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L E N S C R A T C H 2012-01-01 12:35:00

Winky Lewis, luke on the stairs, 2011, isle au haut, ME

Thomas Krueger, Hiding Serena © 2011, Mee Kwa Mooks Park, Seattle, WA

Vivian Keulards, Dear Noortje from 80439, Evergreen, CO

Kate Fowler, Mack Wolford,
Pastor of a Signs Following church in West Virginia
, Jolo, West Virginia

Elizabeth Opalenik, JoJo as Maillol statue, Lake Powell 2011.

Eileen Henry, Convervenge, Rochester, NY

Noelle Swan Gilbert, Meat Market, Beijing, China, 2011

Lisa Boughter, Untitled, from Souvenirs, Philadelphia, PA

Marla Bane, Some of My Favorite Things, Texas, Florida, New Jersey, Washington

Lisa Brockman, The Family, Kompong Kleang, Cambodia

Yelena Zhavoronkova, “in” from “Dead End” series, San Francisco, Golden Gate Park, Summer of 2011

Robert Norbury, Terry at Dent Music and Beer Festival, in the Yorkshire Dales, England. (Shot from the hip through the pocket of my rain poncho)

Rania Matar, Maryam 13, from La Femme-Enfant, Beirut 2011

Julia Schiller, Miniature concrète, Paris

Jon Horvath, Wisconsin Dells, WI (from Wide Eyed), Wisconsin Dells, WI

Jeffrey Goggin, The Policeman Cometh, 16th Street & Glendale Road, Phoenix, AZ

Josh Hobson, Ferry Passengers, Victoria BC

Troy Colby, The Struggle for flight, Beloit, KS

John Goldsmith, Underground Bar, Sydney, Australia

Tom Leininger, Umbrellas, Dallas, Texas

John Neel, Priest, Leroy, New York

Zelda Zinn, Toro, Santa Monica, CA

Ruth Dudley-Carr, Resignation, Quincy, MA

Ernie Button, Spoonbills, Orlando, Florida

Karen Carson, California in January, Santa Barbara, CA

Timothy Hyde, Metro Center, Downtown, Washington, DC

Lis Bailly, Morning Mist, Victoria BC Canada

Barry Steven Greff, A Moment to Remember, South Beach, FL 2011

Deborah Hally, How we Know, Newcastle, Australia

Oliver Weber, The Saints – Polaroid (SX 70 Alpha 1), La Gomera, Canary Islands, Spain

Leba Marquez, Tattoo Baby, Questa, New Mexico

Javier Sánchez, City subway tunnel, Mexico City

Claire Mallett, Speakeasy Beauty, Florence Italy

Chere Pafford, Man In The Sky, Santa Rosa, Ca,USA

Lewis Francis, Claw, Butte Lake, Lassen Volcanic National Park, CA

Sabrina Lau, Polaroid Portrait, Berlin, Germany

Jim Barnard, Formidable Beauty, Madison WI

Jim Marx, My new backyard, Crestline, CA

Paris Visone, Paige, Dior and Anthony, Peabody, MA 2011

Association of Photographers asks The Photographers’ Gallery to pay for unauthorised use of photo

It’s all happening today… I’m supposed to be heading to Cardiff in Wales in a couple of hours to deliver some training on blogs and blogging and need to get my next post ready, but this came in just now and I had to post it. It pays to be vigilant and raises questions about image uploads on Flickr and user ethics regarding images put up on third-party sites. Photographers need to get it out there but they also need to be savvy about protecting and tracking the images.
I also wonder how this came to light? Did the photographer track the image then report it? Did someone else? I’ll have to wait and see..

Here’s the letter in its entirety.

Brett Rogers
The Photographers’ Gallery
16-18 Ramillies Street
London W1F 7LW

Dear Ms Rogers
It is with very great concern that we note the unauthorised use of a photograph made by John Goldsmith titled ‘Porcelain’ which resides on his Flickr Photostream and which has been used as part of a computer-generated impression to promote and publicise the new Photographers’ Gallery building.

As a trade body representing professional photographers, working to promote best practice and securing and protecting the rights of photographers everywhere, we are sure that you would not condone such a breach of a creator’s rights and would join with us in condemning what amounts to theft of someone else’s intellectual property.

We trust that as an organisation dedicated to promoting the best in photography, you are equally committed to respecting and honouring the rights of others, and will ensure that the photographer is paid the commercial rate for the use of his image as a matter of urgency.

Yours sincerely
The Association of Photographers

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