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Announcing the winners of The 1000 Words Award

1000 Words is proud to announce the results of the inaugural 1000 Words Award for European photographers.

Having attracted considerable interest from a diverse spectrum of committed and passionate photographers, the standard of the open submissions was exceptionally high. And while the deliberations were difficult, the judges selected in their opinion, four photographers who could most benefit from the mentoring and workshop experience and go on to produce interesting and innovative bodies of work from having the time to focus on their practice.

In total, 348 submissions were received from 24 EU member countries.

The winners are: Henrik Malmström (b. 1983, Finland), Lucy Levene (b.1978, United Kingdom), Tereza Zelenkova (b. 1985, Czech Republic) and Virgílio Ferreira (b. 1970, Portugal).

At the core of my practice I seek to destabilise different subjects by reassessing their potential as metaphors for broader questions surrounding photography’s capability for representation and its relationship with the real. My latest work is an installation that comprises of a series of black and white photographs and several objects from my personal collection. This work can be understood as a metaphor for the night as a time associated with both inspiration and imagination, but also melancholia, solitude and isolation. The darkness of the night, like the darkness inside a camera, is a space where images are conjured. Here I am not really interested in the images brought to us by dreams but rather by that point of insomniac vigilance when one can no longer recognise what’s a dream and what’s reality; when familiar objects start to take on shapes of something else, undergoing a sort of metamorphoses. Tereza Zelenkova

A series of un-staged images taken in an Edinburgh nightclub. The title is from the poem by Maya Angelou; Come, And Be My Baby.
Lucy Levene

This series deals with ideas of intangibility related to states of being, by capturing candid moments of anonymous people in the streets of London. In these pictures I attempt to evoke those feelings of vulnerability, bewilderment, impermanence and solitude, which are related to the uncertain times that we live in. They are haunted depictions of our world, and maybe they reflect us.

In these photo-chemical experiments the use of light has a double function: it both records and destroys the information in the picture, denying any secure reality. These manipulations are made on the moment of capture, and all the process of image transformations happens inside the apparatus. Virgílio Ferreira

My work up until now has always been connected to home and identity. I like to challenge myself into finding new perspectives and angles in a search for how things can be represented. Sometimes it can appear as fiction, but still there is always a deeper social aspect to it.
Henrik Malmström  

The 1000 Words Award for European photographers is a major initiative in collaboration with The Other European Travellers, a project co-ordinated by Cobertura Photo and co-organised by Atelier de Visu1000 Words and Festival Voci di Foto in partnership with Magnum Photos. It is part-funded by The Education Audiovisual and Culture Exchange Agency (EACEA) under the auspices of the EU Culture Programme.

Photographers were invited through open submission to apply for an opportunity to realise a new body of work with the supervision of several high-profile photographers and industry experts.
The 1000 Words Award includes:
• £1,000 cash prize
• 18 month mentorship programme
• 3 workshops with Jeffrey Silverthorne, Antoine d’Agata and Patrick Zachmann in London, Marseille and Seville respectively, including financial assistance with accommodation and travel
• Travelling group exhibition through the UK, France, Spain and Italy
• Catalogue and DVD
• Feature in 1000 Words Photography Magazine.
The 1000 Words Award selection panel were:
• Simon Baker, Curator of Photography at Tate
• Brett Rogers, Director of The Photographers’ Gallery, London
• Dewi Lewis, Director at Dewi Lewis Publishing
• Tim Clark and Michael Grieve, Editors at 1000 Words Photography Magazine.

The 1000 Words Award and The Other European Travellers have been supported, in part, by The Education Audiovisual and Culture Exchange Agency (EACEA).

Squiz Hamilton wins Association of Photographers Student Photographer of the Year 2011 with Back to the Basics series

The winner of the AOP Student Photographer of the Year 2011 is Squiz Hamilton for his Back to the Basics series in Fashion & Beauty category.

In a world of personalities, it’s refreshing when the photographs really do speak for themselves and are judged solely on their own merit. One of the strengths of the AOP Student awards is that all entries are anonymous, and no reference is made to the institution where the entrant has studied.

There were a surprisingly large number of series that would have made it through to the second round had the edit been tighter; one or two weak images ruined many series’ across all categories. The images that made the final cut stood up to discussions about technical skills, maturity of approach, consistency, originality, collaboration and vision.

As judges, each with a subjective point of view, when it came to making the final decisions, it was tough; specific aspects of the work where debated, pros and cons assessed, as well as the work’s overall success.

The winners were announced at a busy evening event at the gallery in east London. I attended with fellow judge Alyson Jones and, although there were five of us on the judging panel, the other three judges were unable to come along as they had work commitments. I will be offering mentoring to Squiz, in my own time, for six months on a monthly basis.

AOP Student Photographer of the Year Squiz Hamilton, photo courtesy of AOP

The Merit awards and Judges Choices will be featured in a later post as soon as I have some images to post.

Continue over to see more from the evening and from Squiz’ series…

All photos Squiz Hamilton, courtesy of the photographer

All photos Squiz Hamilton, courtesy of the photographer

All photos Squiz Hamilton, courtesy of the photographer


AOP Student Awards 2011 (L-R) AOP President Simon Leach and Student winner Squiz, photo courtesy of AOP


AOP Student Awards 2011 (L-R) Bridget Flynn, Miranda Gavin, Alyson Jones, photo courtesy of AOP

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