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The 2012 LENSCRATCH Pets and Favorite Animals Exhibition

Thanksgiving, for those living in the United States, is a day to come together with family and friends and give thanks for all that we have in our lives.  We sit down at a groaning table of traditional foods and see faces that sometimes are only an annual event. What we are celebrating today, are the faces that might just be under the table, waiting for possibility and a little affection: our pets.  They are as much our family members as those who are connected by blood or circumstance, and in many cases, they are the family that we choose.

Some of you may remember my farewell post to the love of my life, Riley.  It’s been a year since her passing and the loss is as profound as that of those loved ones in my life.  So in memory of her, give your furry or feathered loved ones an extra pat, a piece of turkey, and a little extra attention today.  I thank you for sharing in this wonderful celebration of those who live amongst us. Again a huge thank you to Grant Gill and Sarah Stankey for their help with this post.
Aline Smithson, Riley, modeling, Los Angeles, CA

Randy Karg, Shiner, Clarinda, IA

Robin Tryloff, Ben and George, Oakbrook, Illinois

Kylie Torrence, Dusty, Atlanta GA

Charidy Bunsa, Cody, Largo, FL

Shawna Gibbs, Sehan with Inchworm, Claremont, NH
In honor of all the little insects that, despite our most innocent and
gentle intentions, gave their lives to curious minds this summer.

Gina Kelly, Mister entertained, Simon bored, Minneapolis, MN

Laurie McCormick, Raisin-RIP, Brentwood, CA

Phyllis Schwartz, Chow’s Last Portrait, Vancouver, BC

Morganna Magee, Tyler and Percy, Melbourne, Australia
This is Tyler and his cat Percy. Tyler is 10 years
old and completely blind after he had both of his eyes removed when he developed cancer in both of them when he was aged 3. He calls Percy his
best friend, and Percy is gentle and patient with him, only getting
agitated if he is locked out of Tyler’s room and can’t sleep in his bed
with him.

Larry TornoMaggie, St. Louis, MO
Maggie was a constant
companion for 17 years, often following me into my office in the morning
and taking her place until closing time, when she sat at the door,
waiting to be fed. 

Isabella La Rocca, Lulu, Berkely, CA
This image is one of a series I call Dog Park.  The dog in the picture is my 12 year old constant companion, Lulu.  I got her as a puppy from a shelter and we adore each other.

Cleo Schoeplein, Fig and Riley, Los Angeles, CA

Michelle Rogers Pritzl, Berlin Kitty, Tustin, CA

Mike Whiteley, Hailey, Mission: Wolf, Colorado
Hailey is a Grey Wolf living at Mission: Wolf in Southern Colorado, a
wolf sanctuary with about two dozen wolves mostly from captive breed
wolves that cannot be released back into the wild. I have been there a
few times to volunteer and help care for the wolves and I am always
amazed in how their wildness transcends their breeding and cages.

Susan BoecherMara and Cat, Minneapolis, MN

Angela MarklewFreyja, Venice, CA
the summer of 2010 I found a puppy on the street in Watts.  She was
emaciated and near death.  It was a long road but she made it through –
the full story of her ordeal is here: 

K.B. Dixon, Frick & Frack, Bandon, OR
This is a pair of guard dogs at an art gallery in Bandon ,Oregon.

Holly Connellan, Guard Dogs, Sydney, Australia

Caroline McLean, Monkey and Windsors, Boulder, Colorado
Monkey and Windsor in Boulder, Colorado on hike!
Monkey is my daughter’s dog and Windsor is my son’s dog.  They are
sister and brother, little and big, one likes to cuddle and the other
plays ball.  They get along only because  and not by choice.  Food is
often a bone of contention.  I love my dogs because they teach me about
tolerance, patience and life.  Dog hair is a fact of life, stubborn
behavior drives me crazy and they live and die. I thank all my pets in
recent years: Brandy, Moose, Pickle, Molly, Belle, Gunther and Tucky.
Happy Thanksgiving blessings!

Mary Anne MitchellPlaytime, Atlanta, GA

Linda Alterwitz, Ruby, Las Vegas, Nevada

Rana Nicole Young, Marli, Portland, OR

Donna Rosser, Sadie on the Sofa, Fayetteville, GA

is a rescue from a local kill shelter. The shelter workers believed she was a
good dog — so she was kept there for about a month before we found her. We call
her the ‘monkey dog’ for the way she vocalizes to us and say that she has the
personality of a 5 year old. Sadie likes to hunt for rabbits in the backyard —
but she is also a couch potato. She is one of the best dogs I have ever had and
I don’t think I have ever taken a bad photo of her. 

Fabiano Busdraghi, where should we go?, Bernardo O’Higgins Base, Antarctica

Christine Anderson, Hurricane Sandy, North New Jersey
During the hurricane and following Nor’ Easter. My dog Reggie was not
fearful of the storm and became the way I portrait how I experienced the
storm and days after.  I started to call her STORMTRACKER REGGIE when I
started to to use pictures of Reggie to give online updates on the
storm until I lost power…

Julie Rae Powers, Zaira, Ripley, WV

Kristy CarpenterGus and Judy, Bronson, MI
Gus follows my mother around like a lovestruck teenager. Knowing he’s
there, always watching over her, helps me sleep better at night.

Vicki Hunt, Cami, Birmingham, Alabama
Jeremy Nix, Mister Bojangles, Denver, CO
We lost Mister Bo this year, this was my favorite picture of him that I took. 

Bob Johnson, Frenzy, Ballona Wetlands, Marina del Rey, CA
Lost Sasha and Homer, my dogs, to old age, so I decided to adopt the
wildlife in the Ballona wetlands as my playmates and photo subjects.
 Homer and Sasha were camera shy, but the Ballona residents are
exceptionally cooperative. 

Kevin McCollister, Luna Walks Into The Light, Los Angeles, CA

Heidi Lender, Untitled, from the series Once Upon, Garzon, Uruguay
The Bubba….best friend, muse, my Cindy Crawford, road-tripping
partner, bunny-hunter, bear-fighter and all around best little guy in
the world.

Morgan Hagar, Roxy’s Springtime Snooze, Denver, CO

Sheri Lynn Behr, 19 Year Old Crockett Keeping Warm After Hurricane Sandy, Edgewater, NJ

Robbie Kaye, Nico & Luna on the Trail

Adriana Reyes Newell, Carmelita-Lightning Dog, Nambe, NM
Carmelita was a husky-boxer mix puppy adopted from the shelter when she
was 2 months old. At age 7 she was diagnosed with bone cancer and
underwent surgery to remove her left arm. She also endured chemotherapy
for 4 months after which she came back to her playful and energetic
self. In July 2012 her cancer spread to her lungs and skin. She lost the
fight on September 11th 2012. We miss her terribly and her absence
feels more like a pestering presence that wont let go. The only
consolation is that she is no longer in pain.

Susan Weingartner, The Roar, Los Angeles, CA 

Michael was adopted from a shelter when he was just 6 weeks old.  He’s
one of the funniest cats I’ve ever met, always needing to enroll
everyone in his games, especially “fetch” , “chase the kitties”, and “da

Jim Robertson, Lost But Found, Lexington, KY

Sharon Johnson-Tennant, Phoebe

Heather McKay Bowes, Catnap, Epsom, NH

Consuelo Mendez, Beluga my Cat, Caracas, Venezuela

Paul Matzner, Lucca in Lake, Milwaukee, WI

Lucca, our five year old golden-doodle loves the beach, eating raw
meat, and
being affectionate with us. He is a comfort and a joy.
Alaina Dall, Little Thief, San Diego, CA
“I doubt anyone will notice if one goes missing…”
Max Juhasz, Absolute Beginner, Cres Isle, Croatia
Dennis Stewart, Gilligan, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Lucy Carolan, Bonnie, Wolsingham, UK
Mary Defer, Ruby Extends a Paw, Garrettville, OH
Zoe Perry-Wood, Babu in Bat Wings, Lexington, MA
Ivan McClellan, The Lazy Meatball, Lake of the Woods, OR
Kevin Ooi, Stereotypical Indulgence, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 
Anne Connor, Henry’s Lament, Ridgeway, WI
Patty Lemke, The End of Film, Los Angeles, CA
As shown here, Jewels was inquisitive and quite simply a wonderful cat. 


Unbound at the Candela Gallery

Opening June 1st, the Candela Gallery in Richmond, VA will present it’s inagural exhibition featuring work from over 50 contemporary photographers. Spearheaded by in amazing Gordon Stettinius,  the exhibition will continue through July 28th with a UnBound Gala event complete with beer & wine, southern finger food, great music, door prizes and much more. Event tickets will be sold in advance and at the door; and will generate the funds toward purchase and
collection of original photographic work while also actively pursuing
opportunities to donate said work to notable art institutions. 
This annual summertime
invitational exhibition will generate opportunities and exposure for
participating artists far beyond traditional group or juried show
opportunities. For the first go-round, Candela received over 280
submissions from 32 states and 11 countries.
A few of the featured works appear below:

Tom Chambers
Pennants Over Pienza, 2012
Archival Pigment Print
 Joni Sternbach
Donald Takayama, 2010
Unique 8″x10″ Tintype

 Kristin Skees
The Gannons, 2010
Archival Inkjet Print

Valerie Galloway
Luscious, 2009
Archival Inkjet Print 

 Becky Pendel
Sisters, 2006
Archival Pigment Print
 Caleb Cole
Girl In The Backseat, 2007
Archival Inkjet Print
 Louviere & Vanessa
Creature 978XVII, 2006
Inkjet on Gampi, wax and blood

Michael Donnor
Elizabeth, 2009
Toned Gelatin Silver Print

Beth Moon
The Ifaty Teapot, 2006
Platinum Palladium Print

Tom Wik

Minneapolis, MN, 2011

Archival Inkjet Print

Yael Ben-Zion

Life leads us down many paths, some unexpected, and where we end up isn’t always where we set out to go. Yael Ben-Zion was born in Minneapolis, MN and raised in Israel. She returned to the states to attend Yale Law School and pursue LL.M. and J.S.D. degrees. It was at Yale that Yael took a photography class with David Hilliard and her path was not a straight line into law. She practiced for awhile, but made the switch to photography because it felt right and she had stories she wanted to tell. She studied at the International Center of Photography and now lives in New York.

Yael’s first monograph, 5683 miles away (Kehrer, 2010), was selected as one of photo-eye’s Best Books of 2010 and for the PDN Photo Annual 2011. It was also a nominee for the German Photo Book Award 2011. She lives and works in New York.

In August 2000 I left Israel for the US. Time and distance have made me think about the differences between here and there, in terms of the mentality, sensibilities, and way of life. While every expat must have their share of figuring out issues of identity and belonging, in the case of Israel, the country’s existential anxiety and tight social relations complicate these issues even further. 5683 miles away I keep thinking of the tradeoffs.

5683 miles away is an attempt to “go behind the scenes” of a country that is known for its turmoil and consider the meaning of normal life in this charges place. In repeated visits to Israel, I have photographed interiors and exteriors, portraits and still lifes in order to capture the texture of Israelis’ day-to-day life, thereby examining my own feelings towards my homeland. Personal and intimate in nature, the photographs allude to the complexity of the political climate in Israel, and question its emotional and social consequences. As opposed to providing answers, however, the work offers a reflection on the way people spend their lives.

(The newspaper complete headline reads: “American Official: Syria is ‘Cruel and anti-Semitic'” (Haaretz, Sep. 18, 2007))

Ella with Protective Gear






Lea and Shimon
(Lea Michelson, artist, working on a sculpture of her former classmate, Shimon Peres)


Still Life with a Headless Angel




A View from the Balcony

Black Iris