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Video: Artist Talk with Photographer Jeff Cowen

Jeff Cowen Photographic Works, Artist Talk, Köln 2012 from Jim Casper on Vimeo.

Photographer-Artist Jeff Cowen spoke about his work and approach to art in a conversation recorded at Michael Werner Kunsthandel in Köln Germany. Art Historian Jennifer Crowley and Lens Culture Director Jim Casper participated in the conversation with Cowen.

Cowen makes original mural-size, sculptural, painterly photographic works that are visually stunning and beautiful but defy easy categorization. His comments offer insight into his working methods and goals.

This video is a 13-minute edit that contains excerpts from the public conversation that ranged over a wide range of topics.

Jeff Cowen and Jim Casper will conduct a 5-day Masterclass for Photographers, in Paris, October 18-22, 2012. For more details, and to register, see bildernordic.no/en/archive/register-for-the-5-day-photography-masterclass-in-paris-with-jeff-cowen-and-jim-casper-october-18-22/

Juan Manuel Castro Prieto at Galerie VU’ in Paris

Juan Manuel Castro Prieto_Galerie VU_ldd1_800.jpg

Sud-Est de l’thiopie, 2005 – Sheik Hussein, lieu de plerinage des musulmans
Juan Manuel Castro Prieto / Galerie VU’

Now we see Ethiopia through Spanish eyes and the virtuoso large-format tilt-shift compositions of Juan Manuel Castro Prieto. On show currently at Galerie VU’ in Paris, his photos are like metaphor-soaked visions from mysterious dreams. article writing submission . Almost surreal in their vividness of color, highly-selective focus, and unusually sharp details his mural-size images seem immediately like long-forgotten memories with which one yearns to linger and to imagine the story of what happened just before and just after these moments were captured as memories on film.

He started in the 1970s as a self-taught enthusiast. Blog Submission . Influenced by Gabriel Cuallad and Paco Gmez, whom he met at the Real Sociedad Fotogrfica of Madrid, Castro Prieto makes a distinction between photography as a window onto reality, and photography as a mirror in which the author with all his obsessions, memories and imagination fed by myths and literature is reflected in what he portrays. Thus, for Castro Prieto, photography is a tool for connecting to the world, on his terms, and an excuse for a philosophy of life (interview with Alejandro Castellote, 2003).

In Ethiopia, on several extended visits between 2001 and 2006, he found “an ancestral memory of humanity” that “converses with the objects, signs and behaviors of the modern world.”

Juan Manuel Castro Prieto_Galerie VU_ldd2_800.jpg

thiopie, 2002 – Etip Juan Manuel Castro Prieto / Galerie VU’

Juan Manuel Castro Prieto_Galerie VU_ldd3_800.jpg

Ethiopie, Arbaminch, 2005 Juan Manuel Castro Prieto / Galerie VU’

Juan Manuel Castro Prieto_Galerie VU_ldd4_800.jpg

thiopie, 2008 – Homme Afar Juan Manuel Castro Prieto / Galerie VU’

Juan Manuel Castro Prieto_Galerie VU_ldd6_800.jpg

thiopie, 2005 – Jeune fille Surma Juan Manuel Castro Prieto / Galerie VU’

Jeff Cowen 5-day black-and-white analog masterclass in Berlin


5-day black-and-white analog masterclass in Berlin
with photographer Jeff Cowen and Lens Culture publisher Jim Casper

When: August 6-10, 2011

Where: Private studio and custom darkroom of Jeff Cowen, in Berlin

Included: Film processing, work print paper, archival mural-size paper, models

Who: Participation limited to 5 pre-selected photographers

Fee: 1,850 euros

This is an intense, hands-on workshop (marathon) for serious photographers who want to master the best of black-and-white film techniques and experience the magic of making large mural prints from your own negatives in a custom large-format darkroom specifically designed by Jeff Cowen. oil change . Lessons and assignments will include: portraiture, the nude (in studio and in nature), still-life, and street photography in Berlin.

At the end of 5 days, each participant will have several work prints in various genres, plus one archival, museum-quality master print (mural size) of one of your images that you will make in the darkroom with Jeff Cowen and his longtime darkroom assistant, Csilla Szab. Jim Casper will conduct one-on-one portfolio reviews with each photographer, and offer advice about career development, publicity and promotion, international markets, and more.

The masterclass includes lectures and demonstrations on:

working with natural and studio lighting

creative collaboration with models

aesthetic choices while shooting, editing and printing

developing a personal photographic signature and visual voice in your photography.

Each photographers masterclass work will be discussed as part of a group process as well as private sessions regarding editing, shooting, printing and presentation techniques. Each participating photographer is encouraged to bring a portfolio of current work to be reviewed and critiqued, as well.

In addition to shooting, evaluating and printing your own photographs, each day will involve formal and informal talks on various subjects such as:

photography as a career

marketing, PR, and international exposure

developing fruitful relationships with collectors and galleries

working with book and magazine publishers

how to break through creative blocks

Developing onsite will be provided for 35mm and 120 film (film to be provided by each photographer). All darkroom supplies, including chemicals, and paper for test prints and one final mural-size museum quality print are included in the cost of the masterclass.

Because we have the luxury of only 5 students and 3 instructors (including Jeff’s darkroom assistant), the class will be tailored onsite to work on the specific issues of the class members.

Interested photographers should send a brief email summarizing your experience, plus 6-10 examples of photographs (JPEGs) and/or links to your work on a website. Photographers who are accepted will pay a non-refundable 50% deposit in advance, with the balance payment due one week before the masterclass.

Please send your letters of inquiries and samples to: [email protected].

jeffIMG_0031 (2).jpgPhoto Blint Meggyesi

jeffIMG_9882.jpgPhoto Blint Meggyesi

jeffIMG_0090 (2).jpgPhoto Blint Meggyesi

jeffIMG_0004 (2).jpgPhoto Blint Meggyesi

Visit Jeff Cowen’s website for more information about him and his work: jeffcowen.eu. Cowen has over 25 years of darkroom experience, including his early work with Larry Clark and Ralph Gibson.