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Splice Up: Film snippets edited to Lionel Ritchie’s Hello song by Matthijs Vlot

I couldn’t resist this wonderful filmic treat for all of you who didn’t receive any Bloody Valentine’s Day wishes – This is for YOU.

Hello by Lionel Ritchie never sounded this good to me. This is edited by Matthijs Vlot. Thank you – it put a smile on my face and made me laugh. It is 1 min 18 seconds long and appeared on cinema.nl/cinematv. Thanks to Brian Foreman for this share.

Hello wherever you are. Feel free to add your native language as a comment and do correct any of these that are wrong.

Hello – Halo – Hallo – Halló – ¡Hola! – hallo! – Aloha – hallå! – a lô! – C’kemi – Ola – Bonos díes – Kaixo – Dobar dan – Bon dia – Bok – Ahoj – Hej – Saluton – Terve – Salut – Selamat siang – Salve – Sveiki – Zdravo -Kia ora – Hei – Sillaw – Sain uu? – Salut – Merhaba – Sawubona

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