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Interviews and Talks | August 2012

Stephanie Sinclair (CNN) Interviewed about her child brides project by CNN’s Christina Amanpour

Aaron Huey (Media Bistro) ‘National Geographic’s Aaron Huey on Digital Collaboration and Community Storytelling’

Photo © Philip Blenkinsop

Gary Knight (FotoEvidence)

Andre Liohn (YouTube) The Robert Capa Gold Medal award speech

Michael Kamber (NYT Lens) on Witnessess to War book

David Turnley (CNN) ‘New doc ‘Shenandoah’ tells story of undocumented immigrant killed by teens’

Don McCullin (BBC) Desert Island Discs 1984

Photo © Alexandra Avakian

Jean-Francois Leroy (BJP) Visa pour l’Image director Jean-Francois Leroy interviewed by our very own Olivier Laurent!

Luke Sharrett (Photo Brigade) ‘Traveling Aboard Air Force One’

Luke Sharrett (PDN) “The College Kid Whose Obama Photo Landed in The New Yorker”

James Estrin (burn)

The Bystanders: photographers who didn’t step in to help (Guardian) “What’s it like to witness a mob attack, a starving child or the aftermath of a bomb, and take a photograph instead of stopping to help? As two journalists are under fire for recording rather than intervening in a sex attack in India, we ask people who know”

Lauren Greenfield  (Phoenix.com) on The Queen of Versailles

Photo © Martin Parr

Martin Parr (Ideas Tap) Parr on Abstract painting with abstract shirt

Steve McCurry (Ideas Tap ) McCurry on ‘Dust Storm, Rajasthan, India’

Alex Webb (PDN) Webb on His Creative Process, Kodachrome, and Magnum

Stanley Greene (PDN) Greene on Luck, Film and Supporting Young Photographers

Photo © Moises Saman

Moises Saman, Mark Power and Stuart Franklin (IdeasTap)  ’Magnum photographers on their craft ‘

Edward Burtynsky (Metro)  Burtynsky: “Photographers’ Gallery will be an exciting new space”

Robin Hammond (nzherald.co.nz) ‘The Zimbabwe Mugabe didn’t want you to see’

Jacob Aue Sobol : Arrivals and Departures pt6 (Leica blog)

Josef Koudelka (Vogue.it)

Jodi Bieber (Ted.com)

Tewfic El-Sawy (Auto de Fe)

Lucas Foglia (Guardian) ‘photographer in search of off-the-grid Americans’

Mark Seliger in conversation with Platon and Dylan McDermott (Capture: episode 1 on YouTube)

Jonathan Torgovnik (FK Magazine)

John Cantlie (DailyBeast) “Journalist John Cantlie Learned How Deadly Syria Can Be When He Was Held Hostage by Jihadis”

John Cantlie (Channel 4 News) Cantlie about having been held captive in Syria

Bruce Gilden (Magnum Photos blog)

Jonas Bendiksen (Leica Vimeo)

Photo © Kate Peters

Kate Peters (Hasselblad blog) ‘Kate Peters and her trusty Hasselblad have just completed a marathon project to photograph an impressive line up of Olympic hopefuls for a huge spread in The Guardian’s Weekend supplement.’

Al Bello (NYT) ‘To Get the Shot, Nerve, Luck and Scuba Gear’

Doug Mills (NYT Lens) ‘Photographing the Olympics: The 400-Millimeter Dash’

Tony Hicks, AP’s regional photo editor for Europe and Africa (AP) Men’s 100m final “As well as 18 photographers, AP had 20 remote cameras placed in every imaginable shooting position.”

Photo © David Burnett / Contact Press Images

David Burnett (NYT Lens) ‘An Olympic Photographer’s Endurance’

Gregory Bull (Youtube) ‘AP Photographer Gregory Bull shot one of the iconic images of the London Games Thursday. He explains how he got that magical shot of Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas high over the balance beam.’

Jonathan Klein (CNN video posted on Photo Archive News) ‘Getty Images CEO Jonathan Klein on Getty’s involvement in London 2012′

Photos © Martin Schoeller

Martin Schoeller (BBC) “Photographer Martin Schoeller searches for the unique in identical twins”

Kate Holt (Action Aid)

Gareth Cattermole (YouTube) “Gareth Cattermole is a Getty Images staff entertainment photographer”

Palani Mohan (Asia Society) ‘Photographer Documents Rugged Lives of Kazakh Eagle Hunters’

Ewen Spencer (We Heart)

Chloe Dewe Mathews (Picture Perfect  | Vice.com)

Diver and Aguilar (A Photo Editor)

Sean Hemmerle (PDN) ‘How Sean Hemmerle Photographed Drones’

WassinkLundgren (Unseen Amsterdam)

Stephen Wilkes (A Photo Editor)

Photo © Martin Roemers

Martin Roemers (theurbn.com)

Chris Gregory (NYT Lens)

Newsha Tavakolian (Leica blog)

Brent Lewin (Boreal Collective)

James Noble (Guardian) ‘Tetra Pak heir: how photographer snapped key shots’

Steve Giralt (Photographer’s blog)  ’The Best Photography Course I Ever Took’

Richard Koci Hernandez (LA Times Framework blog)

Interviews and Talks | 3 July 2012

This is really fascinating… David Burnett writing about the moment he missed taking a picture of the ‘napalm girl’ due to having to change film….

Photo © David Burnett

David Burnett : ‘Forty years after ‘napalm girl’ picture, a photographer reflects on the moment that might have been his’ (Washington Post)

Photo © Alex Webb

Alex Webb (NYT Magazine 6th floor blog)

Bruce Davidson (TateShots on YouTube)

Steve McCurry (Al Jazeera interview video posted on Phaidon)

Steve McCurry  (Phaidon)

Ed Kashi (Vimeo)

Paid my first visit to the recently re-opened Photographers’ Gallery in London’s Soho on Saturday to see the Burtynsky exhibition. Amazing to see those 8×10 large format photos printed big….

Photo © Edward Burtynsky

Edward Burtynsky (The Atlantic)

Ron Haviv : The Complete Travel Took Kit (VII Magazine)

Inside Media: Photographers of the Year with Damon Winter, Adrees Latif, and Barbara Davidson (2011) (Newseum’s YouTube) 40 mins.

Randy Olson : Easter Island Kite Camera (photothisandthat.co.uk) 5 mins

Elizabeth Krist : National Geographic’s Senior Photo Editor  : ‘What Photo Buyers Want’ (Photoshelter Vimeo) 65 mins

Alexandra Avakian (NGM)

Paula James : Panos Pictures (IdeasTap)

Magnum photographers on their craft  (IdeasTap)

Tomas van Houtryve : 2012 Oslo Freedom Forum (YouTube) 10 mins

Brigitte Lacombe (Charlie Rose)

Afghan photographers shoot to glory (Al Jazeera)

For a person who often says ‘I don’t care about the equipment’, I sure am eager to read about others’ gear…

Marcus Yam : In My Bag (Photo Brigade)

Luke Sharrett : In My Bag (Photo Brigade)

Nadav Kander (YouTube)

Nadav Kander : How to Create an Unforgettable Portrait (Fastcocreate.com)

Matt Lutton (Wired Raw File blog)

Abbey Trayler-Smith (WalesOnline)

Kira Pollack (Vimeo)

Chris Buck (A Photo Editor)

Photo © John Vink

John Vink (Verve Photo)

Lynsey Stone : Birth Photographer (NYT)

Daniel Reimold: 10 Tips for Photojournalism Students: How to Succeed Visually and Financially (Photo Brigade)

“She looks like a person who will die one day.”

– Thomas Struth on his commission to photograph The Queen.

Photo © Thomas Struth

Thomas Struth : Queen’s Diamond Jubilee: interview with a royal portrait artist (Telegraph)

Annie Leibovitz : The Monarchy (YouTube) Edited version from the BBC Documentary on the Queen, Leibovitz’s struggle to capture the Monarchy.

Kadir van Lohuizen : Via Panam Part 9 (Nikon blog)

Photo © Adam Pretty

Adam Pretty (Time Out Australia)

David Stuart : Still Images In Great Advertising (A Photo Editor)

Kurt Markus : The Portrait : Find Your Voice (A Photo Editor)

Not a photographer interview but interesting…

Michael Ware (Newsweek)

Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie en Gaspésie




Over 900 photos | 30 photographers from Québec and elsewhere, recognized or emerging | 20 activities in the presence of photographers | 14 host municipalities in the Gaspé

On the theme of “Shaping the Course,” the third edition of Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie en Gaspésie, being held in the summer of 2012, is an invitation to travel the Gaspé Peninsula and follow the artistic trajectory of over 30 photographers from the region and elsewhere.

The holding of Rencontres here means that a tour of the Gaspé amounts to a trip around the world. “Our objective is to inhabit the huge Gaspé territory, and to use all the means placed at our disposal to present and champion artists’ work,” emphasizes Rencontres executive and artistic director Claude Goulet.

The focus of Rencontres this year is the role of the artist in society, the idea being to provide experiences for the eye and food for thought while addressing different esthetics, different probings of the landscape, the environment, the region and the representation of day-to-day life.

From August 18 to 25, professional week is taking place, which will bring together all the photographers participating in Rencontres around the subject of creation. That week constitutes a unique opportunity for the public to meet – at projections, workshops and lectures – the more than 30 professional and emerging photographers from the Gaspé, elsewhere in Québec, and from Canada, the United States and Europe.

The public can visit the photographic installations and exhibits from July 6 to September 10 in the 14 host municipalities: Cap-Chat, Marsoui, Rivière-à-Claude, Grande-Vallée, Gaspé, Percé, Chandler, Paspébiac, Bonaventure, New Richmond, Maria, Carleton-sur-Mer, Nouvelle and Matapedia.

Rencontres internationales de la photographie en Gaspésie is an invitation to come and meet these artists in a region where photographs and landscapes unite around an artistic project. For further details: photogaspesie.ca.

3rd Edition: Shaping The Course
Exhibitions : July 6 through September 12, 2012
Professional Week : August 18 through 25, 2012

›› View video interviews featuring guest photographers here.
›› View a full schedule of the summer’s events here.

© Anja Neidringhaus, At War
© Vanessa Winship,
© Jocelyne Alloucherie,
Sirènes, 511 Gallery, New York

The London Photographers’ Gallery Reopens with Edward Burtynsky and Animated GIFs

© Kate Elliott, Courtesy The Photographers’ Gallery

Likely few would consider animated GIF images–those primitive computer animations often just a few pixels wide–fit enough for a photography exhibition. Perhaps that’s because there has yet to be a space fit enough to exhibit them. Now, London’s Photographers’ Gallery, which finally reopened this May with double the exhibition space after an 18-month, £9.2m renovation, offers digital facilities to support a rapidly evolving medium.

One of the main reasons behind the renovation which began in 2010, Gallery Director Brett Rogers says in a video interview with the Guardian, was to develop ”facilities that are fit for purpose in the 21st century, to show works of a larger scale, but also to reflect the conditions in which most people experience photography.”

The Soho gallery was the first independent public space in Britain devoted to photography when it was founded in the 1970s. Today, in addition to three floors of gallery space, room enough for the commanding, large-scale prints in their inaugural exhibition of Edward Burtynsky’s oil photographs (on view through July 1, 2012), they’ve also built what they call a “digital wall.”

This display, located near the gallery entrance, is made up of eight large screens presenting a running program of digital images visible from the outside street. Wendy McMurdo, one of 40 artists that includes Penelope Umbrico, was asked to produce a moving image GIF for the wall by Katrina Sluis, the galley’s new curator of digital programing. McMurdo writes on the FOAM blog on the “joy” of contributing to their inaugural digital exhibition Born in 1987: the animated GIF (on view through July 1, 2012). This initiative, McMurdo says, demonstrates the gallery’s “recognition that it is in the digital and social domain that photography must, ultimately, discover its new purposes and new meaning.”

On the other hand, the Photographers’ Gallery is also offering opportunity to counterbalance what Edwin Heathcote for the Financial Times calls the “culture of browsing and glancing”–when people end up scanning thousands of images a day–that has come to prominence with such development. One room in the space is dedicated to exhibiting a single image that will change four times a year.

Moreover, their new education center doubles as a camera obscura, which in conjunction with the digital wall, Rogers says, should “enable people to reflect on the history of optics,” in its entirety.

Burtynsky: Oil
Exhibition on view:
May 19 – July 1, 2012

Born in 1987: the animated GIF
Exhibition on view:
May 19 – July 1, 2012

This Sunday, June 3, 2012 at 3:00 pm, join Katrina Sluis for a FREE discussion on “Curating the Digital Image.”

The Photographers’ Gallery
16 – 18 Ramillies Street
London, UK W1F 7LW
+44(0)20 7087 9300

Edward Burtynsky’s View From Above

Edward Burtynsky while on location in Spain, 2010.

“I’m always interested in how humans shape the landscape,” says photographer Edward Burtynsky, a master at documenting the effects of industry on the nature for more than 20 years. “All my work is really about the pristine landscape being pushed back as a result of the expanding human footprint. And I kept thinking of farming as one of the largest terraforming events that humans have exercised on the planet.”

That interest is the inspiration behind Dryland Farming—on view at Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery—one of two exhibitions paying tribute to Burtynsky’s career in New York City this fall. The other, on display at Howard Greenberg Gallery, takes a broader, retrospective look at the photographer’s 25-year career.

Dryland Farming features topographic landscape images from the Monegros region in northeastern Spain that the photographer shot from a helicopter about 2,000 feet above. “The colors and the shapes were like nothing I’d ever seen before,” Burtynsky says. “It reminded me of the abstract paintings of the 20th century, like [Pablo] Picasso’s Guernica.”

Burtynsky photographed the series in 2010, and the work is part of a larger project called Water, which the lensman began in 2008 and expects to complete in 2013. “I like to take a theme and start building ideas around it and trying to find the visual correlations to those ideas,” Burtynsky says. “Water was an interesting one to try to capture visually, especially if you look at agriculture in all its different forms as a subject that relates to water. The incredible farms and farming methodology in the Monegros region in Spain were certainly a huge part of that.”

Dryland Farming will be on view at Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery in New York from Oct. 26-Dec. 10. The Howard Greenberg Gallery exhibition in New York is on view from Oct. 27-Dec.10.

Feifei Sun is a reporter at TIME. Find her on Twitter at @Feifei_Sun or on Facebook. You can also continue the discussion on TIME’s Facebook page and on Twitter at @TIME.

Prix Pictet photography prize: 12 finalists

Twelve great photographers have been chosen as finalists for the prestigious Prix Pictet award, which focuses this year on the theme of “Growth”. Lens Culture is happy to present an overview of the nominated work in a high-resolution slideshow. The winner will be announced in Paris on Thursday March 17 by HE Kofi Annan.


One of the twelve finalists for Prix Pictet 2011
© Nyaba Leon Ouedraogo, Nominated for The Hell of Copper, 2009

According to the official statement:

“The jury looked for photographic series of the highest artistic merit that also presented a convincing narrative about the critical issues of sustainability and in particular, the theme of Growth. Growth, which lifts countless millions out of poverty, also has a huge and potentially unsustainable environmental cost. It presents one of the great conundrums facing humanity in the early decades of the twenty-first century.”

The shortlisted artists are:

Christian Als (Denmark)
Edward Burtynsky (Canada)
Stéphane Couturier (France)
Mitch Epstein (US)
Chris Jordan (US)
Yeondoo Jung (Korea)
Vera Lutter (Germany)
Nyaba Leon Ouedraogo (Burkina Faso) Taryn Simon (US)
Thomas Struth (Germany)
Guy Tillim (South Africa)
Michael Wolf (Germany)

For more information about this year’s Prix Pictet, see the full article in Lens Culture.

Thursday 24 February 2011

Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain…. now Libya….

New York Times have several photographers on the ground..Scott Nelson, Ed Ou, Moises Saman, as well as Tyler Hicks…

Photo: Scott Nelson

Features and Essays – NYT (Scott Nelson, Tyler Hicks, Ed Ou and Moises Saman): Libyans Call for Qaddafi to Step Down (NYT: February 2011)

The day before…

Features and Essays – NYT (Ed Ou, Scott Nelson et al): Turmoil Continues in Libya (NYT: February 2011)

Two days ago…

Features and Essays – NYT (Ed Ou, Scott Nelson et al): Towns Slip From Qaddafi’s Control (NYT: February 2011) Libya

Egypt …

Features and Essays – Moises Saman: How Far Will a Revolution Reach? (NYT: February 2011) Egypt


Features and Essays – Yuri Kozyrev: Crackdown in Bahrain (TIME: February 2011)

Yuri Kozyrev’s Egypt work now also on NOOR website…Truly extraordinary…

Features and Essays – Yuri Kozyrev: Egypt’s Tumult (NOOR: February 2011)

Tumult in Wisconsin…

Features and Essays – Shaul Schwarz: Showdown in Wisconsin (TIME: February 2011) Union protests

Features and Essays – Adam Patterson: Another lost child : an escape from south London gang life (Guardian: February 2011) An exhibition at the Photofusion gallery in South London shows how a friendship with photographer Adam Patterson changed the life of one former gang member

Features and Essays – Edward Burtynsky: Pentimento/Gulf Oil Spill (FT: 2011)

Articles – NYT Lens: What Does Mercy Look Like? (NYT Lens: February 2011) Mercy is commonly defined as compassion, forgiveness, kindness or an act of piety. But photographs of prisoners reaching through bars, a wrestler being contorted by masked men and an infant dressed for burial are among the many interpretations of the word in the book “The Mercy Project/Inochi,” created and curated by James Whitlow Delano.

Features and Essays – Patrick Witty: Mr Presidents (PDN: February 2011)

Incredibly powerful piece on the Medevacs in Afghanistan by cameraman Vaughan Smith…

Videos – Vaughan Smith on life and death on the frontline in Afghanistan (psmithjournalist.com: February 2011)

Another Google Street View project…. Which I actually.. shock shock horror… kinda like!

Articles – BJP: The View from the Streets (BJP: February 2011)

Articles – BJP: National Portrait Gallery investigated judge-winner relationship (BJP: February 2011)

Features and Essays – Boston Globe Big Picture: New York Fashion Week: Behind the scenes (Boston Globe: February 2011)

Loads of interviews to share… I love reading, watching, listening ‘em..

First two I never posted last month even I meant to…

Interviews James Nachtwey : Photographing the Birds of Hope: An Army Medevac Unit in Afghanistan (TIME: January 2011) video

Neither posted this…

“If you do this long enough, you will eventually find yourself in a bad situation”

Interviews Moises Saman (Columbia Journalism Review: 2010)

Some interviews I just discovered via Twitter or by email…

“I am a journalist and I think my job usually is to document a reality not to make it pretty.”

Interviews Shaul Schwarz (Commarts.com: February 2011)

Interviews Melissa Golden (Thisisthewhat: February 2011) @_MelissaGolden

Interviews Sally Mann (NPR: February 2011)

Interviews Andrew Testa (Zorye: 2011)

InterviewsBrian Ulrich (Vimeo)

InterviewsSteve McCurry (Irish Times: 2011)

Interviews Yumi Goto (Sojournposse: 2011)

InterviewsRoger Ballen (e-photoreview: February 2011)

Interviews – Bruce Gilden meets Jake La Motta (BJP: February 2011)

Interviews Celia Talbot Tobin (NYT Lens: February 2011)


Awards – NYT Lens: Unveiling the Pictures of the Year (NYT Lens: Februry 2011)

Articles – Jeremy Nicholl: World Press Photo’s Afghan War (Jeremy Nicholl blog: February 2011)

Articles / Tutorials – PDN: How to Distribute Your Self-Published Book (PDN: February 2011)

Articles – BJP: Photographers’ Gallery raises £325,000 in auction (BJP: February 2011)

Articles – BJP: US Marines pull the plug on photojournalism experiment (BJP: February 2011)

Articles – Guardian: Photographer Adam Patterson takes shots as the crew lowers its guard (Guardian: February 2011)

Articles – Professional Photographer: Robert Frank Profile (Pro Photo mag: 2010)

Articles – Professional Photographer: Bruce Weber Profile (Pro Photo mag: 2010)

Articles – Guardian: Elliott Erwitt’s law of intended consequences (Guardian: February 2011) Elliott Erwitt’s photo sequences leave his subjects multiply exposed, as the mood of one frame is shattered in the next

Agencies Demotix : Recently joined forces with both PA and Newscorp to distribute images

AgenciesBurnham-Niker (commercial agency in London)

Joerg Colberg of Conscientious is back on Twitter…

Twitter @jmcolberg

One of the links shared by Mr Colberg…

Blogs – Beikey.net: Sunset soldiers (Beikey.netL February 2011)

Photographers Salem Krieger

PhotographersLisa Krantz

Interviews and Talks / Tutorials and Tips – Guardian: Ask the experts: How to become a professional photographer (Guardian: February 2011) Have an eye for a good picture and the skill to turn your passion for photography into a career?

Articles / Tutorials – Solar Power! Charging your photo gear out in the wild

Articles / Tutorials – BBC: How to make money from your photos (BBC: February 2011)

Services Touch Me (UK) : they make websites

Jobs – One week left to get your applications in for the Panos Pictures multimedia internship

War of words: “Copy editors the world over remember the battle of Gaddafi vs. Khadafy vs. Qadhafi.” – @mikerrr