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The Gallimaufry Edition

Sarah Girner recently wrote me about a new photo zine, The Gallimaufry Edition, she has created with four photographers–“a jumbled medley of American, British, German and Iranian shooting a variety of formats and film types and styles.” The five photographers first met in New York in 2008 and have come up with an interesting idea. They have not only created a new magazine, but an exhibit to go along with it that opened yesterday at the Pine Box Rock Shop in Brooklyn. The exhibit and zine includes pictures from Centralia, Germany, NYC, San Francisco, Tehran and Winnipeg. They hope to travel the exhibit, but also hope you consider purchasing the magazine (and they are having a Mother’s Day special)!

Along with Sarah Girner, the photographers include Sahara Marina Borja, Sunny Shokrae, Matt McDonough, and Phil Brown. As Matt McDonough puts it “It’s called Gallimaufry, meaning a hodgepodge or confused jumble of things and I have to say it looks quite gorgeous in its 64-page, full-color, perfect-bound glory.”

A sampling of images follow.

Images by Phil Brown

Images by Matt McDonough

Images by Sarah Girner

Images by Sunny Shokrae

Images by Sahara Marina Borja

I SPY with My Plastic Eye, 2

Looking at photographers and exhibitions featured in The Month of Photography in Los Angeles.

Photographer and curator, Astor Morgan, presents the second I SPY with My Plastic Eye (2) exhibition and book, which opens tonight, April 21st, at the 5th and Sunset Studios in Los Angeles from 7-10pm. Proceeds from the sale of prints and the book will benefit weSpark Cancer Support Center. Astor states, “Paying homage to images created by the plastic lens, the iSpy exhibit is a testament to the unique qualities of toy cameras. Each artist approaches their imagery with a singular voice, using a variety of film types, techniques, and cameras.”

I Spy book cover image by April Rocha

The book has a forward by photographer Michael Kirchoff, and contributing artists are Nelson Blanton, Maura Brennan, Connie Conway, Nicole Cooper, Ann Cutting, Josh Elliott, Karen Florek,Noelle Swan Gilbert, Christiane Ingenthron, Diana Jeong, Michael Kirchoff, Meg Madison, Jonesy McElroy, Erin McGuire, Astor Morgan, Liliana Morgan, Ross Morrison, Paul Redmond, April Rocha, Liv, Naesheim, Craig Olsen, Monica Orozco, Manuello Paganelli, William Mackenzie Smith, Aline Smithson, Ellen Stone, Naomi Troeger, and Zoe Wiseman.

A few selected images are below:

Monica Orozco

Connie Conway

April Rocha

Noelle Swan Gilbert

Ann Cutting

Aline Smithson

Christiane Ingenthron

Maura Brennan

Craig Olsen

Karen Florek

Diana Jeong

Ellen Stone

Erin McGuire

Michael Kirchoff, “Chimney Sweep, Listvyanka, Siberia” 2010

Liv, Naesheim