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Europe Week: Hélène Amouzou

Guest editor, Jacqueline Roberts shares a week of European photographers, today with Hélène Amouzou. A huge thank you to Jacqueline for her insight and efforts.

Hélène Amouzou was born in Togo in 1969, but currently lives in Brussels, Belgium, where she is completing her studies at the Academy of Drawing and Visual Arts of Molenbeek-St-Jean.
Hélène self portraits have been exhibited in Belgium and France. Last year, she presented her work at the photography festival Photoquai 2011, in Paris.

Her book, Entre le papier peint et le mur, is published by Husson Editeur, Belgium.

Jacqueline Roberts writes: Looking at Hélène’s self-portraits I cannot help but wonder whether her evanescent body emerges from the wall or fades into it… torn between two identities, rootless and in transit. “I always have the impression to be traveling” she says. “I am not Togolese, nor Belgian”. In her quest for identity, Hélène puts down her empty suitcase in an equally empty attic… her no man’s land…

When asked about the European photography scene, Hélène says she finds inspiration in and sees American photography as a reference for European photographers. Since the financial crisis, investment in art has dramatically dropped in Europe. Galleries and art collectors are overly cautious nowadays. There is nevertheless great work coming from Europe and if the work is good, there is a way to find some support, even if such support may no longer be financial.

Video: Artist Talk with Photographer Jeff Cowen

Jeff Cowen Photographic Works, Artist Talk, Köln 2012 from Jim Casper on Vimeo.

Photographer-Artist Jeff Cowen spoke about his work and approach to art in a conversation recorded at Michael Werner Kunsthandel in Köln Germany. Art Historian Jennifer Crowley and Lens Culture Director Jim Casper participated in the conversation with Cowen.

Cowen makes original mural-size, sculptural, painterly photographic works that are visually stunning and beautiful but defy easy categorization. His comments offer insight into his working methods and goals.

This video is a 13-minute edit that contains excerpts from the public conversation that ranged over a wide range of topics.

Jeff Cowen and Jim Casper will conduct a 5-day Masterclass for Photographers, in Paris, October 18-22, 2012. For more details, and to register, see bildernordic.no/en/archive/register-for-the-5-day-photography-masterclass-in-paris-with-jeff-cowen-and-jim-casper-october-18-22/

Photo News – Foam for You launches short film featuring Jessica Backhaus and invites amateur photographers to contribute to Wonder Flickr group

Foam For You has launched the second in its series of short films with Jessica Backhaus giving an insight into her working practice as she explores the theme Wonder for Foam magazine. Backhaus featured in Hotshoe magazine way back in April/may 2006 with her series Jesus and the Cherries.

Jesus and the Cherries, © Jessica Backhaus

“Foam For You is an online resource which features professional photographers providing inspiration and advice for amateurs looking to improve their own work. At the core of Foam For You’s content is a series of extended films about the work of three internationally renowned artists: Michael Wolf (USA), Jessica Backhaus (GER) and Melanie Bonajo (NL).

“They have given Foam exclusive access to their working practice in three fifteen minute documentaries. They explain the thinking behind their work and, in particular, how it relates to themes taken from different issues of Foam Magazine, in which their work appeared.”

What’s more, the best ones will appear in a gallery on the Foam website and you could win a year’s subscription to Foam Magazine.

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Close Up: Gregory Crewdson

In this Ovation TV original special, acclaimed photographers Albert Maysles, Sylvia Plachy, Andrew Moore and Timothy Greenfield-Sanders discuss the impact their work has on their lives and on culture as a whole. is an American photographer who is best known for elaborately staged, surreal scenes of American homes and neighborhoods. In this interview, acclaimed photographer, Gregory Crewdson shares with us insight into his techniques. Denver Used Cars . 3D TVs . OVATION TV, ART LIKE NEVER BEFORE. watch movies online . TV LIKE NOTHING ELSE www.ovationtv.com

Entering Photo Competitions

Photographer, curator and blogger Aline Smithson, shares some great tips for photographers aiming to submit work to photo contests:

I have had the wonderful opportunity to juror and curate a number of exhibitions and magazine galleries and as someone who lives on both sides of the fence, I thought I would share some insights and lessons learned. (continue to read at fstop magazine).

This is perhaps my favorite tip:

12. Learn how to write about your work. As a blogger and curator, I need some insight into your work, so I can write about it. Photographers often feel that the images should speak for themselves. Honestly, some do and some don””t. Even a few sentences are a big help.

I concur, and even more, I would say learn to speak (not only write) about your work, describe your purpose and intent with the photograph. Learn to convey with words what the photograph means aesthetically and emotionally to you. It is still amazing to me how often photographers assume that the viewer, just by looking at a photograph, should understand the message that the photographer wants to convey. Sometimes words are not needed, indeed, but most times words enhance the visual perception and enjoyment of the work.

The Dutch Masters Series Workshops

Interesting workshops from Cesuralab


A new decade is upon us and we want to make sure we start it well. This spring Cesuralab will host The Dutch Masters Series. 5 Weeks with 5 different photographers all coming from the Netherlands. We would like to give photographers (aspiring and professional) the opportunity to explore new boundaries through the teachings from some of world’s groundbreaking photographers working today.

Over the last two decades the Dutch soil has been raising a large breed of exceptional artists who use a camera as their medium. Every one of them having their own individual style and visual language. Five of them will be coming to Italy.

The Dutch Masters Series will start mid April and ends the third week of May. Art, fashion, portraiture, bookmaking, documentary photography, editing, and much more will be subjects of discussion and assignment. Each photographer will have their own specific way of teaching their workshop, but all will be promising and full of content and insight. Spring in this village in northern Italy is sunny, quiet and carefree, to be enjoyed with delicious food and wine.