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[email protected]” by Porter Gifford

© Porter Gifford

[email protected], taking an individual portrait every day at noon for an entire year of people found around. The most interesting part, is that only TWO people of the 365 refused to have their portrait taken. It is often the case, the chance to photograph unknown people is not limited by the subject but by the photographer”s fear to ask permision. Most people feel flatered from the interest that someone cares to take their picture.

I photographed lots of family, friends and neighbors along the way, but mostly total strangers, who, funnily enough, rarely said “no” to my request to take their picture – only two people in the entire year. – Porter Gifford

See the 365 images here.


Favorite Shoots with Elisabeth Biondi

The New Yorker has a wonderful series of images by a number of photographers that discuss their relationship with Elisabeth Biondi, who has been the photo editor at The New Yorker since 1996, soon after the magazine started to use photography, until his recent departure.

“A photograph is an entity. You don’t crop it, you don’t butcher it, you don’t plaster text over it, you treat it with dignity.”

Photograph by Robert Polidori, from “Gorgeous George,” in the issue of March 26th, 2001.

The execution of this photograph permanently changed my working methodology. To be honest, the subject—a temporary lighting treatment on the George Washington Bridge—is something I would never have contemplated shooting on my own. Probably sensing this, Elisabeth got me involved in a conversation in which we both described our mental projections of what the resulting photograph should look like. By the end of our office session I had actually penciled in a crude drawing of the shot that I was to seek.-Robert Polidori (Read more).

“Portraits From a Job-Starved City” by Alec Soth

© Alec Soth, Magnum

With the current crisis, some locations in the USA are affected with higher unemployment than others. This is the case for Rockford, Ill with unemployment reaching 16%. Alec Soth portrayed a number of people from Rockford with the images are accompanied by audio where the subjects describe their relation to their jobs and the current crisis. More about the project can be read at the blog LENS from the NYT. The series is part of an article at the last Magazine issue of the New York Times, and it is most interesting for its sociological survey than the pictures themselves. It is intriguing that some subjects look at the camera while others look distant. I wonder if the poses were decided by Alec or it is a reflection of their personalities.

“Time for Print”, by Emiliano Granado

Time for Print, © Emiliano Granado

Time for Print (TFP), a captivating series, by Emiliano Granado, of causal portraits of aspiring models from Model Mayhem.

Time for Print, © Emiliano Granado

Time for Print, © Emiliano Granado

“Visual Biographies” by Baudouin

© Baudouin

Most portraits focus exclusively in portraying the subject in ways that the surrounding context of the image only serves as visual decor to make the picture more compelling. Baudouin, a French photographer, takes a different approach. He views the context, their possessions, as a defining part of his subjects, so that the portrait is not just about the person but about their personalities so defined by their personal goods and places. That expanded view of the portrait presents the pictures as visual biographies of the subject.

© Baudouin

“Photo Opportunities” by Corinne Vionnet

© Corinne Vionnet

Photo Opportunities, a project by Corinne Vionnet. Amazing results. Extremely original. Corinne took [downloaded] images from popular touristic spots from the internet, and blent them together to generate a composite of images that becomes, on its own, a unique image out of many similar ones (more info).

© Corinne Vionnet

Grange Prize 2010 Panel Discussion (Audio)

The nominees for this year’s Grange Prize engage in a lively conversation about the current state of contemporary photography.

Moderated by Dr. Kenneth Montague, Independent Curator and Collector. affordable website design . http://www.outsourcing-cheap.com . Featuring artists Josh Brand, Moyra Davey, Leslie Hewitt and Kristan Horton.

Recorded: September 22, 2010 @ Jackman Hall, Art Gallery of Ontario
Duration: 1:10:29

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