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LENSCRATCH Exhibition Opportunities

LENSCRATCH is creating exposure opportunities for photographers with group on-line exhibitions. Photographers will be allowed ONE entry per exhibition and ALL photographs will be published. I firmly believe in having occasional unjurored opportunities that allow for community and conversation. International submissions are welcome!

Submission Guidelines:
Image size: 72dpi at 1000px on the long side, save as a jpg.
Send name, title, location (where you captured the image), and link to your work (website or other)
Aline Smithson, The Red Rose, Los Angeles, CA http://www.alinesmithson.com
In the subject of your e-mail, type the name of the exhibition (example:MASKS and COSTUMES) and e-mail to:
[email protected]  (don’t forget the “2”)
If your images are sized incorrectly or the submission is incomplete, they will not be posted.
Submission Categories and Due Dates:
Due Date: November 15th
Exhibition to run on November 22nd (Thanksgiving)
To say thank you to that family member that seldom get recognized…feel free to send a few sentences about what makes them so special.
image by Aline Smithson
Due Date: December 15th
Exhibition to run on December 25th
Would love you to share old family photos or new photographs that represent the holidays, from Christmas trees to Christmas sweaters, Hannukah celebrations, and more….
image by Aline Smithson
Due Date: December 26th
Exhibition to run on January 1st, 2012
What was the favorite photograph you took in 2012?  and if you care to share your New Year’s resolution, please do, but make it short!
NO late submissions accepted as it would be nice to actually enjoy the holidays!
image by Aline Smithson

Photo Stroll – The V&A’s permanent Photographs Gallery collection 2011-12

Click to view slideshow.

When I went to the press call at the V&A for the announcement of the up-and-coming show of work from the Middle East, I got shown the exhibition of photographs taken from the V&A’s permanent collection. The collection is of photos from 1839 to the 1960s and changes on a yearly basis. It includes some gems from the photographic archives, one of which, Parliament Street from Trafalgar Square, Attributed to M. de Ste Croix, 1839, can be seen in the slideshow below, is on a 1:10 cycle. That is, it can only be exhibited one in ten years for preservation reasons.

I highly recommend a visit before the autumn when a new set of photographs will be on display. And if that’s not possible, then read more to enjoy a virtual photo stroll and a gallery of thumbnails of all the images.


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Earth Day with ‘Soup’: Mandy Barker Takes On Plastic

Plastics live forever. Well, that’s not quite true, but a plastic ring or piece of garbage can last for hundreds of years before biodegrading. And much of that plastic ends up in the oceans, where by one estimate there is now more than 300 billion lbs. of plastic waste floating in the water.

Because plastic is so indestructible, it poses a unique threat to marine life. Turtles and fish, dolphins and seabirds can swallow plastic pieces, choking on the garbage. So much plastic has accumulated in the ocean that you can find a Texas-sized patch of the stuff in the North Pacific, concentrated by sea currents. It would take years to clean it all up—and instead, we’re just adding to it every day.

In her photo exhibition Soup, the British photographer Mandy Barker documents plastic debris that’s been salvaged from the sea, transforming marine detritus into the stuff of art. She began working on the project after reading about the Pacific Garbage Patch on the Internet, and started noticing all the trash that would wash up along the beach. “It seems there was more debris, and especially plastic, than there were natural objects,” says Barker. “I wanted to find out why that was.”

Barker received bits of plastics and other trash from beaches around the world, and the result is a kind of collage of the waste we put into the oceans. The photos themselves are beautiful, the plastic bits artfully arranged and shot against a black background. For all their artificiality, they remind me of the images brought back by submarines of weird undersea life, coated in unnatural colors and strange shapes. “I’ve received actual plastic fished out of the sea from a container ship off Alaska,” says Barker. “I was constantly shocked by what I was seeing.”

Barker hopes that her work gives her audience pause as they consider just where their toothbrushes and disposable razors and others shards of the plastic life end up. “Maybe people will think twice before they throw these things away,” she says. We may celebrate Earth Day on April 22, but the oceans—which do cover two thirds of the planet—deserve our protection every day.

Mandy Barker is a British photographer. More of her work can be seen here.

Music and portrait photographer Dean Chalkley debuts new short film with free night out at Book Club London

Screen shot from The New Faces: A Short Film by Dean Chalkley. Photo courtesy of the photographer and the Book Club.

If you haven’t decided what you want to do tomorrow night, what not head down to the Book Club in east London for a rare, free night of film and dancing.

Dean Chalkley will be airing his new short film The New Faces (20mins) at 7.30pm tomorrow at the Book Club in Hoxton – doors open at 6.00pm. Chalkley’s short film “captures mod culture directly via those involved” and will be followed by a party until 2am. DJs include Jamie Parr, Si Cheeba (Black Cat) and Tomas McGrath, as well as Chalkley. Think rare soul, rhythm & blues, ska, Latin and boogaloo.

About the film: “The New Faces: A Short Filmsteps inside the minds of three young men captured in the enthrallment of a culture that they have fondly devoted themselves to. We are privy to their refreshingly honest, personal and polarised views, rooted in the ideology of a modernist culture.” Press release. There’s a Facebook page too.

The film will be hosted exclusively on SHOWstudio website from 9 March.

For a preview:

The New Faces: A Short Film (Trailer 1) from Dean Chalkley on Vimeo.

Chalkley launched his photo exhibition New Faces at the Book Club in 2010. See previous post on this blog about Chalkley’s debut film Young Souls. And, if you want to know more about Chalkley, read on for his biography.

About Chalkley: “Even whilst studying, Dean was already shooting for the ultimate style bible, Dazed & Confused. His big break came in the form of an advertising campaign to shoot for Levis and Ray-Ban. Dean’s relationship with NME began in 2001 and continues to this day. This collaboration has enabled Dean to work with the likes of Ian Brown, The Arctic Monkeys, Oasis, The White Stripes and Scarlett Johansson.

“His passion for music, fashion and subcultures has been unrelenting. Dean immersed himself in the Mod fashion, attitude and music as a boy and it has remained at the core of his creative energy. With several outstanding bodies of work including Southend’s Underground, The New Faces and Young Souls he has epitomised the union of art, fashion, and music in youth culture over the past decade.

“Running in parallel to his photographic work Dean has produced several moving image pieces. Previous to The New Faces: A Short Film, Dean has received critical acclaim for his other short films such as Young Souls and Strip. The former centered around Northern soul was shown at London Short Film Festival this year and won a place in Creative Review’s Photography Annual, while Strip won ‘Best Experimental film’ at the Kino festival in Manchester and was screened in various other film festivals across Europe.”

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Cruel & Unusual: photo exhibition about life in prisons


An narrative-rich photo exhibition at Noorderlicht Photogallery in The Netherlands explores what is behind the prison walls in the United States. The curators, Hester Keijser and Pete Brook, tell us:

The title of the show, Cruel and Unusual, refers to a long-established legal term that first appeared in the 1689 English Bill of Rights. Adopted in the late 18th century as part of the U.S. Constitution, the 8th Amendment declares: “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.” In 1958, the U.S. Supreme Court stated that understanding of “cruel and unusual punishments” should change over time, being those punishments which offend society’s “evolving sense of decency.” Each of the presented projects urges the viewer to ask the question: into what is our sense of decency evolving?

The caption to the photo (above) reads:

Stateville in a basement storage area. Electric chairs (no longer in use): one from the State, the other from Cook County. During an electrocution a prisoner’s hair would catch fire and sometimes their eyeballs would melt, so a helmet, on each chair, was placed onto their heads so that witnesses wouldn’t be subjected to such visual horror. © 1993 Lloyd Degrane.

See and read more in the article in Lens Culture. Caution: some images may be too disturbing for sensitive viewers.

Huge Art and Photobook Sale in Chelsea, NYC

When: Friday September 30th, Saturday October 1st from 10am to 5pm each day AND Sunday October 2nd from 12 to 5pm.

Where: 526 West 26th Street between 10th and 11th Avenues in Chelsea, Manhattan. napa auto parts . luxury travel agency . Studio/Room 507 on the 5th floor.

5B4 is parting with hundreds of photography and art books that are priced to sell. Many are rare and out of print, some signed or inscribed by the artists. Have been collecting for 25 years and now parting with a selection of my library.

Also, rare art and photography posters, postcards and photo exhibition ephemera.

Also, dozens of books of literature, fiction and non-fiction.

Also, many picture frames in a variety of sizes.

Also, 16×20 and 20×24 darkroom four blade enlarging easels.

Stop by and say hello, buy a book, and be happy.

Filter Photo Festival

Okay, I admit it, I’m involved in the Filter Photo Festival coming up in Chicago, October 12 -16th….I’ll be teaching a workshop and working as a reviewer at the Portfolio Reviews…and I’m thrilled to be a part of it. My friend and fellow photographer, Sarah Hadley, is spearheading the festival–she’s a long time Chicagoan who has recently transplanted to Los Angeles, but still is getting her hands dirty in Chicago photo soil.

The event, workshops, and portfolio reviews are reasonably priced and if you are in the area, or want to travel to Chicago in October (I hear it’s beautiful then), join us!

In addition, PFP is having a call for entry, see below:

Call for photo entries:


Barbara DeGenevieve, Photography Professor, School of the Art Institute
Christy Karpinski, Founder and Editor of F-Stop Magazine

Deadline: August 15th, 2011.
Opening Reception: October 14th, 7:00 pm

Selected works will be displayed for the month of October at the
Black Cloud Gallery in the Chicago Arts District as part of the five day Filter Photography Festival.

Beginnings, the 2nd annual Filter Photo exhibition, is a gallery and online show that asks photographers to respond to these prompts. Filter’s goal is to create a show that explores origins, both personal and societal.

Looking back through time at both our lives and the larger picture of history that frames these lives, we come across a number of foundation stories. These narratives are key to our understanding of self and the world around us, whether from the perspective of autobiography, societal change, natural history, or any other lens that we use for interpretation. People trend towards these stories because they are easily contained blocks of meaning, typically with a defined starting point, something to which we can point and say “It started then.” And yet, when this simple correlative of cause and effect comes under examination, we see the system begin to unravel. When and where do causes truly begin? Can the origin of WWI be traced to the killing of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, or to the seven other European leaders assassinated over the previous two decades? Should American Union General Abner Doubleday be celebrated as the originator of baseball, or Al Gore as the founder of the Internet? And at what point does one become a photographer, or a responsible adult, or fall in love?

All types of photography will be considered for this exhibition, with successful entries addressing the exhibition’s central theme of starting points.

The exhibition’s opening will be on Friday, October 14 as part Chicago’s 2nd Friday
Pilsen Art Walk. Prizes will be awarded at the opening.

Entries due: August 15th, 2011
Notice of acceptance: September 1st, 2011
Exhibition dates: October 4th – 31st, 2011
Opening Reception: October 14th, 7pm
Black Cloud Gallery, 1909 South Halsted, Chicago IL


Photo News – Final calls for AOP Open, Photo Forum Beirut, DEVELOP Photo youtube channel and Shpilman Institute research grant winners announced

You have two days left to enter the Association of Photographers Open and, if you are in Beirut Photo Forum Beirut is calling for photographers to take part in its first event to coincide with the World Press Photo touring exhibition. Also, some educational resources: a new youtube channel aimed at photographers and the recipients of the Shpilman Institute of Photography’s first research programmes “for research in philosophy and photography, and for general research that advances the understanding of the practices, theories, and history of photography”.

There’s only two days left to enter as the call for entries for closes on Friday 20 May at 18:00 GMT. Run by the Association of Photographers The AOP Open is open to everyone; AOP members and non-members. “The Open Awards has no categories or themes but recognises all forms of outstanding imagery shot by professionals and amateurs alike.

“The competition attracts thousands of entries each year and the online public vote attracted over 4,000 votes in 2010 alone. Visit the AOP Awards website for further details of how to enter.


A Libyan rebel holds the Kingdom of Libya flag as he walks past a burning wrecked tank at a site bombed by coalition air force in the town of Ajdabiya on March 26, 2011 as forces loyal to Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi were retreating after rebels recaptured the key eastern town in their first significant victory since the launch of the Western-led air strikes a week ago. AFP PHOTO/PATRICK BAZ

The World Press Photo exhibition is travelling to Lebanon this month  – Beirut Souks – May 12 to June 1, 2011, daily from 2pm to 9pm. Photo Forum Beirut has been invited to run a session during the time of the exhibition on Saturday 21 May 2011.

Photo Forum Beirut wants to celebrate and support civil demonstrations in the MENA region through the lens of photographers who have witnessed and reported on these events. It is inviting photographers to its first session of the year on Saturday 21 May at 7.30pm at Beirut Souks. Map here.

On 14 January 2011 Tunisian people brought about the downfall of long-time president Ben Ali. Since then, civil protests of resistance have spread to Egypt, Yemen, Libya, Bahrain, Iraq, Iran, Algeria, Morocco, Jordan, Oman and Syria.

*Admission is free

Photographers, who have covered/ are covering, the events have been invited to show their work and share their experience with the audience. The projection will be followed by a panel discussion chaired by journalist Delphine Minoui.

Delphine Minoui – Journalist
Patrick Baz – Mideast Regional Photo Manager for Agence France Presse
Hussein Malla – Associated Press Beirut Chief Photographer.

(Please note that due to the ongoing events in the countries of the MENA region, some photographers still haven’t been able to confirm their presence; we will update the information in the next couple of days.)

For more info on the event please visit Photo Forum Beirut.

The DEVELOP Photo YouTube Channel is “up and running and is Intended to be an educational resource and a bit of fun. It features interviews, lectures and films about photojournalism, fine art and documentary photography and photographers,” says photographer Erica McDonald on facebook. She is calling for you to “have a look, pass the word but also let me know if there is an organization or series of videos you think should be there that are not. This is a pretty time consuming project, and I am still adding playlists and bios/links. I have a good handle on what photographers still need to be added, but would really appreciate feedback on pages I may have missed (like the ones I have for Aperture, OSI, MagnuminMotion, BagNews, Dispatches, etc”.

The DEVELOP Photo YouTube Channel is “an educational resource which features interviews, discussions, lectures and films about photojournalism, fine art and documentary photography and photographers, as well as a look at some great work in those realms of photography. Please see individual playlists.”

The Shpilman Institute for Photography recently announced the recipients of “its inaugural research program for research in philosophy and photography, and for general research that advances the understanding of the practices, theories, and history of photography.

Its winners, selected from 500 applications by scholars and researchers in 47 countries around the world, are researching questions concerning the contemporary status of photography.

The public is invited to browse through their projects, as the institute believe they may offer significant contribution to the field. Some projects launched online throughout 2010-2011:

Jeffrey Yoo Warren, Shannon Dosemagen and Mathew Lippincott from The Public Laboratory for Open Technology & Science, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, are inquiring “Activist Uses of Emergent Hacker Technologies for Environmental Justice: Investigating Communities of Practice”.  One of their projects is devoted to Grassroots Mapping the Gulf oil spill with balloons and kites.

Prof. Nicholas Mirzoeff from the Department of  Media, Culture and Communication, NYU, devoted his research to “The Photographic Common and Authoritarian Realism: A Genealogy of the 2011 Revolutions”. Prof. Mirzoeff recently launched the blog For the Right to Look, which was also featured on its blog.

Prof. Steven Hoelscher from the Departments of American Studies and Geography, and Academic Curator of Photography, The Harry Ransom Center, University of Texas, Austin, USA and Susan Meiselas, photographer, New York, USA, and Professor, Masters of Photographic Studies, Leiden, The Netherlands, will delve into “The Magnum Collection: A Visual Archive of the Modern World”. You can also browse through Meiselas’ visual projects on her site.

Winners’ researches will be shared at a conference by The SIP, in addition to a publication. Their theoretical and visual endeavors will also be disseminated through our blog.

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