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TIME’s Best of 2011: Animals in Peril

Animals have found themselves in the path of peril and at the heart the some of the biggest news stories over the past twelve months, from the Japanese tsunami and Bangkok floods to the war in Libya and the droughts in Africa. While some animals have been sent into the danger zone, the majority of these creatures have simply had the misfortune of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, victims of circumstance, and at the mercy of nature’s wrath or man’s violent feuds.

When U.S. special-forces stormed a compound and killed al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, the story behind the story was that of the anonymous four-legged member of the eighty-strong team: a bulletproof vest-wearing K-9 military working dog that had taken part in the raid. Elsewhere, the mascot dogs of the Athens protests—Kanellos, Louk and Loukanikos, or”Sausage”—have been photographed countless times amid the protests. The subject of the online world’s attention, the canines have a dedicated Facebook and Wikipage, and are featured in numerous YouTube videos.

The average animal doesn’t make headlines, but countless creatures have been photographed amid the chaos and destruction so widely connected to some of the year’s biggest stories. Here, LightBox looks back on a few furry friends who’ve found themselves in harm’s way in 2011.

“Steve McCurry: Iconic Photographs”

In 2003, Steve McCurry accepted the award for Outstanding Achievement in Photojournalism at the inaugural Lucie Awards held at The Beverly Hilton. Over a 20 year span, he has changed the industry, creating iconic photographs of the September 11 attacks to captivating images of everyday, human life in countries such as India, the war-stricken Middle East, and Asia.

A limited edition hardcover book, “Steve McCurry: The Iconic Photographs,” (2011) Phaidon Press has released 165 of his most famous colorful photographs from throughout his career. tree trimmers . Each one of his books contains an exclusively signed print by Steve McCurry himself.

In his photograph, “Beggar Girl, Bombay, India” (1993) during the monsoon in August, McCurry was approached by a mother and child while waiting at a stoplight in his car begging for money. McCurry gives us more insight on capturing this moment.


McCurry continues his efforts to show everyday life around the world. Earthquake Insurance California . With his photograph, “Widow, Vrindavan, India” (1995) the image only shows a woman hunched over, but her misfortune does not tell her story.


This dramatic image, “Camels, Gulf War, Kuwait” (1991) of intense clouds of smoke takes over the entire image, but McCurry tells us the real story behind the photograph.


Steve McCurry: The Iconic Photographs is available from Phaidon.com