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Make Some Mischief Today!

Happy April Fool’s Day….I think we are taking ourselves too seriously these days…and I think a little irreverant mischief might be just what is needed in our depressed economy and changing times…ALWAYS love the work of David Shrigley and Jan von Holleben, and you might consider using them for inspiration…

David Shrigley, Lost

David Shrigley, Notice

David Shrigley, Lost Filofax

David Shrigley, Anti-Depressants

David Shrigley, Drink Me

Jan von Holleben

I also love when non-photographer friends share images with me, so a shout out to Brian Allman for his contribution of a series of images that don’t credit the photographers, but are fun to look at…it was called Urban Art, Best of 2011

March Madness and April Fools: Strange but True Photos

April 1—or April Fool’s Day—is traditionally a time for harmless pranks and practical jokes. It is a day when many will be taken in by good-natured mischief, whether tricked by the most elaborate or the simplest of deceptions. In the spirit of tomfoolery and fabrications, LightBox presents a selection images that show some of the more surreal and bizarre realities of the world around us, all photographed during the mad month of March.
From costumed crime fighters to giant paper airplanes and facial-massaging snails, these photos prove that truth can be more astounding than fiction. Happy April Fool’s Day!