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Pictory Magazine

Taking on the idea of sharing photography around the world with editing based on themes, a similar vision that was pioneered by JPG magazine, Laura Brunow Miner, a former editor at JPG magazine launched the online photo-magazine named Pictory.

Pictory appears to be most geared towards edited stories, telling about the live and places around the world and composed by combining one image from each contributor. It is most about a cultural exchange, rather than a selection of the best photographs and so if you are looking for great images you will feel that it is a mixed bag, but if you are looking to learn about people, societies, and the world in an intimate manner by the people who live the lives they share with images, then you are for a treat.

Pictory is a showcase for your best photo stories.

Pictory is a showcase for people around the world to document their lives and cultures. Anyone can submit one large, captioned image to each of Pictory’s editorial themes. I’m editor, designer, and founder Laura Brunow Miner, and I will select a few dozen of the best items from each theme to appear in each showcase (source)