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mini storage . Painter-turned-photographer Stephen Waddell could teach the Sartorialist and his ilk a thing or two about candid clicks. gratis winrar . color wheel paint . The Vancouver natives most recent collection, Hunt and Gather (Steidl), puts an Internets worth of street style shots to shame through its charming, contemplative documenting of city life.

Photographer #278: Denis Rouvre

Denis Rouvre, 1967, France, is a portrait photographer with a large and impressive portfolio. He has photographed an extensive amount of internationally known celebrities throughout the years, but works on many other series, personal and editorial. These numerous series have been exhibited extensively throughout the world. He has also released several books and monographs. The series Senegalese Wrestling won the second prize in the Sports features stories at World Press Photo in 2010. His series Ethnic is a collaboration between Denis and the painter and sculptor David Nal-Vad. The photographs of Denis are sharp, crystal clear and direct. The following images come from his Portraits portfolio and from the series Senegalese Wrestling and Ethnic.



Website: www.rouvre.com

Christian Bendayán

I’m currently in Iquitos, Peru, in the middle of the Amazon. Getting online is so slow, it seems like the whole city shares just a single dial-up connection to the internet. It reinforces the sense of isolation here, in this city which cannot be reached by car.

I recently discovered a local painter named Christian Bendayán. He paints aspects of daily life and fantasy in Iquitos and the surrounding region wild and bright colors. I was reminded of Marcos Lopez or, as a friend pointed out, Kehinde Wiley.

Orilla by Christian Bendayán

Luz by Christian Bendayán

Pirata (serie Domingo de ramos) by Christian Bendayán