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Utopia/Dystopia: Construction and Destruction in Photography and Collage

Since the late 19th century, photographers have honed their craft to expose social and political truths existing in their surroundings. The use of collage has expanded on this exploration by allowing artists to reconfigure, cut and fragment photos to create entirely new images and conversations

Utopia/Dystopia: Construction and Destruction in Photography and Collage, a new exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston (MFAH), features 150 years of collage, as well as photomontages and moving images, to present “alternative realities” of utopia or dystopia.

The exhibit has more than 100 works, from as early as the 1860s to the present, with origins spanning Asia, Africa, the Americas and Europe. The show is organized around three themes: urban visions, figure construction and the quest for a utopian world, and contains pieces drawn from four museums and private holdings.

Utopia/Dystopia is the brainchild of MFAH associate photography curator, Yasufumi Nakamori. “In breaking and reassembling found images to create a new vision, artists have found collage and montage ideal for expressing utopian dreams and dystopian anxieties,” said Nakamori. Featured artists include El Lissitzky, Okanoue Toshiko, Herbert Bayer, Matthew Buckingham, Tom Thayer, among others, and although their work stems from different artistic movements—from Dada to Constructivism—all the artists embrace the compelling process of photography construction and destruction.

Utopia/Dystopia will be on display through June 10 as part of the FotoFest 2012 Biennial, the largest international photography festival in the U.S. 

Colombo Art Biennale 2012 audio podcast with festival founder and director Annoushka Hempel

With just 12 days to go till the Colombo Art Biennale (CAB) opens – from 15-19 February – the Roaming Eye (tRE) caught up with CAB  festival founder and director Annoushka Hempel to find out more ahead of the opening.

Annoushka kindly spared 30 mins to talk to Hotshoe Blog about how the festival started in post-conflict Sri Lanka, its aims, the type of works on show, funding, the theme ‘Becoming’, and future developments and hopes. The festival takes place across three sites Park Street Mews, JDA Perera Gallery and the National Art Gallery.

The audio is just under 30 mins long and it’s really worth listening to every second. So, why not tune in while you cook, clean or just sit back and listen.

Click on the link below – it goes lime green – then follow it the podcast named CAB Annoushka Hempel_Audio1 and click again for it to load. Enjoy.

Colombo Art Biennale 2012 interview with Annoushka Hempel

For those who like visuals, watch this video I am  (1m 59s) – a multimedia exploration of identity through the lives of Sri Lankan elders. It reflects on the question: Was there a time when Sri Lankans didn’t describe themselves as Sinhalese, Tamil, Muslim or Burgher? and is a journey seeking a generation who identified themselves based on kith and kin, livelihoods and hometowns as they did in times of lore and in so doing it sheds light on questions about identity and experiences of conflict.

Kannan Arunasalam’s journey took him to Jaffna, Kandy and Galle, where he visited churches, kovils, temples and mosques and was welcomed into people’s homes and workplaces. He met and photographed elders; many wise men and women who trusted him with their life stories.

Also here’s another video snippet (1m 13s) with Nigel Sense (Australia) – one of the featured artists at the Colombo Art Biennale 2012.

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Art Palm Beach and W.M Hunt at Palm Beach Photographic Centre

Image: Erwin Olaf, Roy, from ‘Paradise Portraits’, 2001/2002

During ArtPalmBeach, the Norton Museum of Art and the Palm Beach Photographic Centre present a special event and talk with the wildly entertaining W.M. Hunt, in conjunction with his new book, The Unseen Eye: Photographs from the Unconscious on Saturday, January 21, 11:00 am at Palm Beach Photographic Centre.

Visit Aperture’s booth at the fifteenth annual ArtPalmBeach and browse our latest selection of books, limited-edition photographs, and the new issue of Aperture magazine. Featured artists include Rinko Kawauchi, Jordan Tate, and Penelope Umbrico.
Friday, January 20, 2012–Monday, January 23, 2012

One day pass:
$10 in advance, $15 at the door
Multi-day pass:
$15 in dvance, $20 at the door
Children under 12 accompanied by adult, free

Palm Beach Convention Center
Booth 119
650 Okeechobee Boulevard
West Palm Beach, Florida

Beautiful Vagabonds at the Yancey Richardson Gallery

Act of Flying #16, 2006. © Sanna Kannisto

Beautiful Vagabonds: Birds in Contemporary Photography

Exhibition on View:
July 21–August 26, 2011

Yancey Richardson Gallery:
535 W 22nd Street 3rd Floor
New York, NY
(646) 230-6131

The Yancey Richardson Gallery’s new exhibit “Beautiful Vagabonds: Birds in Contemporary Photography” is a multi-artist show that explores the allure of birds. Showcasing the work of 20 photographers, the exhibit consists of photographs, video, and audio works. Several of the exhibit’s featured artists have been published by Aperture: David Hilliard appeared in issue 177 and published a book with Aperture titled David Hilliard: Photographs; the work of Simen Johan appeared in issue 172 and Aperture offers one of his prints Untitled #99; Aperture published three books by the duo Kahn & SelesnickScotlandfuturebog, City of Salt, and The Apollo Prophecies; Aperture also published Sanna Kannisto’s book Fieldwork and offers her limited-edition portfolio Act of Flying; Louise Lawler appeared in issue 145; and Neeta Madahar’s work was featured in issue 179 and Aperture offers her print Sustenance 95.

Support SF-Based Snapixel Magazine. They are the next round of Publishers! 3 days more to help fund their Kickstarter Project!

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Snapixel Magazine is a startup photography culture publication based out of San Francisco.  Our goal is to promote creative and engaging photography, and the artist behind the camera.

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Diffusion Magazine 2011

Publisher, photographer, and all around visionary, Blue Mitchell, has recently released the 2011 issue of Diffusion Magazine (Vol lll). It’s ready for purchase and sure to be another wonderful issue full of inspiration and uncommon images. Also included are articles by Zeb Andrews, Libby Rowe, Lauren Henkin, and Blue Mitchell. Blue began this annual publication in 2009 as a place to celebrate photographs and photographers who were using unusual, historical, and creative approaches to image making.

In conjunction with the launch of the 2011 issue, the Jennifer Schwartz Gallery in Atlanta will be showcasing many of the featured artists. The exhibition opens on June 11th-July 16th, 2011.

Displaced (2010) by Lauren Henkin

Infinite Pines (2008) by Becky Comber

Untitled (2010) by Becky Comber

Untitled (2008) by Becky Comber

Rescuing Victory (2010) by Charles Grogg

Magnolia Tree (2010) by Charles Grogg

Rescue (2008) by Charles Grogg

The Thief (2008) by Jason E. Kelley

The Centurion and the Druid (2010) by Jason E. Kelley

Tea Party (2009) by Jason E. Kelley

Chandelier (2003) by Ann Pallesen

Dahlias (2004) by Ann Pallesen

Plush (2003) by Ann Pallesen

It Still Had All Its Teeth (2009) by Kate Stone

There Were Bras Hanging in the Window (2009) by Kate Stone

Turned Out She Was Down the Block (2009) by Kate Stone

Joanna, Age 16 (2004) by Rita Bernstein

Witness (2010) by Rita Bernstein

Blackbird (2010) by Rita Bernstein

Suburban Sublime #1 (2010) by Christopher Jordan

Suburban Sublime #13 (2010) by Christopher Jordan

Suburban Sublime #14 (2010) by Christopher Jordan

Object Diaspora #27 (2010) by Jennifer Schlesinger

Object Diaspora #12 (2009) by Jennifer Schlesinger

Object Diaspora #1 (2009) by Jennifer Schlesinger

Swept Away (2009) by Libby Rowe