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Life Support Japan – Photography Fundraiser

Photography documents historical events but now it can offer tangible action to heal the devastating earthquakes and tsunamis that have occurred in Japan last Friday, March 11th, 2011.

Aline Smith of Lenscratch teamed up with The Jennifer Schwartz Gallery in Atlanta and the Wallspace Gallery in Santa Barbara to auction off limited edition prints (at the quantity of 10 each) priced at $50.  Photographers from around the world have donated their prints and all the proceeds will go to Direct Relief International and Habitat for Humanity in aid of Japan’s recovery.

When natural disasters hit, humanity finds its way to recover by helping each other.  The online auction can be found at Wallspace Gallery.   While some editions are sold out, there are new images constantly updated.

Jennifer Schwartz Gallery in Atlanta, GA will host a silent auction on March 19th, 2011 from 11am-5pm during the Westside Arts District monthy Art Stroll.  Winning bidders will be notified at 6pm on March 19th.  Bids will be taken at the gallery and also by absentee bidding.  Absentee bids can be sent to [email protected] from 11am-5pm (Eastern Standard Time).

Help spread the word during a time of need.

Ignacio Iasparra Solo Show on View at John Jones

Ignacio Iasparra Solo Show on View at John Jones

Nacho Iasparra

Nacho Iasparra

Presented by Lodeveans Collection and John Jones, Argentine photographer Ignacio Iasparra’s debut show in the UK opened with great success last Friday. This remarkable series of images made between 2003 and 2008 depict what Isparra describes as various ‘moments of light and colour,’ shot in different settings throughout Argentina, including the forests and woodlands of the Tigré and Paraná Deltas.

The series offers the viewer a speculative experience, revealing subtle and endless variations of light, colour and shadow. Each image effectively becomes dislocated from any specific sense of place, as Iasparra‘s photographs present ambiguous and only partially defined environments. A fragmented subjectivity, achieved through the act of framing, creates an impression of disruption and estrangement, as well as a sense of immersion and immediacy.

I realized that on each occasion the place mattered less. I was not looking for images of a certain place, but for sensations. My intention was to confront clear images with vague sensations. I thought it was important that the elements of the image were recognizable, that it didn’t turn into pure abstraction. After all, they are photographs…My search was for an almost abstract estrangement and sense of wonder.
Ignacio Iasparra, 2010.

Born in 1973 in a rural town near Buenos Aires, Iasparra continues to work in Argentina. He graduated from the Escuela Argentina de Fotografia, where he studied under Ricardo Torosian and Fabiana Barreda. moisturiser . He has had a number of solo exhibitions in Buenos Aires, and his work has been part of various seminal group shows.

In 2005, Iasparra was elected Photographer of the Year by the Argentine Association of Art Critics. free guitar lessons . He has works in the Museum of Modern Art in Buenos Aires and MALBA’s Colección Costantini. He continues to explore the array of photographic possibilities of Argentina and beyond, through the ongoing development of his artistic practice.

Special thanks to John Jones, the Lodeveans Collection, the Argentine Embassy in the United Kingdom, Sarah Toplis (Curator) and Yinan Zhang (Exhibition Assistant).

For more information please visit John Jones and Lodeveans Collection.

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