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HOME.SWEET.HOME: Gerald Slota and Neil LaBute

Slota, LaBute

Exhibition on view:
January 7–February 4, 2012

Robert Berman Gallery

Bergamot Station:
2525 Michigan Avenue
Santa Monica, CA
(310) 453-7535

Robert Berman Gallery presents a collaborative exhibition from photographer Gerald Slota and filmmaker and playwright Neil LaBute. Embracing themes of family and relationships, HOME.SWEET.HOME showcases the two-way effort of ominous photographic collages by Slota and accompanying suggestive text by LaBute.

The ideas for this exhibition began when Slota and LaBute started communicating via e-mail which developed into a series of menacing postcards titled, “Because the Darkness Feeds My Soul,” featured in Aperture magazine issue 196.

Photographer #344: Martin Klimas

Martin Klimas, 1971, Germany, is a still-life photographer who captures motion. He studied Visual Communications and Photography at the Fachhochshule in Düsseldorf. In his personal work he does not use photoshop. He uses analog technology for his visually complex photographs capturing the moment between being whole and completely broken. In complete darkness he dropped porcelain figures, the sound of the objects hitting the floor triggers the lights to go off for a fraction of a second. For his work with flowers and vases he used the same technique, however it is the sound of a projectile, shot by Klimas, hitting the vase that sets off the flash. He is capable of capturing a moment we cannot see with the human eye. Even though catastrophy is happening in his large scale images, they are peaceful, silent and aesthetically beautiful. The following images come from the series FlowervasesPorcelain Figurines and Flying Birds.

Website: www.martin-klimas.de

Photographer #314: Arnau Blanch Vilageliu

Arnau Blanch Vilageliu, 1983, is a Spanish documentary photographer who lives and works between Spain and Colombia. He studied photography at the Institut d’Estudis Fotografics de Catalunya. He completed a six month internship at WpN in New York and participated at two workshops at ICP in documentary photography. In his hometown Barcelona he delved into the world of sex. It is a search for human identity, exploring a range of people who’s lives are dominated by sex. In gritty and dark images he shows us people who might use sex as a way of expression and others who need it as a means of survival. Shadows of Paradise is made in Colombia. Arnau shows us the darkness in a place that might, due to the lucious color of the jungle, look like a paradise at first glance. Arnau’s narrative photography is raw and instinctive. The following images come from !SEX!, Shadows of Paradise and Untitled Document.

Website: www.arnaublanch.com

Thomas Jackson

© Thomas Jackson.

I love the series Smoke by Thomas Jackson. Can not be simpler than that, the texture of smoke and the high contrast of colors against darkness.