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Susan Swihart

Los Angeles photographer Susan Swihart has a front row seat as she observes the phenomenon of identical twins.  She has begun a long-term project, About Face, that documents her daughters where she explores the nuances of their similarities and differences. She reveals just enough to give us insight, but also leaves space for their privacy.

Born and raised in Newton, Massachusetts, Susan was raised by a large extended family where her solace was time spent with paint brush and pencil. After college, she began a career in advertising and now works as a fine art photographer. Susan will be exhibiting in the Family Exhibition, opening at the Detroit Center for Photography in January, and her work has been exhibited across the country and often seen in F Stop Magazine.

About Face

Sometimes two people start as one. They split apart, but continue to grow in parallel day by day, inch by inch. They develop separately and distinctly. They have different dreams and fears. Yet, to many, they will always look the same. Be interchangeable. Be treated as if they’re still one. 

As the mother of twin daughters, I have been observing the phenomenon of their connectedness since birth. As a photographer and participant observer in their lives, I have set out to explore the psychological components, the similarities and differences, of my daughter’s union. Their realization that they are seen as one causes many different emotions. At times, they too will see themselves as a unit, but they will also wrestle with finding their own voice, identity and place.

They pull, push and compete. Occasionally one pushes ahead and grows faster than the other. One is left behind, until it’s their turn to squeeze by. Most other times they cling to the comfort of one another. The comfort in same face confusion. An ally to hide with from the fame of their twinness. It is a complex, but pure love for the person that was created at the same time. Head to toe in the womb. Side by side in life. And I want to be their witness and chronicle their unique journey into the world of individuals.

Jon Horvath, Untitled (from Wide Eyed)

Jon Horvath, Untitled (from Wide Eyed)

Jon Horvath

Untitled (from Wide Eyed),
Winslow, Arizona, 2012
From the Wide Eyed series
Website – JonHorvath.net

Jon Horvath is an artist and educator residing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He received his MFA from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 2008. His work has been exhibited nationally in galleries including: The Print Center (Philadelphia), Macy Gallery at Columbia University (New York), Philadelphia Photo Arts Center, and The Detroit Center for Contemporary Photography. His work is currently held in the permanent collection of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, The Haggerty Museum of Art, and is included in the Midwest Photographers Project at The Museum of Contemporary Photography. Horvath was a finalist for the The Greater Milwaukee Foundation's 2009 and 2010 Mary L. Nohl Emerging Artist Fellowship. In 2011, he was named a US Flash Forward winner by The Magenta Foundation. Horvath currently teaches at The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and The Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design.

Submit to The Family at DCCP!

The Family – A Juried Exhibition 
Special Guest Juror: Aline Smithson 

The Show

For the Family, Smithson will select 35 photographs for a print exhibition at the DCCP
gallery, which will be on display from January 12, 2013 through February 2, 2013. The
Juror’s Choice, Best in Show, and Honorable Mention awards will be published on a
Lenscratch special issue (www.lenscratch.com) as well as the DCCP website.


•Each accepted participant will be included in the print exhibition, and the DCCP online gallery.
•Juror’s Choice – $100 cash prize, plus a free (three-image) submission to a future call for entries show at the DCCP.
•Best in Show – A one-year individual membership to DCCP, plus a free (three-image) submission to a future call for entries show at the DCCP.
•2 Honorable Mentions – A free (three image) submission to a future call for entry show at the DCCP.

Click here to download the pdf for entry information.

• Participation is open to all artists working photographically, amateur and
• Entries must be recent works that have not been exhibited in any previous DCCP
main gallery show.
Entry Fee
Entry fees are non-refundable and are good for a submission of three images. Up
to three additional entries may be submitted at $5 for each entry (both members and nonmembers).
Entry forms are included in this .pdf or for download at detroitccp.org
Check or money order should be made payable to:
Detroit Center for Contemporary Photography.

Early Submission Discount – Must be postmarked by Saturday – September 29, 2012
DCCP Non Members $25
DCCP Members / Student $20
Additional Entries $5 per image
Regular Submissions – Must be received by Saturday – November 3, 2012
DCCP Non Members $30
Current Student (with id) $25
DCCP Member $20
Additional Entries $5 per image
• Applicants signing up for membership at the time they submit will receive the
automatic discounted entry fee. Membership application form is available in this
.pdf packet or for download at detroitccp.org. Please note that Annual
Membership is a separate due requiring registration, and is not complimentary for
those having participated in a previous exhibition at the DCCP.

Re Runs: Kyohei Abe

I’m stepping away from Lenscratch this week to work on a new personal website and prepare for upcoming photo activities…wanted to reintroduce you to some wonderful photographers featured several years ago, today with a post on Kyohei Abe that ran in 2009 after I saw his work at Photolucida. Kyohei is now the Director of the Detroit Center for Contemporary Photography and continues with his own fine art work. I’m adding a few images from his newer work to bring you up to speed.

Kyohei Abe’s work was unlike most at Photolucida. His clean, conceptual work is incredibly appealing and though he doesn’t reveal his intentions, the power of the imagery leaves room for imagination and contemplation.

Kyohei was born in Nagoya, Japan and earned his Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Architecture from Trident College in Japan. He later moved to the United States and began studying photography at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan. He earned a BFA with a concentration in Photography and then Kyohei graduated from Cranbrook Academy in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, earning a MFA in Photography. Currently, he is a Special Lecturer in Digital Media at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan.

images from Modern translation

images from New work

images from Imaginary scape

Minor Characters: Paolo Morales, Ana Lerma, and Emily Holzknecht

I thought I’d celebrate some terrific thesis portrait work that recently opened in Boston. Paolo Morales, Ana Lerma, and Emily Holzknecht all explore their own interior relationships as they search for a photographic relationship with strangers. Inconsequential characters take on leading roles in their exhibition, Minor Characters.

Minor Characters is a BFA thesis exhibition on view at the Art Institute of Boston Gallery at University Hall in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Ana, Emily and Paolo are three portrait photographers in search of connections. Lerma’s photographs strangers on the streets of Boston and New York in search of a reflection of a photographic encounter. Holzknecht’s portraits of strangers as well as those close to her explore a relationship between the photographer and the photographed. Morales’ pictures of acquaintances physically interacting explore relationships of struggle and power. The exhibition is on view from March 20-24, 2012.

Paolo Morales is a photographer and BFA candidate at the Art Institute of Boston. He has exhibited work at the Detroit Center for Contemporary Photography, Kings Highway Library, C Street Gallery, Trevor Day School and Gallery 44, among others. His editorial work has appeared on the cover of College Magazine. In 2010, he curated a show entitled Select Gender at the Farmani Gallery in Brooklyn. He lives in New York and Boston.

Emily Holzknecht was born and raised in northern New Jersey and is currently a BFA candidate at The Art Institute of Boston. Her interest in humanity and narrative lead her to develop a strong interest in the photographic portrait and its power to simultaneously reveal and obfuscate. Her work has been exhibited at the Photographic Resource Center and Laconia Gallery in Boston.

Ana Lerma is a contemporary photographer. Raised in the suburbs of Las Vegas, NV she moved to Boston to pursue a photography degree at The Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University.

Detroit Center for Contemporary Photography

Happy to promote this call for entry for Kyohei Abe from the Detroit Center for Contemporary Photography and David Bram from Fraction Magazine, two of the best people in the photo world!

Call For Entries: CHANGE OF PACE 2012

Special Guest Juror: David Bram, a fine art photographer and the editor, founder, and curator of Fraction Magazine. www.fractionmagazine.com

SUBMISSIONS DUE: Postmarked by March 31, 2012

Detroit Center for Contemporary Photography will be hosting juried exhibition, an opencall for photographic work exploring any theme.

Exhibition Dates: June 2, 2012 – July 7, 2012
Location: Detroit Center for Contemporary Photography
Submissions Due: Saturday, March 31, 2012, (This is NOT a postmark deadline.)
For more information: contact the DCCP, [email protected] Download PDF for submission gudieline and an entry form.


I’ve been a long time fan of Kyohei Abe’s work and was thrilled when I discovered that he had become the Director and Chief Curator for the Detroit Center of Contemporary Photography.

” The Detroit Center for Contemporary Photography was established in 2010 in Pontiac, Michigan. DCCP focuses on Contemporary Photography, featuring new and emerging artists. Our mission is to bring a deeper appreciation and understanding of photography to our community through exhibitions, lectures, and discussion groups. DCCP will promote contemporary photography and provide a vital cultural resource in the metro Detroit.”

DCCP is having their first call for entry below:

SUBMISSIONS DUE: Thursday, September 1, 2011

Detroit Center for Contemporary Photography will be hosting its first juried exhibition, an opencall for photographic work exploring any theme.

Exhibition Dates: October 1, 2011 – October 15, 2011
Location: Detroit Center for Contemporary Photography
Submissions Due: Thursday, September1, 2011, (This is NOT a postmark deadline.)
For more information: contact the DCCP, [email protected] Download PDF for submission gudieline and an entry form.

Special Guest Juror: Nancy Barr, Associate Curator, Department of Prints,
Drawings and Photographs – Detroit Institute of Arts

Just in from LUZ GALLERY:


A chapter in the “New History of Photography’ by Michel Frizot is titled; ‘Around the World – Explorers, travelers + tourists.’ It is from this heading that the inspiration grew to take a journey around the globe and showcase artist’s work from different countries. This will be a journey of discoveries to open our horizons to photographers working in different parts of the world.

Every month or so, we will travel virtually to a new country, and showcase work from four artists from that region. We will invite artists from each ‘stop’ on our journey to submit one portfolio, and to share a bit about themselves and what it is like to work in their country.

The total collection will not exceed 80 prints, so the first ‘tour’ will be to approximately twenty countries. We hope to create a limited edition print with each artist that will be available to purchase through Lúz Gallery, in Victoria B.C. and online at www.luzgallery.com

It is our hope that by taking this journey around the world that we can expand our knowledge of photographers working across the globe, and introduce their work to a wider audience of buyers, collectors and admirers.

We have twenty countries that we have selected for our journey around the world.
Our first stop, will be in the tradition of the book, the United Kingdom!

Other countries selected for our first ‘tour’ include:
Poland, Belgium, India, Morocco, Argentina, New Zealand, Canada, USA, Turkey, Russia, Iceland, South Africa, Madagascar, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Cuba, Mexico, Venezuela

Artists will be selected through an open submission process
Please click here for our submission policy

Anticipated launch date, September 2011
Please join our MAILING LIST to be notified when the journey begins.