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apertureWEEK: Online Photography Reading Shortlist

Aperture aggregates the best posts from this past week in the photography blogosphere.

  • “Imagine a place where a thousand of your best photo friends and heroes have taken over an artsy southern town,” says Andrew Owen, managing director of this weekend’s Look3 Festival in Charlottesville, VA, “and over three days you take in a dozen gallery exhibits, eat at outdoor cafes between talks by legendary photographers, see new work from photographers working all over the world, and return home exhausted and inspired.” That’s where we’ll be for the next few days, in part presenting a special exhibition, the Aperture at Sixty Library, which will showcase highlights from Aperture’s many years of publishing. La Lettre de La Photographie profiles exhibitions at the festival by Hank Willis Thomas, Alex Webb, Bruce Gilden, Stanley Greene, and many more. NYTimes‘ LENS blog takes a closer look at Thomas’ work, LA Times‘ Framework interviews Mitch Dobrowner, whose work is also featured at Look3, and Time‘s LightBox speaks with guest curators Vincent Musi and David Griffin.
  • More in festival coverage, Flak Photo offers four free days of live streaming lectures and panel discussions from the Flash Forward Festival, emerging photographers from Canada, the US and the UK, in Boston, MA at Fairmont Battery Wharf, June 7 – 10, 2012, presented in part by the Magenta Foundation. Download the festival catalogue here, and check out the full calendar of events.
  • Meanwhile in Europe, PhotoEspana has gotten underway. Of particular interest: Image Anxiety, curated by Chinese independent curator Huang Du, and of course, the annual Photobooks of the Year exhibition. In other international festival and fair news, the word is out that Paris Photo will launch a Los Angeles edition in April, 2013 at the Paramount Studios, as reported by the LA Times and the British Journal of Photography.
  • NPR’s Claire O’Neill heads on a trip to the New York Times’ “Lively Morgue,” their basement newspaper archive which contains five-to-six million photographic prints and contact sheets, overseen by Jeff Roth, mined and disseminated on the Times’ brilliant Tumblr site by photo editor Darcy Eveleigh and others.
  • “Sometimes it takes me two hours to get down a street, because there are so many things to photograph and people to meet,” writes Magnum photographer Jacob Aue Sobol in his latest entry from Beijing for Leica Camera Blog’s fascinating Arrivals and Departures series, unfolding live. Follow Sobol’s journey along the Trans Siberian Railway, “from the Russian forests to the Mongolian desert and finally through the mountains to Beijing,” shooting black-and-white every step–quite literally–along the way with the Leica’s new digital monochrome-only camera. Episode five, offers up a stunning gallery of images–dynamic, saturated street photos that remind us of work by Eikoh Hosoe from Barakei.
  • Another historical archive of photographs has emerged in New York at the New York Public Library. A “visual encyclopedia” of 41,000 prints by Walker Evans, Dorothea Lange and others have recently been found, many digitized and now made available to the public on a special NYPL site. Originally compiled and organized  in the 30s and 40s by Roy Stryker, founder of the Farm Securities Administration’s photography project, many of the prints were in a public lending library until the 50s. ”Incredibly,” writes James Estrin for NY Times’ LENS blog, “anyone with a library card could check out an original print of a Dorothea Lange image and put it on their wall for a while. It’s easy to imagine that some were never returned.”
  • Find images of the once-in-a-lifetime Venus in Transit event which happens every 105 years or so, from LA TimesFramework, Boston‘s Big Picture, WSJ‘s Photo Journal, Conscientious, and The Atlantic‘s In Focus. Marvin Heiferman, author of the new book Photography Changes Everything (Aperture 2012), shared this great link on his twitter feed, “a history of photographers who’ve already tracked the Transit of Venus.”

Awards, Grants, and Competitions | Deadlines and Recipients | 6 June 2012


Rory Peck Awards 2012 : June 11

2012 AnthropoGraphia : Human Rights through Visual Storytelling Award : June 15

IdeasTap Photographic Award :  for photographers aged 23 to 30 : June 15

Class of 2012 : June 20

The Ian Parry Scholarship : June 30

Prix Virginia : July 2

Pride Photo Award : July 7

William and Winifred Bowness Photography Prize : July 13

The Firecracker Photographic Grant : July 22

Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2012 : August 3

CDS/Honickman First Book Prize : September 15

Carmignac Gestion Photojournalism Award : September 30


American Photography 28

BOP Winners (NPPA)

BOP winners (NYT Lens)

National Magazine Awards 2012 Winners Announced

Flash Forward – Emerging Photographers 2012

KL Photoawards 2012 : Winners

Open Photo Winner: Ilan Godfrey (OPENPhoto)

London Festival of Photography  Prize 2012 shortlist (LFPH)

Mitch Dobrowner wins 2012 Sony World Photography Awards title (BJP)

‘Passengers’ Wins the Fifth International Fotobook Festival Dummy Awards (Lightbox)

New York Times Wins BOP Best Use Of The Web (NPPA)

Photographer Annie Leibovitz honoured by LA gallery (BBC)

Hope for a Healthy World Photo Competition Winners

21st Editions Releases Second Book in Prism Series by Mitch Dobrowner

21st Editions released Mitch Dobrowner’s first publication from the Prism series earlier this month. The book is limited to 280 copies with only 200 for sale. The unique deluxe book, The Prophecies of William Blake, contains 12 platinum prints of Mitch Dobrowner, the collector can customize their book in choosing which 3 of the 12 they want as free-standing and which nine they want bound in the book. Each book comes with one of four signed 16″ x 20″ contact silver-gelatin prints, the only ever offered by Dobrowner. Bound by Twinrocker paper, it contains 144 pages with 64 full bleed duotone images measuring 12 1/2″ x 12 1/2.”

Mitch Dobrowner takes the fine art of landscape and nature photography to another level with the use of technology such as weather satellites, the meteorological forecasts of the National Weather Service, the use of small airplanes with brave and willing pilots, cars, and fearless guides. There is no stopping for this adventurous, storm chasing photographer, who is willing to take risks with high tech tools to give us unseen visions of nature.

Dobrowner grew up in Long Island and eventually made his way to the southwest, settling in California to pursue a career in photography. He took a break from photography to open a design studio with his wife and came back, into the photography scene in 2005 and has been unstoppable since. He has won numerous awards since in the International Photography Awards and Px3 competitions for his fine art images of nature and landscapes.

The four silver-gelatin prints can be seen here

Books are available through 21st Editions or by email: [email protected] or by calling 508-398-3000.

Prism Series, Book Number 2 by Mitch Dobrowner

Photographing Monster Storms


The world has been battered by outrageous storms and acts of nature so far this year. Photographer Mitch Dobrowner seeks out extreme nature and makes exquisite photographs documenting some amazing storms and storm systems.

Discover 20 remarkable photographs, and read his interesting text, Storms, in the latest issue of Lens Culture.




All photographs © Mitch Dobrowner

Photographer #283: Mitch Dobrowner

Mitch Dobrowner, 1956, USA, is a landscape photographer with a unique signature. He fell in love with photography at an early age but due to the tasks of running a design studio and raising a family he did not take photographs. Early 2005, inspired by his wife, children and friends, he once again started to make images. His black and white photography concentrates on mountains, water, trees and heavy clouds. His landscapes are threatening yet peaceful and serene. He states that when shooting a quality image, he knows it; “At those moments things are quiet, seem simple again.” Mitch has won numerous awards since 2006, amongst which are the IPA/Lucie Awards which he won first as a non-professional and now twice as a professional. The following images come from the portfolio’s Storms, Land and Urban.

Website: www.mitchdobrowner.com