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YPA Mentoring Program Deadline Extension

If you’re young and have a passion for photography, Young Photographers Alliance coordinates a mentoring program that will develop your skills and portfolio under the guidance of a professional photographer. The program offers six two-hour sessions with a mentor in the course of eight weeks and the application registration fee for a year membership is only $21. hotel deals . The finished project will show in an exhibit and be promoted through press.

The application deadline has been extended until Saturday, May 21st and there are spaces available in multiple cities across the US and internationally. This list of mentors for US cities are as follows:

Atlanta, GA, led by Stan Kaady
Boston, MA, led by Lynne Damianos & Margot Cheel
Chicago, IL, led by Dirk Fletcher
Denver, CO, led by EJ Carr & Christopher Davies
Houston, TX, led by Rocky Kneten & Sofia van der Dys
Los Angeles, CA, led by Cat Jimenez
New York, NY, led by Barbara Bordnick, Stella Kramer & Jill Waterman
San Diego, CA, led by Jenna Close & Jon Held
Seattle, WA, led by Rafael Soldi & tbc
Toronto, Canada, led by Ozant Kamaci

For details and to apply, please visit YPA’s website here.

Finch & Ada present: Seven

Seven has always been a lucky number and the curators of Finch & Ada, Elizabeth Barragan and Kathleen Mahoney-Cobb, are using that figure to create a unique photography sale, which I am thrilled to be a part of.

They are only offering seven prints, with seven in each edition. The images were specially selected and sized, and the quality and authenticity are part of the curator’s obsession with details. If you select 3 images, there is superior value. Also a Collector’s Box Set is available while editions last.

Image by Aline Smithson

Image by Ruben Natal-San Miguel

Image by Maciek Jasik

Image by Toby Burrows

Image by Jill Waterman

Image by Justin Walker

Image by Dolly Faibyshev

Finch & Ada are thinking outside the box, outside the traditional brick and mortar gallery, and are coming up with new, innovative ways to find collectors and supporters. They recently created a pop-up gallery in Chelsea to showcase, The Pleasure is All Mine, a terrific exhibition on happiness and joy that the photo world so sorely needed. It is a pleasure working with two such enthusiastic, hard working, and visionary curators. Now, get shopping!