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Go here! Do this!

1. THE SHOW MUST GO ON, the final show at Capricious Space opens TONIGHT and includes work by Aaron McElroy, Justin James Reed, Caitlin Teal Price, K8 Hardy, Julia Gillard, Shawna Ferreira, Anika Sabin, Melissa Shimkovitz, Amy Harrington, Venus X, Katie Hubbard & AK Burns, Amelia Bauer, Santiago Mostyn , Olivia Wyatt, Martien Mulder, Grant Willing, Melanie Bonajo, Emmeline De Mooij, Sam Falls, Peter Sutherland, Skye Parrott, Molly Surno, Zack Genin, Nicholas Gottlund, Sheila Pepe, Erin Jane Nelson, Anne Hall, Isabel Asha Penzlien, Diana Scherer, Amber Ibarecche, Bunny, Jibz Cameron, Io Tillett Wright, Collier Schorr, Agnes Thor, Nicky Lesser, Elizabeth Gilchrist, Christelle de Castro, Andreas Laszlo Konrath, Jessica Olm, Lee Maida, Sophie Mörner, Karen Codd, JOFF, Brian Paul Lamotte, Andrew Laumann, Scott Valentine, Manuela Paz, Veronika Georgieva & Stephen J. Shanabrook and Andrea Longacre White.

2. If you missed the previous incarnations of BYOB stateside and you happen to be in London TONIGHT, check out the latest in this “series of one-night exhibitions where artists are invited to bring their own ‘beamers’ and explore the medium of projection.”

3. Parsons is hosting a series of lectures called The Photographic Universe. Don’t miss this!

4. Jesse Hlebo has a solo show opening at Printed Matter on March the 3rd! Mark your calendars!

5. If you missed the opening Last week (like I did), check out Carrie Levy’s show You Before All at Daniel Cooney Fine Art.

6. Hassla just released Andy Capp Variations by Torbjørn Rødland.

7. TONIGHT in Chicago, make sure you head over to EBERSMOORE to see Stephen Eichorn’s Flowers. Opening starts at 6pm. with a performance by Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe (Lichens)