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Submissions for Aphotostudent are Always Welcome

If you’re a photographer with a new body of work to show or if you’re a photography fan who has a new photo crush, you’re always welcome to submit it for posting on Aphotostudent. The majority of the posts on here for the past two years have showcased the work of world-renowned photographers. I’d like to devote more time to showcasing new work from emerging artists, but I need your help to do it.

Photo For The Week: Yamaguchi-san Peeling Chestnuts, 2008. James Luckett

Ways to reach me:

1: Feel free to email me at [email protected] but please write “aphotostudent submission” or something similar in the subject line so I don’t confuse it with the many requests for help I receive from Nigerian Royalty with millions of dollars stuck in limbo.

Please include a little bit about yourself and the body of work in the email. A bit of context always helps.


2: Head over to my Facebook page and post a comment on the most recent call for work.

Pretty simple!

Thank you in advance for any submissions you send. And, my apologies if I don’t reply to your submission right away. Sometimes emails stack up. It’s nothing personal.

I look forward to seeing lots of amazing work! – James Pomerantz


Jehad Nga talks to Pete Brook about Professional Insecurities and Libyan Detention

Pete Brook of Prison Photography and Raw File has a great interview with Jehad Nga that covers everything from the insecurities that come with being a working photographer to Jehad’s detention while covering the uprising in Libya.

jehad nga photo from Something In The Way
From the series "Something In The Way" – Jehad Nga

If you look at my website, you’d think, “Here’s a photographer whose confident and secure in his work.” On a good day it’s a complete mess, but I am very happy with the mess. Dilemmas are hard and can break the spirit but they bring on just decisions about your work.

Jehad Nga

Head over to Raw File to read the interview. Go!


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First Photography Reference in a Song

Some time ago I posted a list of songs about photography. I was curious about the earliest reference to photography in a song. I’m still trying to figure it out…
The earliest reference someone has suggested is:

My Carolina Sunshine Girl by Jimmie Rodgers from 1928

The Lyric:

I wonder why I sit and cry
When I really should laugh
At your little old photograph
For you’re the sweetest angel in this world

Click here to view the embedded video.

Does anyone have a suggestion from before 1928? There could be a prize for the first person who sends me the first photo reference in a song!! Wooo Hoooo!

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An Evening to Support Human Rights Journalism – Dart Society NY, May 12

For anyone in NYC next Thursday, May 12th, buy a ticket and come along to this wonderful event. There are some beautiful photographs being auctioned with very reasonable reserve prices. If you aren’t in NYC, you can still bid by proxy via phone or email or make a donation HERE.

Event: An Evening to Support Human-Rights Journalism
When: May 12, 2011
Where: 25CPW Gallery, Central Park West at 62nd Street, New York, NY 10023
Details: Student tickets: $25.00, Individual tickets: $75.00 or two for $100
Invite: The invite is linked at the bottom of this post.

Co-Hosted by Gloria Steinem and Jonathan Alter.
Journalists and friends of the Dart Society honor psychiatrist Frank Ochberg for his commitment to improving the coverage of trauma, violence and PTSD.
Photojournalism exhibition, “Trauma in Three Acts,” curated by Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist Kim Komenich.
Reception 6 p.m. to 7 p.m., with cocktails and hors d’oeurvres; program begins at 7 p.m. with silent and live auctions of prints and other items.



Photographic donations include works by established and upcoming photographers, including (these will be posted online shortly): Ana Adarve, David Arky, Nina Berman, Robin Bowman, Samantha Box, David Burnett, Debbie Fleming Caffery, Vincent Cianni, John Delanay, James Whitlow Delano, Jason Eskenazi, Patrick Farrell, Donna Ferrato, Allen Frame, Stanley Greenberg, Lori Grinker, David Alan Harvey, Ron Haviv, Todd Heisler, Sean Hemmerle, Jennifer Karady, Ed Kashi, Andrew Lichtenstein, Ken Light, Jon Lowenstein, Erica McDonald, Susan Meiselas, John Moore, Kathryn Obermaier, Suzanne Opton, Lucian Perkins, Mark Peterson, James Pomerantz, Joseph Rodriguez, Claire Rosen, Ken Schles, Leif Skoogfors, Amy Stein, John Trotter, Phil Toledano, Scott Wallace.

There are many other auction items including: restaurant meals, signed books by noted authors such as E. L. Doctorow, Bill Moyers, and Paul Simon (lyric book and album), plus jewelry, theatre tickets, wine and a few other surprises!

Woman with Diploma, Kabul Afghanistan, 1998. Nina Berman

Bernardo, Mexico. Debbie Fleming Caffery

Kirkuk, 2005. Ed Kashi

Untitled. Teru Kuwayama

Waiting outside delivery room at Primary Health Center, Dewa, Uttar Pradesh, India, 2009. Susan Meiselas

Soldier: Kimball – 287 Days in Afghanistan, 2008. Susan Opton

Young Refugee and Cat. Tskaltubo, Georgia. James Pomerantz

Michelle's Outhouse, 2003. Amy Stein

3,2,1. 2010. Phillip Toledano

View addtional auction items HERE.



Tuesday 8 February 2011

Back to Egypt for one series by Magnum photographers Pellegrin and Majoli…This is from Newsweek…

Photo: Paolo Pellegrin

Features and Essays – Newsweek (Alex Majoli and Paolo Pellegrin): The Uprising in Egypt (Newsweek: February 2011)

The most recent Egypt photos on the New York Times…

Features and Essays – New York Times: From the Protests in Egypt (NYT: February 2011)

Always thought this photograph was amazing…Even if I assume it’s a crop… it is a crop, right? No Reuters’ guys shooting 6×6 on the field, I’d imagine…

Photo: Adrees Latif/ Reuters

Awards – International Center of Photography Announces 2011 Infinity Award Winners (pdf)

Articles – Reuters photo blog: Adrees Latif wins ICP Infinity Award for Photojournalism (Reuters: February 2011)

News – PDN: Photographer Is First Media Fatality in Egypt; Situation Remains Dangerous (PDN)

A lot of people  on the Twittersphere have been praising this piece by Ed Ou on the Lens Blog, and certainly with a reason…

Features and Essays – Ed Ou: A ‘Safe’ Drug Injection Site in Vancouver (NYT Lens: February 2011)

Do yourself a favour and watch also the multimedia

I’ve wondered about the photographers who work as a pair…who does what…

Features and Essays – Mishka Henner and Liz Lock: State of Limbo (Panos: February 2011) The Falinge Estate in the northern English town of Rochdale

Photographers Mishka Henner and Liz Lock

Features and Essays – James Pomerantz: After Henry Hudson (Institute: February 2011)

Features and Essays – Donald Weber: Chernobyl Riviera (VII Network: 2011)

Features and Essays – Tyler Hicks: At War with a Taliban Shadow Government (NYT: February 2011) Afghanistan

Features and Essays – Espen Rasmussen: Ancient Aleppo (Panos: February 2011) Syria

Features and Essays – Jonathan Saruk: Ganjina: Afghanistan’s Deal or No Deal (Reportage by Getty Images: February 2011)

Features and Essays – Laura Hynd: Christie’s uncovered: Anatomy of an auction (Indepedent: February 2011)

Features and Essays – Adam Ferguson: Afghanistan: US Marines in Marja (VII Network: February 2011)

Features and Essays – David Hogsholt: Occupied Schools in Thailands Restive South (Reportage by Getty Images: January 2011)

Features and Essays – Russell Frederick: Love, Family and Change in Brooklyn (NYT Lens: February 2011)

PhotographersRussell Frederick

Articles – Jörg Colberg – How to promote your work (Conscientious: February 2011)

Articles – Jeremy Nicholl: Why cheap cloud storage is a bad idea for (Jeremy Nicholl’s blog: February 2011)

@prophotomag kindly sent a link to a Simon Wheatley interview they did last year…

Interviews Simon Wheatley (Professional Photographer: 2010)

Interviews David Hume Kennerly (frequency.com: 2011)

Some sensible business advice…

Talks – John Harrington : How To Stay Profitable In Today’s Economy (APE: February 2011)

This too…

Articles – Jay Kinghorn: Thinking Video? Make a plan (asmp.org: 2011)

News – Aaron Huey Named Contributing Editor At Harper’s Magazine (NPPA) via @NPPA

News – Joao Silva’s First Steps to Recovery (NYT Lens: February 2011)

VideosSimon Roberts on Vimeo

Saw @timangerphoto tweet this yesterday…

Covers – Katy Perry’s Rolling Stone Cover Before & After

Events – Adam Patterson and Jean Claude (aka Vipoh) will talk about their project @LCCLondon on 9 March

Read more about them…

Interviews Adam Patterson (Vice: February 2011)

Fundraising / Interviews Four women (Sarah Elliott, Benedicte Kurzen, Ying Ang, and Agnes Dherbeys) want to give a face to Congo rape victims (Emphas.is: January 2011)

Gear blogging…

Articles – Justin Mott: Stuff That I’ll Co-Sign (Photographer’s blog: February 2011)

Articles – Dominic Bracco: why equipment insurance comes in handy (Prime)

Articles – Claire Martin, who won last year’s Inge Morath Award, needs your help for her latest project. Check it out

Articles – G.J. McCarthy: An exercise in patience, persistence and Polaroids (Dallasnews.com: February 2011)

Wanna take a peek?

Awards Oskar Barnack Award 2011 entries

multiMedia Nikon Asia Presents “Through Asian Eyes”

Looks like a nifty little camera…

Equipment – Fujifilm X100 coming next month at £999, full specifications unveiled (BJP)

Collectives TerraProject Newsletter

PhotographersKitra Cahana

Photographers Jake Stangel

Photographers Valerio Berdini

Photographers – Sam Phelps : website : Twitter

Photographers – Andew Burton : website : Twitter

Photographers – Rachel Palmer : website : Twitter

Some of the other Twitter accounts I’ve just started following….