Luis Díaz Díaz

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from Music Boxes © Luis Díaz Díaz Luis Díaz Díaz is a photographer from Spain that will participate at the 3rd Biennial of Photography and Architecture in Brussels, where he will be exhibiting the project “Music Boxes”, selected under this years theme “Spaces of Celebration”. It should be an interesting event as the list of artists [...]

Digital Image Flow Best Practices

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dpBestflow Even when most of us are used to work digitally as the primary method to handle photographs, it is clear that the complexity of building an optimal flow can be quite dounting. Developing, and having the discipline to adhere to a process that takes into consideration the different steps to minimize time spent, increase [...]

The Dutch Masters Series Workshops

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Interesting workshops from Cesuralab … ########### A new decade is upon us and we want to make sure we start it well. This spring Cesuralab will host The Dutch Masters Series. 5 Weeks with 5 different photographers all coming from the Netherlands. We would like to give photographers (aspiring and professional) the opportunity to explore [...]

Nacho Alegre

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© Nacho Alegre
Nacho Alegre is a spanish photographer that works in the commercial world … usually I don””t refer much to commercial photography but I have to say that the aesthetics of his work is very captivating. The diaries are q…