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Dear readers,

My apologizes, this blog has been in silent mode for a long time…not because nothing happens in Food For Your Eyes Land. Here is a round up page of past projects. Although, it’s true that for a while Twitter (@foodforyoureyes) caught me for its micro blogging attraction and immediate reactivity. This time is fadding a bit on my opinion, maybe because too much people are talking about the same (photographic) things so no one seems to listen to each other.

At a point I thought to transform this blog. But to what? to another tumblr on photography? Finally I took the decision to create www.foodforyoureyes.com, as I own the .com for many years. This is your new destination for everything related to FOOD FOR YOUR EYES .

As an independent curator my focus is on contemporary photography from all corners of the globe with a special interest in photobook makers . Check out the recent project I have been doing for Nofound Photo Fair in Paris November 2012 : Photographers & Book Makers show

However, foodforyoureyes @tumblr  will stay mainly as an archives (it exists since 2007!),  and news blog. Who knows, maybe I would have a delicious idea to feed the tumblr machine and keep blogging again! Stay tuned

Thank you for visiting, following and reading

Greetings from Paris


Photographer #293: Aaron Feaver

Aaron Feaver, 1978, USA, is a Los Angeles based fashion photographer. For a long time he was interested in merely the technical aspects of the photographic medium concentrating on landscapes and objects. Recently he started shooting people and hasn’t looked back since. He delicately photographs young women in landscapes and interiors. His soft toned, often poetic and in evening sunlight images show the women in a vulnarable yet strong way. Aaron mixes familiar fashion poses and awkward body positions when shooting his sometimes partially clothed or nude females. He is interested in the way people are capable of unique and unpredictable expressions which is why he prefers to use film; due to its unpredictability which he says is partly the same unpredictability he sees in people. The following images come from various portfolios on his website.

Website: www.feaverishphotography.com

More Robert Adams than you can wave a stick at

For their Robert Adams exhibition, The Place We Live, the Yale University Art Gallery has built a positively brilliant micro-site to accompany the show. The wonderfully simple site lets you explore a selection of images from all of the series included in the show. The best feature of the site is the virtual bookshelf (pictured in the screenshot above) which includes all of Adams books. By clicking on the spines, you access more info about the book and some sample spreads. Not only that but the book content is linked to the related prints that will be exhibited in the show… I haven’t been this excited by a photography website in a long time. In addition to presenting over 300 of Adam’s prints, the exhibition is a total bookfest as the gallery is publishing a heavyweight ($250) three-volume retrospective hardcover catalogue and a more affordable ($25) paperback What We Can Believe Where?: Photographs of the American West. On top of this the Gallery is revising and reissuing three Adams classics, denver, What We Bought, and Summer Nights and, if that isn’t enough Adams for you, they will also be publishing Sea Stories and This Day, a pair of books featuring pictures made in Oregon over the past ten years. Sadly, I’m unlikely to be able to see this show, but, with a site as good as this one, this feels a lot less like a disappointment.


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Right about the time you are reading this post, I am going to be sitting in a large ballroom in Portland, spreading my portfolio in front of a significant gallerists, curators, editors, and persons in-the-know. This is the third time that I have attended Photolucida, an amazing photography event in Portland (it occurs every two years), and as life would have it, I’m am hardly ready. April presented me with a platter full of exhibitions opportunities, and the Earthquake in Japan presented a whole other project, Life Support Japan, and all my energies went elsewhere. But no matter, I will still show up and happily participate.

a four day intensive portfolio review, combined with lectures, exhibitions, and lots of connecting with other photographers. Along with all the positive, comes the stress of preparing the work, the “leave-behinds”, figuring out the reviewers to select, and ultimately why you are going and what you want out of the experience. This process brings up all the not so positive part of being an artist–doubt, fear, and questioning. What ultimately helps carry one through these events is seeing a familiar name on a name tag, or a smiling face makes the experience so much richer. I am looking forward to finally meeting long time e-mail friends, and meeting new photographers and experiencing their work. And I am looking forward to spending time with a group of Los Angeles Photographers attending the event.

Portland will be ready for us, offering a host of wonderful exhibitions (and a lot of rain). Next week, I will give a full review of the event and begin to share some of the terrific work I’m sure I will be seeing. For now, think good thoughts, and wish us all luck!