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‘Americans’: Christopher Morris Captures a Nation Divided

My latest book, Americans, is the second in a series about America, even though I had no idea it would become a series when my first book, My America, was released in April 2006. That book examined Republican nationalism in the country during George W. Bush’s two terms as president. But in Americans, I’ve taken real pains to make sure there’s no political photography. There aren’t any portraits of Barack Obama or Mitt Romney, and no pictures of rally signs. Instead, I sought to make an anthropological study of America—not for this week, or for this past election cycle—but a body of work that future generations could look back on to get a sense of the country’s mood.

What I found, in the eight-year period during which these photographs were made, is an America severely divided. With two long-running wars and an economy slow to recover, there is a real sense that the country is in a depressed state. Traveling across America in several road trips, I found that the mood among citizens wasn’t upbeat or lively; people are really polarized in their political positions, yet everyone is concerned about the economy and what that means for the welfare of their families.

The book contains only a handful of formal portraits. The rest is reportage—pictures taken when people were alone, pensive in thought. I looked for these moments to convey this feeling of loss and depression that I felt across the nation.

Americans recently headed to the polls to elect their next president, and on Election Day eve, there wasn’t a clear frontrunner. In fact, many polls showed voters divided near evenly between Obama and Romney—a poignant indicator that despite the winner, Americans may very well continue to be divided.

Christopher Morris is a contract photographer for TIME and represented by VII

Americans, published by Steidl, will be available in early December.

Viktoria Sorochinski, Attachment

Viktoria Sorochinski, Attachment

Viktoria Sorochinski

Montreal, 2006
From the Anna & Eve series
Website – ViktoriArt.com

Viktoria Sorochinski is a Ukrainian-born artist who has lived and studied in Russia, Israel, and Canada prior to settling in New York City, where she acquired her Masters of Fine Arts in 2008. Since 2001 she has participated in various group and solo exhibitions and international photography festivals in Canada, USA, France, Italy, Russia, China, Georgia and Argentina. She is also a finalist and winner of several international photography competitions and awards including Lucie Award – IPA (Discovery of the Year), Magenta Foundation's Flash Forward, PDN Photo Annual, Voices Off Arles, ONWARD, Review Santa Fe, Descubrimientos PHE, BluePrint Fellowship, and Encuentros Abiertos. Her work is widely published in internationally acclaimed magazines, among which are British Journal of Photography, EYEMAZING, NY Times, PDN, GUP, Le Monde, BLINK Magazine, THE PHOTO/ARTVAS, Planeando Sobre BUE, AZART Photo, and many others, as well as in web portals worldwide.

The Shape of Brazil: Oscar Niemeyer & Vicente De Paulo

Friend of TPP, Ashley Simpson, recently skyped with photographer Vicente De Paulo on the eve of his commissioned project for Visionaire and Paddle8.

Picture 43

Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC), Niteroi, 1991

He was the one to shape the original Brazil, says Brazilian photographer Vicente De Paulo of 104 year-old architect and Rio native Oscar Niemeyer. The architect, renowned for his curvaceous, concrete Modernist designs, is the focus of a special commissioned project by Visionaire and Paddle8, which debuts on the art retail site this week and will come to life in Visionaires RIO issue, out this September. The collaboration features ten 3D photographs of several of Niemeyer’s most iconic citesincluding exterior views of the sensuous Gustavo Campana Palace and images the citys famous hyperboloid Cathedral, all shot by De Paulo. Because Brazilia is my hometown and I had never done a project about the city, I was very excited to be able to go there and shoot those buildings, explains the 46-year-old photographer. Niemeyer brings to Rio this whole glamour because he was based here and did so much. The whole world paid attention. KidsKlout Program . He gave us not just an identity, but the icon of what the symbol of what the Brazilian lifestyle means.

Picture 40

Cathedral of Brasilia, Brasilia, 1958

Picture 41

Cathedral of Brasilia, Brasilia, 1958

Picture 44

Itamaraty Palace (Ministry of External Relations), Brasilia, 1962

Photography Courtesy Vicente de Paulo

LightBox’s Top 10 Posts of 2011

After an epic news year, it’s hard to believe that LightBox is less than a year old. Since the New Year is a fitting time for resolutions and self-assessments, we wanted to look back at which posts our readers viewed the most in 2011.

We began LightBox with the idea of engaging readers in a dialogue about the culture of photography and educating people on how images are made. Herewith, a countdown of our most popular posts.

Please let us know what you’d like to see more of in 2012. We thank you for visiting the blog and look forward to your continued support in the New Year. Our resolution is to bring you even more great photography in 2012, and continue to inspire and inform you each day.


The Editors of LightBox

PS: Look out for a special New Year’s Eve post that will go live at midnight!

Photographer #302: Viktoria Sorochinski

Viktoria Sorochinski, 1979, Ukraine, is a photographer who mixes documentary photography with fiction. She works and lives in New York City and received a BFA at Concordia University in Canada and an MFA at the New York University. Since 2005 she has been photographing a mother and daughter for the series Anna & Eve. The project consists of various substories, changing while the girl and mother are getting older. Even though all the scenes are staged, we see the real relationship between the young mother and daughter evolve. Her images are dreamy, poetic and contain a strong narrative. Viktoria’s work has been exhibited and published extensively in recent years. The following images come from the series Anna & Eve, Moments of Revelation and Daddy.

Website: www.viktoriart.com

Young European Photographers: Circulation(s) Festival in Paris


Refuges intimes Tilby Vattard</div

A vast, new annual exhibition of photography from young European talents is showing in Paris through March 20, 2011. It’s a diverse show, that clearly demonstrates a wide variety of approaches to art photography as practiced by a new pan-European generation.


Anna & Eve Viktoria Sorochinski

This year’s exhibition, titled Circulation(s), is taking place in a 400 square meter gallery in Bagatelle park, in the western part of Bois de Boulogne in Paris (16th arrondissement). If you’re passing through Paris, don’t miss this great opportunity to check out some of Europe’s most promising young photographers.

Get more info, and view a high resolution slideshow here in Lens Culture. florida roofing contractors . lexis nexis .

P.S. Two of the young photographers shown in the festival were discovered at our Lens Culture FotoFest Paris 2010 portfolio reviews. Yay!