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Photographer #289: Jacob Felländer

Jacob Felländer, 1974, Sweden, is a landscape photographer working with multiple captures on a single image. With a modified analogue camera he has created a technique that enables him to expose and wind the film one centimeter at a time. Through this process Jacob is able to capture fragments of time, space and perspectives. For his latest project I want to live close to you he traveled to the most densely populated cities in the world. He wanted to capture multiple cities in one frame and as the places started to merge together he grew increasingly fascinated by how close we all live together. Jacob’s images seem chaotic, but they create a landscape that is multi dimensional. The series has also been released as a book. Since 2003 he has traveled extensively for his photography. The following images come from the series I want to live close to you, Nownownow and Stand Still

Website: www.jacobfellander.com