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Stephen Ferry Recipient of First Tim Hetherington Grant

On Tuesday, World Press Photo and Human Rights Watch awarded the inaugural Tim Hetherington Grant to Stephen Ferry, an American photojournalist, for his project “Violentology: A Manual of the Colombian Conflict.” Established in honor of Hetherington, a photojournalist and filmmaker who died this April while covering the war in Libya, the €20,000 grant is given to help a photographer complete an existing project that focuses on human rights issues.

“Violentology” was chosen among a field of 222 applicants from 56 countries. The project examines the history of the guerilla war in Colombia and encompasses a decade of Ferry’s images from the conflict-torn nation. As part of the grant—and in a fitting tribute to Hetherington’s multimedia platforms—Ferry’s project will be shown as an exhibition and book, with selected chapters available for free download as a PDF.

Stephen Ferry is a Colombia-based photojournalist whose work has received numerous honors from World Press and Magnum Foundation among others. See more of his work here and more about “Violentology” here.

Photographer #347: Fazal Sheikh

Fazal Sheikh, 1965, USA, is a documentray photographer who mainly works in Black and White. In 1987 he graduated with a B.A. from Princeton University. His work focuses on individuals of displaced communities. He has traveled extensively to countries as Somalia, India, Brazil and Afghanistan. His latest book Portraits is one of the many books he released over the last 15 years. In 2005 he published Moksha, a project that portrayed widows from India in the holy city of Vrindavan. Over the course of three years he got accepted by the widows who told to him about their lives, often filled with physical violence, sexual abuse and neglect. Fazal received numerous awards for his photographic work. In 2001 he established a series of projects and books about international human rights issues that were published and distributed free of charge. The following images come from the series Beloved Daughters, Simpatia and Moksha.

Website: www.fazalsheikh.org

Photographer #336: Nicola Lo Calzo

Nicola Lo Calzo, 1979, Italy, is a documentary and portrait photographer based is Paris. His photographic work focuses on minorities and human rights issues, often in African countries. In his series Inside Niger he portrayed the population that live and work on the borders of the Niger river. The river functions as the center of Nigeria’s economy, but pollution and desertification have become obstacles to economic development. One of his latest series is Morgante, telling the story of several individuals. Dwarfism, a person of short stature resulting from a particular medical condition, is the common demoninator between the portrayed. Nicola’s work has been published extensively and exhibited throughout Europe. The following images come from the series Morgante, Inside Niger and The Other Family.

Website: www.nicolalocalzo.com
(video in French)