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Broken Train

A few months ago, I was invited by the Fiveleveninetynine Collective to participate in a wonderful project titled, Broken Train.

Broken Train is a picture game played by Five Eleven Ninety Nine. Each day a member posts an image in response to the previous image. This might be a new photograph or a photograph from their archive, but also could be any image made at any time in human history. On October 31st we introduced the First Class Carriage. So now each Monday sees a very special guest from the world of photography contribute to the Broken Train.

Today is my contribution, and I’m thrilled to be in the company of so many notable photographers, including Martin Parr, Alec Soth, Michael Wolf, Harvey Benge, and many more.

This week I will be featuring the photographer’s involved in Fiveleveninetynine and the Broken Train.

Spend some time on the Broken Train here.

Photographer #320: Pari Dukovic

Pari Dukovic, 1984, Turkey, is a documentary photographer who works and lives in New York. In 2010 he went back to his homeland to document Kirkpinar, the longest sanctioned sporting competition in the world. The sport is even under the protection of Unesco. However, it has become more than just an oil-wrestling game, it is an expression of their tradition and identity. This is year the sport will have its 650th anniversary and Pari will return to Turkey to document the event hoping to draw attention to the importance of culture today. Whether shooting boxing matches, burlesque dancers, street photographs of Istanbul or New York or even backstage at a fashion show, Pari’s photographs are high in contrast, gritty and dark. The following images come from Fields of Glory, Venues of Immortality and Boxing.

Website: www.paridukovic.com

Kay von Aspern

When you think of Vienna, one doesn’t immediately think of quirky street photography, but Kay von Aspern has a gift for finding it. Born in Germany, now living in Vienna, Kay is a “Collector of Moments”. A member of the German-Austrian street photographer collective seconds2real, Kay looks for those unique juxtapositions that can only be found with the heightened visual acuity that comes from split second observations.

“Sometimes he’s a magician. He makes something visible, the others remain hidden. The puzzle pieces of city life creates a single picture in front of his lens. Then he presses the shutter button and keeps the moment in a unique composition. This photo does not form a situation from what it is, but as only he can see them. A bit of luck is occasionally in the game: On bad days the road seems to want to reveal anything and even for hours photographic stroll remains unrewarded. On good days, it gives the photographer a special light or a unique meeting right from your own front door. For these moments, he makes repeatedly on the way to the special in the ordinary noted.”

Images from Faces

Images from Street

Photographer #225: Patrick Hoelck

Patrick Hoelck, 1968, USA, is a portrait and celebrity photographer. Next to being a photographer he also directed a large number of music and commercial video’s. In 2009 he presented his first feature film called Mercy. Patrick has seen many celebrities and musicians in front of his lens, from Queens of the Stone Age to The Game and from Clint Eastwood all the way to Mandy Moore. During the last twelve years Patrick shot polaroids while working on commercial and personal projects. The polaroids will now be combined in the book Polaroid Hotel. The following images come from his portfolio’s Portraits, B&W and Polaroid.

Website: www.patrickhoelck.com