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Critical Mass: Jackson Patterson

Looking at portfolios from Critical Mass 2011…

A number of photographers are looking at old family photographs and finding new ways to revisit history. Jackson Patterson has a particularly intriguing approach to the retelling of his familial legacy of westward migration. As my own relatives migrated across the west, these images of family and landscape feel familiar, revealing a poignancy and sense of historical memory that are perfect compliments to each other.

Born and raised in Arizona, Jackson developed an appreciation for both the beauty and austerity of the desert and the lush diversity of nature. His artistic and personal curiosities have led him throughout the U.S., Mexico, South America and Europe, but always returning to the American West where he finds the expansive and diverse scenery to be home. Jackson received an MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute and has been exhibiting work in Pennsylvania, Oregon, California and Arizona , in particular, at the Morris Graves Museum of Art, the Pendleton Art Center, The Center for Fine Art Photography, The Togonon Gallery. His work is included in the Paul Sack Collection at the SFMOMA. He is an instructor at the Art Academy University, the San Francisco Photo Center and the San Francisco Art Institute ACE program.

In the latest series, Recollected Memories, I was inspired by the tales of my families westward migration and am merging the landscapes of the American West with my family albums, attempting to collocate the medium of photography, 21st century digital practices, with the personal. The results that come into focus are new fantastical stories. Each blended piece possesses its own original story while the viewer takes away another version that is his or her own. They are stories of perseverance, pride, struggle, life and death. They are human stories intertwined in a majestic landscape.

Signed 1st edition: Anders Petersen’s photobook Du Mich Auch

10.jpgAnders Petersen is one of our all-time favorite photographers. As a gift to the next generous supporter of Lens Culture (who contributes $1,000), we are delighted to offer a signed first-edition copy of Anders Petersen’s beautiful photography book Du Mich Auch (which translates as You Me Too).Anders said this about this book:

I look at these pictures. Old photographs, taken in the late sixties in Hamburg and Stockholm. They bring back memories of kinship, fearfulness, undisguised curiosity and our solidarity. Photography was rarely the main issue.What counted then was meeting people and exploring different realities. The same things still count. Now I see the pictures from a changed perspective. But they link together what was then with what is now. My questions of then are my questions of now. I recognize them, though the answers no longer carry the same weight. best seo company . So I continue to ask my questions.Be wary of: Nicely formulated principles and truths. Useless feelings of guilt and sins of the past or while we’re at it, a photography resembling pretty adjectives. recycled goods . On the other hand, I like private diaries and family albums.

Book details: Published by the Swedish publisher, Journal, in 2002. 9″ – 12″ tall. 112 pages, 72 photographs. Text in Swedish and English. This is a brand new copy, which was only opened for the author to autograph.

02.jpg01.jpg03.jpg04.jpg05.jpg06.jpg07.jpg09.jpgAndersPetersenBookCover.jpgSpecial thanks to Anders Petersen and to all of our supporters over the past six years!

The Do’s and Don’ts

The Do’s and Don’ts of Graduate Studies: Maxims from the Chair from the book The Education of a Photographer by Charles H Traub, Chair at School of Visual Arts’ MFA Photography, Video and Related Media Department in New York.

The Do’s

Do something old in a new way
Do something new in an old way
Do something new in a new way, Whatever works . . trade show booth display . pennsylvania foundation repair . . appliance repair in atlanta . works
Do it sharp, if you can’t, call it art
Do it in the computerâ€if it can be done there
Do fifty of themâ€you will definitely get a show
Do it big, if you cant do it big, do it red
If all else fails turn it upside down, if it looks good it might work
Do Bend your knees
If you don’t know what to do, look up or downâ€but continue looking
Do celebritiesâ€if you do a lot of them, you’ll get a book
Connect with othersâ€network
Edit it yourself
Design it yourself
Publish it yourself
Edit, When in doubt shoot more
Edit again
Read Darwin, Marx, Joyce, Freud, Einstein, Benjamin, McLuhan, and Barth
See Citizen Kane ten times
Look at everythingâ€stare
Construct your images from the edge inward
If it’s the “real world,” do it in color
If it can be done digitallyâ€do it
Be self centered, self involved, and generally entitled and always pushingâ€and damned to hell for doing it
Break all rules, except the chairman’s

The Don’ts

Don’t do it about yourselfâ€or your friendâ€or your family
Don’t dare photograph yourself nude
Don’t look at old family albums
Don’t hand color it
Don’t write on it
Don’t use alternative processâ€if it ain’t straight do it in the computer
Don’t gild the lilyâ€AKA less is more
Don’t go to video when you don’t know what else to do
Don’t photograph indigent people, particularly in foreign lands
Don’t whine, just produce