of his work here.

An exhibition of the artists shortlisted for the Deutsche Börse Photography Prize 2012 is on display at The Photographers’ Gallery, London until Sept. 9.

HOME.SWEET.HOME: Gerald Slota and Neil LaBute

Slota, LaBute

Exhibition on view:
January 7–February 4, 2012

Robert Berman Gallery

Bergamot Station:
2525 Michigan Avenue
Santa Monica, CA
(310) 453-7535

Robert Berman Gallery presents a collaborative exhibition from photographer Gerald Slota and filmmaker and playwright Neil LaBute. Embracing themes of family and relationships, HOME.SWEET.HOME showcases the two-way effort of ominous photographic collages by Slota and accompanying suggestive text by LaBute.

The ideas for this exhibition began when Slota and LaBute started communicating via e-mail which developed into a series of menacing postcards titled, “Because the Darkness Feeds My Soul,” featured in Aperture magazine issue 196.