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William Rugen, Boysen State Park

William Rugen, Boysen State Park

William Rugen

Boysen State Park,
Wyoming, 2012
From the Western Dioramas series
Website – WilliamRugen.com

William Rugen is a fine art and commercial photographer in Seattle, Washington. After working as a biologist for 20 years he quit his job to pursue photography. His projects are widely varied in style and subject matter. Current projects include the American west, botanical prints, and state and county fair exhibitions. William's work has been included in exhibitions throughout the United States.

Douglas Ljungkvist, Untitled

Douglas Ljungkvist, Untitled

Douglas Ljungkvist

Ocean Beach, New Jersey, 2011
From the Ocean Beach series
Website – DouglasLjungkvist.com

Douglas Ljungkvist is originally from Goteborg Sweden. He is a self-taught photographer whose work examines places and environments, both public and private. After a long career in sales & marketing Douglas started photographing about eight years ago and full time for the past four. His work has been exhibited at the New York Photo Festival, Hereford Festival, London Street Photography Festival, Bridge Art Fair, and more. In 2011 he was awarded the gold prize at the Px3 Fine Art Book proposal category and participated at Review Santa Fe in 2010. His first monograph, Ocean Beach, will be published in the fall of 2013. He lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

Vintage Carnival Masks: iPhone portraits by Vee Speers


Vintage Carnival Masks: iPhone portraits © by Vee Speers

These impromptu portraits feature ordinary and eccentric Parisians wearing vintage hand-painted Carnival masks. Fine-art photographer Vee Speers made this series just for fun — with her iPhone — over the course of a few dinner parties with friends.

The effect of the cartoon-like painted faces on 3D human bodies flattens and expands the images, playing tricks on the eye in a dizzying manner.

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Vintage Carnival Masks: iPhone portraits © by Vee Speers


Vintage Carnival Masks: iPhone portraits © by Vee Speers


Vintage Carnival Masks: iPhone portraits © by Vee Speers

Re Runs: Kevin J Miyazaki

I’m stepping away from Lenscratch this week to work on a new personal website and prepare for upcoming photo activities…wanted to reintroduce you to some wonderful photographers featured several years ago, today with a post on Kevin Miyazaki that ran in 2009. Kevin is the creator and the heart behind the program, Collect.Give.  His teaching blog is a gold mine of interviews and information.

Everything Kevin Miyazaki creates is clever, evocative, elegant, and smart…from his statement, to his clean website, great blog, and of course, amazing work. He manages to balance fine art and commercial work with equal grace, and has an impressive client list. Kevin also has had work featured on 20×200 and has created a booklet of observations, for sale on his site.

The work featured below is from Camp Home, a series where Kevin set out to explore his father’s experience during WW II in a concentration camp in Tule Lake, California. The original barracks were built on a dry lake bed, then later given to returning veterans, and now are used as barns and homes. Kevin was able to capture the current world of Tule Lake, but also managed to find the fingerprints of the families that lived there without choice.

“The series is part architectural, part archeological. While Miyazaki’s initial fascination was with the current structures — how the barracks that stood so prominent in his family lore had been built upon and abandoned by other families, transformed for other uses — he also discovered a treasure trove of modest artifacts that he felt captured an important “human element”. He found bottles, baseballs, decorations that had remained behind from some family that had passed through there — perhaps not his own family, and not in the same circumstances, but perhaps in some way like his own — faded through decades of disuse.”

Re Runs: Sarah Hadley

I’m stepping away from Lenscratch this week to work on a new personal website and prepare for upcoming photo activities…wanted to reintroduce you to some wonderful photographers featured several years ago, today with a post on Sarah Hadley that ran in 2009. Sarah is now the Director of the Filter Photo Festival in Chicago, coming up in October.

Chicago photographer, Sarah Hadley, has packed her suitcases and moved to Los Angeles, and the left coast is lucky to have her. Sarah works both as a fine art and editorial photographer, and manages to have a piled-high plate of awards, grants, and exhibitions. Much of Sarah’s fine art work has a reference to dreams, whether it be imagery of the space where we dream the most in Unconscious Terrain, or dreamy interpretations of places around the world.

I think every photographer talks about the magic of seeing that first image appear in a tray of developer and of being hooked for life. I believe a good photograph asks more questions than it answers, and my photography is a way for me to constantly challenge myself to really look at the world around me.

Images from Unconscious Terrain

There is something intangible about the best photographs, something that reminds us of the moment between wake and sleep, and of the beauty that we see and feel but cannot describe, and of our own mortality. These are the kinds of images I try to make.

Images from Venetian Dreams

Isabelle Pateer, Empty Box

Isabelle Pateer, Empty Box

Isabelle Pateer

Empty Box,
Doel, Belgium, 2010
From the Unsettled (2007 – 2012) series
Website – IsabellePateer.com

Isabelle Pateer (b. 1980, The Netherlands) is a fine art documentary photographer based in Antwerp, Belgium. Her Unsettled series, a long-term project that questions the worldwide phenomenon of industrial expansions and its consequences, was awarded, published and exhibited internationally with a project grant from the Dutch ‘Anna Cornelis Foundation in 2010. A book publication of Unsettled is scheduled for winter 2012 – 2013.

Alex Crétey Systermans, Untitled

Alex Crétey Systermans, Untitled

Alex Crétey-Systermans

France, 2010
From the Slowdown series
Website – Systermans.com

Alex Cretey Systermans is a Paris-based fine art and editorial photographer. He received his MFA from The Villa Arson in Nice, France. His work has been featured in La Pura Vida Magazine, Conscientious, National Geographic, Le Monde, and L'Express and he regularly contributes to A/R Magazine. Alex has had group and solo shows in France, the United Kingdom and in the U.S. He'll take part of a group show in Rencontres d'Arles in July and is preparing a solo exhibition in November 2012 for the Mois de la Photo in Paris.

Tony Luong, Mom Applying Make-Up

Tony Luong, Mom Applying Make-Up

Tony Luong

Mom Applying Make-Up,
Clinton, Connecticut, 2011
From the Two Roofs series
Website – TonyLuong.com

Tony Luong was born in Connecticut in 1987. His family moved to the United States two years before he was born to escape the Vietnam war. He graduated with a BFA in photography from the New England Institute of Art in 2010. His work mainly revolves around his family's background and what it means to be a first generation citizen. His work has been exhibited throughout Boston and through several online publications. His editorial work has appeared in publications such as Hemispheres Magazine, Financial Times, London and Vibe Magazine, among others. He recently published a small book of photographs from his ongoing project Two Roofs. Tony lives in Cambridge, MA where he is a freelance editorial and fine art photographer.