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Lois Bielefeld, Elizabeth

Lois Bielefeld, Elizabeth

Lois Bielefeld

Queens, 2009
From the The Bedroom series
Website – LoisBielefeld.com

Lois Bielefeld grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She graduated in 2002 from Rochester Institute of Technology, receiving her BFA in Advertising Photography. Soon after she made the mass migration with all the other photo graduates to NYC where she lived for seven years. After assisting photographers she began shooting commercial and fashion work. In 2008 she started The Bedroom when she shared a bedroom for one year with her eight year old daughter in their small Brooklyn apartment. She is very close to completion of the 100 portrait series and aims to publish a book of all the work. In 2010 she relocated back to Milwaukee with her eleven year old daughter, partner, guinea pig and their cat. Besides photography, Lois loves to bike, cook, eat and dabble in Midwestern things like trap shooting.

Jon Horvath, Untitled (from Wide Eyed)

Jon Horvath, Untitled (from Wide Eyed)

Jon Horvath

Untitled (from Wide Eyed),
Winslow, Arizona, 2012
From the Wide Eyed series
Website – JonHorvath.net

Jon Horvath is an artist and educator residing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He received his MFA from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 2008. His work has been exhibited nationally in galleries including: The Print Center (Philadelphia), Macy Gallery at Columbia University (New York), Philadelphia Photo Arts Center, and The Detroit Center for Contemporary Photography. His work is currently held in the permanent collection of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, The Haggerty Museum of Art, and is included in the Midwest Photographers Project at The Museum of Contemporary Photography. Horvath was a finalist for the The Greater Milwaukee Foundation's 2009 and 2010 Mary L. Nohl Emerging Artist Fellowship. In 2011, he was named a US Flash Forward winner by The Magenta Foundation. Horvath currently teaches at The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and The Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design.

Sarah Zamecnik, Untitled

Sarah Zamecnik, Untitled

Sarah Zamecnik

Syracuse, New York, 2010
From the Town & Country series
Website – SaraheZamecnik.com

Sarah Zamecnik (b. 1981), received her MFA from Syracuse University in 2011. She has been a recipient of a variety of exhibition awards and research grants and her work is part of the permanent collection at the University Wisconsin-Madison. Her Town & Country series beholds a sense of place and order, exemplifying a backdrop of the American heartland. She lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

Mike Rebholz, Hardin Road (Montana 87)

Mike Rebholz, Hardin Road (Montana 87)

Mike Rebholz

Hardin Road (Montana 87),
Billings, Montana, 2006
From the American Beauty series
Website – MikeRebholz.com

Mike Rebholz (b.1954, Milwaukee Wisconsin). Is an architectural photographer living and working in Madison, Wisconsin. He studied at the Milwaukee Center for Photography and has taught at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. His photographic interests are vernacular architecture, the built landscape and portraiture that explores the confluence of shelter and American culture . His projects range from documentation of ice fishing in Wisconsin. the changing Midwest landscape and vernacular architecture as a reflection of idiosyncratic individuality. His solo exhibitions Speaking in the Vernacular and 10 Weeks: Ice Fishing in Wisconsin have exhibited at the Michael H. Lord Gallery in Palm Springs California and the work from 10 Weeks is represented in the Chicago Project at Catherine Edelman Gallery, Chicago Illinois. His current project American Beauty is a examination of the intersection of industrial scale agribusiness, energy production and existing American land culture and the resulting changes in the American way of life.

Julia Kozerski, Lovers Embrace

Julia Kozerski, Lovers Embrace

Julia Kozerski

Lovers Embrace,
Milwaukee, 2011
From the Half series
Website – JuliaKozerski.com

Julia Kozerski is a Photographer based out of her hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She is currently attending the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design (MIAD) working towards her BFA in Photography with a minor in Art History. Images from her series Half have been exhibited nationally in venues such as The Center for Fine Art Photography (Fort Collins, CO,) the Midwest Center for Photography (Wichita, KS,) and the RayKo Gallery (San Francisco, CA.) Kozerski's work has also received significant exposure online, having been highlighted in Fraction Magazine, on Feature Shoot, as well as on the CNN Photos Blog.

Kevin Miyazaki, Table Anthurium

Kevin Miyazaki, Table Anthurium

Kevin J. Miyazaki

Table Anthurium,
, 2012
Website – KevinMiyazaki.com

Kevin J. Miyazaki is a photographer and restless creative living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His artwork addresses issues of family history, memory and personal space; and his editorial portrait, travel and food work appears in a variety of publications. He is the founder of collect.give, an online photography gallery which raises money for charities chosen by the participating artists.

Tara Bogart

I recently discovered Tara Bogart’s wonderful new series, Modern Hair Study, and was delighted to learn that one of the images from this project was the next offering on Collect.Give that launched yesterday. Tara is supporting Meta House, an internationally-recognized drug and alcohol abuse treatment program for women that has been providing long-term, gender-responsive treatment in Milwaukee since 1963.

Image offered on Collect.Give

Tara lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and had an early start on her artistic sensibility. Growing up with artist parents, she was introduced to books by photographers such as Deborah Turbeville, Robert Frank, Duane Michals and Sally Mann. As a teenager she discovered her mother’s darkroom and began a lifelong passion for photography. She is an educator at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design and exhibits in the midwest. I am featuring two series, Modern Hair Study and Tattoo Portraits.

a modern hair study
In 2011, I visited the photo archives of the National Library of France. While everything was inspirational, one photograph haunted me for months following my visit. “Hair Study”, by Felix Nadar depicts just a woman’s back and her hair.

I couldn’t stop thinking about what that same image would look like today.

“a modern hair study” consists of portraits of young women photographed from behind. By focusing on the back, the viewer is forced to contend with all of the peripheral things that make each woman unique.

In these intimate portraits I am a voyeur concentrating on a generation that is not mine. While certain ideals are often relevant to different generations, the ways in which women adorn and modify themselves often indicate the struggles of a young adult with their own ideology and individuality.

After photographing these women, I can imagine these struggles are timeless. Existing today as well as when the original Nadar portrait was taken.

Tattoo Portraits

Simply looking around one day, I realized that many (if not most) of my friends are covered in tattoos. Old tattoos that were put there before it was “cool” to have tattoos.

Twenty years ago people would often get tattoos in places that could be hidden. On the occasion that they would be exposed in public there would be judging or fearful glances. Usually followed by comments such as, “What kind of job do you think you can get with those tattoos?”

Tatto Portraits

At first, I wanted to show how successful my friends have become over the years, almost in spite of all the tattoos. What I discovered is far more fascinating. Not only are they still unique people; but they continue to be trailblazers, innovators, creators, entrepreneurs, leaders and friends.

My subjects are older by design. Of course I always ask the subject to allow us to see most of their tattoos, but I also want to show a more intimate side. These environmental portraits have become more about people who think and succeed outside of the box.

The tattoos have become secondary to the details of the people and spaces they chose to be photographed in.

collect.give: Photography Meets Philanthropy

A few years ago, I was thinking about selling a photograph on my blog to raise money for a local charity. That led to an idea of having other bloggers do the same thing simultaneously, and it quickly snowballed into a larger, more substantial idea. In December of 2009, collect.give (“collect dot give”) was founded as an online photography gallery helping artists support causes they believe in, by offering a limited edition of their photographs.

The participating photographers pledge to donate 100 percent of the proceeds to organizations they choose themselves, which often have personal connections to their family, friends or community. To date, we’ve raised over $28,000 by selling nearly 600 prints, which range in price from $25-$100.

The structure of collect.give is intentionally simple: collectors buy and receive the prints directly from the photographers, who then make personal donations to their chosen organizations.

Today, we released a book through the print-on-demand publisher MagCloud, which celebrates the release of our 50th print edition, by photographer Colleen Plumb. The 128-page book features our first 50 photographs, with essays by noted photography curators and writers. In keeping with our mission, 100 percent of the proceeds will be donated to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, a charity chosen by the book’s designer, Heidi Romano.

Kevin J. Miyazaki is a fine art and editorial photographer based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and the founder of collect.give.