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Stephen Strom

Stephen Strom has a retrospective exhibition at the Verve Gallery in Santa Fe, closing January 19th, but he is is not slowing down by any means.  Stephen has a new book, Sand Mirrors that is “a marriage of poetry by Zen teacher Richard Clarke and photographs by Stephen Strom.”

Stephen spent his professional career as an astronomer and began photographing in 1978.  His work, largely interpretations of landscapes, has been exhibited widely throughout the United States and is held in several permanent collections. His photography complements poems and essays in three books published by the University of Arizona Press: Secrets from the Center of the World, a collaboration with Muscogee poet Joy Harjo; Sonoita Plain: Views of a Southwestern Grassland, a collaboration with ecologists Jane and Carl Bock; Tseyi (Deep in the Rock): Reflections on Canyon de Chelly co-authored with Navajo poet Laura Tohe; as well in : Otero Mesa: America’s Wildest Grassland, with Gregory McNamee and Stephen Capra, University of New Mexico Press (2008). A monograph comprising 43 images, Earth Forms, was published in 2009 by Dewi Lewis Publishing.

Sand Mirrors
The images in
Sand Mirrors — which might be called metaphorical photographs — were taken on a
variety of beaches located along 
the Northern
California and Oregon coasts during 2007-2011.
These beaches are
notable for their relative isolation, expanse, 
stark uplifted
and eroded rocks. backdrop of richly foliated coastal 
cliffs, and
variety of sands (basalts; silicates).

This compelling
landscape was born in a cataclysmic collision 
of continental
plates and vigorous vulcanism, and shaped over 
millennia by
continuing tectonic activity, and the erosive power 
of the Pacific
Ocean. Fresh water streams flow through many of 
these beaches,
carrying silt and minerals seaward from the nearby 
coastal range. It
is the merging of ocean sands and finely ground 
minerals at the
interface of fresh water and ocean tides that creates 
patterns that are
at once transient, yet somehow timeless as well.

By recording
these patterns, Stephen Strom aspires to achieve the nearly possible: evoking
the seen and unseen rhythms of an ever-changing landscape, reshaped by wind,
tide, and the pulse of the earth itself.

The images invite
viewers to “quiet wonder at these few inches of sand that proclaim perfection’
and to remind them in the words of Lao Tzu “to the mind that is still, the
whole universe surrenders.”
 not wings of butterfly nor of bird

crafting on the shifting sands
of shadows of
forms to come
among the
wandering lines
of mind that
tries to contain
or explicate
than leave it
as it is
in awe and
quiet wonder
at these few
that proclaim
on this beach
for us to
to stop and

 so neatly pieced together

with bold
as we would
like our life to be —
impervious and impeccable
a joy to
behold and to show to others
but what
really is
this fabric,
this tissue of self?
could it be
that it is
as mutable and
ungraspable and transient
as water and

 we keep seeking out and coming back

with faith —
the proof of things unseen,
that certainty
which, though yet unknown,
draws us on;
the sandy
surface an analog of simple silence
which all
those who directly know the Path
as the place
of opening —
so here it
seems a tear in that surface,
yet what is
revealed beneath
is of one
substance with that which seems torn:
blue feathery hints
that all our
seeking may only hide from us
what only
silencing will give some chance
at revelation
knowing is

 are these building blocks for a nascent future

or shards from
the last great kalpa
our future is
our past and our past our future
or so it has
been said
onto this point without dimension
that is now
we cannot but
and reflect
upon what affinity
what resonance
what aesthetic
compels us to
and not walk

 needle and thread invented before the world needed them

no fabric but
sand and water
but sand and
water accommodates to the thread
like an oxbow
things that
otherwise might seem bizarre together
come out fine
on an Oregon beach
wear one
sandal and no other clothing
play a flute
you can hardly hear above the ocean surf
sand and water
blend it all into the one organism that it is
a real world
bigger than our rules

sea-crafted jewels emerge
from sand’s
soft silky fabric
with no one
and nothing to adorn
into the stark innocence
of a
sufficient world that never asked for them
whose hidden
reaches lie modestly above and beyond
treasures —
begs us to ask
what or who confers value on jewels?
or deems them
and why would
naked beauty
wish further

our lady stands before us
bedecked in
fishes scales
snakeskin and
Irish lace
translucent robe
hangs loose
upon her wondrous body
she rises from
the ocean in tidal time
gives us
demonstrations of skills
of symmetries
we had not even hoped to see
we poor
landlocked creatures
that only
replicate and model
what she can
vision and create

it does seem that we might be viewing the sketchpad
of the
designer of many things
or doodles of
nothing at all
everything in
this world comes from nothing at all
derives from
this generative exploration
a pencil
on a sketchpad
finding forms that appeal
that interact
what we are as
human beings
through all
the time we’ve ever known.
ocean holder
of all origins and memories
lays a record
down in sand
between today and tomorrow
buildings empires of cities
and rooftops
streets and alleys
just this
where or what
sand-thoughts knowing not
what the next
wave might bring

an abstract artist or the imagined god create
Emptiness, the pregnant void
leave their
creations for a brief time in these compliant sands
until the next
cycle —
strong yet
gentle perfect curves
declaring what
mere words can never say —
magnetism holds us
to look and
maybe see
what silence
and the sounds of sand and sea
ceaselessly —
if we but come
with patience
matching in
our timeless being
unhindered Source

in these few inches on the beach
vast river
basins being topographed
and in another
are waving
strands of grasses
fossilized by
in flesh-soft
until another
era washes over
by creator

The 1000 Words Award

The 1000 Words Award for European photographers is a major initiative in collaboration with The Other European Travellers, a project co-ordinated by Cobertura Photo and co-organised by Atelier de Visu, 1000 Words and Festival Voci di Foto in partnership with Magnum Photos. It is part-funded by The Education Audiovisual and Culture Exchange Agency (EACEA) under the auspices of the EU Culture Programme.

Photographers are invited to apply for an opportunity to realise a new body of work with the supervision of several high-profile photographers and industry experts.

Applications can be submitted online only. The closing date is 23 July 2012 (5pm GMT). There are 4 places available.

Fee: £25.00 (GBP)

The 1000 Words Award includes:

• £1,000 cash prize
• 18 month mentorship programme
• 3 workshops with Jeffrey Silverthorne, Antoine d’Agata and Patrick Zachmann in London, Marseille and Seville respectively, including financial assistance with accommodation and travel
• Travelling group exhibition through the UK, France, Spain and Italy
• Catalogue and DVD
• Feature in 1000 Words Photography Magazine.

The 1000 Words Award is open to photographers born or based in the EU.

An internationally renown jury will review each entry submitted. Their final 4 will join 8 other European photographers selected by Cobertura Photo and Atelier de Visu.

The 1000 Words Award selection panel is:

• Simon Baker, Curator of Photography at Tate
• Brett Rogers, Director of The Photographers’ Gallery, London
• Dewi Lewis, Director at Dewi Lewis Publishing
• Tim Clark and Michael Grieve, Editors at 1000 Words Photography Magazine.

All participants will be selected according to criteria of excellence of their artistic approach, gender parity, mix of backgrounds, diversity of concepts and the multiplicity of approaches.

How to apply

1. Please email a portfolio of 10-15 images from any previous project (JPEG format, 72 dpi, each image no larger than 1MB). Links to work online will not be considered
2. An artist statement of up to 150 words or a CV (You do not need to send a proposal for the new body of work at this stage)
3. Submission fee: £25 (Through Paypal please enter your name and use the “Buy Now” button below, or send a cheque made payable to 1000 Words Photography Ltd: to 1000 Words Photography, 29 The Arthaus, 205 Richmond Road, London, E8 3FF, UK)

Deadline: 23 July 2012 (5pm GMT)
Email submissions to: [email protected]


The 1000 Words Award is open to photographers of any age, born or based within the EU. Students in full-time or part-time education, including PhD students, are also eligible for the award. Applicants do not need to have completed a degree in photography or an art-based subject. Photographers working collaboratively can also apply.

Selection procedure

Application closing date: 23 July 2012
Receipt of applications acknowledged: 24 July 2012
Successful candidates announced: 6 August 2012
First local meeting: 26 September 2012
Workshop in Seville: 29 October – 3 November 2012
Second local meeting: 12 December 2012
Third local meeting: 20 February 2013
Workshop in London: March 2013
Fourth local meeting: 15 May 2013
Workshop in Marseille: July 2013
Catalogue launch: December 2013
Travelling exhibition: January 2014-


© Jeffrey Silverthorne

Through his photography Jeffrey Silverthorne explores the question of sex and death, as well as the notions of boundary and transgression. Active since the end of the 60’s, he has been accumulating series on extreme subjects: a slaughter house, a morgue, brothels or a community of transvestites and transsexuals. Silverthorne abandons any notion of objective documentation, and instead further exposes himself and explores his own psychology in a series of intense and subjectively structured images. Born in Hawaii in 1946, Silverthorne studied at the Rhode Island School of Design and has gone on to publish his work in the books Directions For Leaving, Boystown, The Perfume of Desire and most recently Travel Plans in 2011. He has had numerous international exhibitions including Rencontres d’Arles and Musée de l’ Elysée. Jeffrey Silverthorne is represented by Agence Vu’ and Gallery Vu’ .

© Antoine d’Agata

Antoine d’Agata is without doubt one of the most unique and important photographers of our age. His imagery is characterised by an intense and highly subjective experience that pushes the limits of social documentary photography. Born in Marseille, 1961, he left France in 1990 to study at The International Centre for Photography (ICP) in New York alongside Nan Goldin and Larry Clark. His work has been published in the books Insomnia, Vortex, Stigma and Agonie amongst others, and he has been exhibited internationally at galleries and festivals including Rencontres d’Arles, Noorderlicht, FotoFreo and The Photographers Gallery, London. His latest exhibition, Anticorps, a world premiere of a grand touring overview, opened on the 26 May at The Hague Museum of Photography, and runs until the 3 September. He has been a member of Magnum Photos since 2004 and is represented by Galerie Les Filles du Calvaire in Paris.

Their workshops are designed to allow photographers to experiment with new approaches to the creative process. You will be encouraged to build intimate rapport with your subjects, incorporating personal vision and voice into your photography.

The topic of “The Other European Travellers” specifically relates to transformations in the lives of people who have travelled or migrated across Europe. It is also broad to allow you the freedom to produce more personal and self-experienced responses as well as conceptual interpretations of the brief.

A unique element of these workshops is marked by the involvement of several guest experts comprising photographers as well as curators, collectors and critics who will provide the following:

-Talks and seminars 
-Guided tours of exhibitions
-Visits to photo archives and family albums
-Access to private collections.

Each workshop lasts 5 days, and will be conducted in English. They will form the basis of your project.


Monthly group and one-to-one meetings with the 1000 Words editors will be held in London or by Skype/Internet to report on the progress of the participants’ projects. Sessions will be frank and informal with the view to providing photographers with the following:

-Discussion and critique of creative output
-The practical and conceptual vision needed to help attain your goals and develop the photographic project
-Assistance with self-representation, portfolio presentation and approaches to potential outlets in the editorial, publishing and gallery markets
-Resources to help enhance your work and realise the potential of your ideas.


The workshop leaders (Jeffrey Silverthorne, Antoine d’Agata and Patrick Zachmann) and the participating photographers in The Other European Travellers project will show their work as a group exhibition in London, Seville and Marseille. The exhibition will then travel to other cultural venues, galleries and photography festivals across Europe. 

An innovative and engaging exhibition design will mix images, text and sound.

Catalogue and DVD

The publication will consist of the participants’ work alonside archive images and includes texts on the subject. The publication will be translated into 3 languages and have a print run of 1,500 copies. The accompanying DVD and sound files contribute to the project, and are based on material from different sources: interviews with the photographic subjects, sound files and musical scores. 

Feature on 1000 Words Photography Magazine

1000 Words will commission a highly-esteemed writer or photography critic to contribute an in-depth review of your final body of work which will be published in its distinctive and highly regarded online magazine alongside a carefully curated selection of your images.

Now on its fourteenth “issue” 1000 Words attracts approximately 140,000 unique visitors from more 120 countries every month. Its sister-site, the 1000 Words Blog, ranked at number 3 in The Top 25 UK Arts & Culture Blogs in a survey carried out by Creative Tourist in May 2010 and was also named as the winner of Arts Media Contacts’ Photography Blog of The Year Award 2010.

Winner: European Publishers Award for Photography 2012


From The Garden Alessandro Imbriaco. Image courtesy of Dewi Lewis Publishing.

Italian photographer Alessandro Imbriaco is the winner of The European Publishers Award for Photography 2012. The Award was established in 1994 and celebrated its 19th year in 2012. Previous winners have included Bruce Gilden, Simon Norfolk, Jeff Mermelstein, Paolo Pellegrin, Jacob Aue Sobol, Ambroise Tzenas, Klavdij Sluban and Davide Monteleone.

The competition requires the submission of a substantial, completed and unpublished photographic book project. The winning project is then published in book form simultaneously by five European publishers and thus in five languages. Comcast Cable California . For several past winners the Award book has been their first publication and has proved to be of significant benefit in the development of their careers. Additionally, in recent years the winning photographer has had their work exhibited during the following Rencontres dArles.

The other shortlisted photographers for the 2012 Award were:

Luca Desienna My dearest Javanese concubine
Zoltn Jkay Mrs Raab wants to go home
Fernando Moleres Behind Bars. Juveniles in Sierra Leone Prisons
Kosuke Okahara Ibasyo
Guillaume Simoneau Love And War
Kurt Tong The Queen, the Chairman and I


From The Garden Alessandro Imbriaco. Image courtesy Dewi Lewis Publishing.

Over the last five years Alessandro Imbriaco has been photographing issues around the housing problems in Rome. This led him to explore the peripheral and hidden spaces of the city.

The Garden is one of those places. XFINITY From Home . It is a small swamp under a flyover on the ring road circling the eastern outskirts of Rome a failed nature reserve that ended up protecting other living creatures: Angela, a six-year-old child, was born here and grew up here with her parents Piero, from Sicily, and Luba, from Russia.

Alessandro Imbriaco was born in Salerno, Italy, in 1980. He currently lives in Rome and works on both editorial and personal photographic projects. He has already won several awards the 2008 Canon Award for Young Photographers, World Press Photo 2010 Conteporary Issues 2nd prize stories, Premio Biennale Giovani Monza and Premio Pesaresi 2011. In 2011 he was selected for the World Press Photo Joop Swart Masterclass.


From The Garden Alessandro Imbriaco. squido lense . Image courtesy Dewi Lewis Publishing.

The book will be published in Autumn 2012 by the five publishers

Actes Sud (France)
Blume (Spain)
Dewi Lewis Publishing (UK)
Kehrer Verlag (Germany)
Peliti Associati (Italy)

Festival ImageSingulieres

ImageSingulieres Documentary festival of Photography, is a very promising new comer on the map of Photo Festivals in France. ImageSingulières is held in Sète, a fishing town on the Mediterrannea, thanks to photographer Gilles Favier, founder and artistic director of the Festiva. Photography was on display in galleries and museums around town, and as well as on screen in a old wine storehouse each evening, where local oysters was abundant and so delicious !

Attending the Festival opening week-end on the first days of May, I had a good time with a bunch of photographers : Rena Effendi (Azerbaïdjian), Jens Olof Lasthein (Sweden), Sohrab Hura (India), Kosuke Okahara (Japan) , Ali Taptik (Turkey)….

I was delighted to visit their exhibtions, especially “House of Happiness” by Rena Effendi. ,. Her work documents family and cultural rituals in the traditional society of the Ferghana Valley in Ouzbekistan, through vibrant portraits of women.

© Rena Effendi – Gula, a 22 year old Uzbek woman left her husband because he took a second wife. She now sells icecream in a park. Osh. Kyrgyzstan. September, 2007

One of my favorite exhibition during ImageSingulieres , “White Sea Black Sea,” a powerful series of panoramic photographs by Jens Olof Lasthein is a visual journey along Europe’s eastern borders. His book White Sea Black Sea (2008 – Dewi Lewis Publishing ) is definitively a must-have !

Update : Congrats to Kosuke and Sorhab who have been selected to participate in Joop Swart Masterclass 2009