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SW Regional SPE: Skott Chandler

Sharing photographers that I met at the SW Regional SPE Conference hosted by the Center of Fine Art Photography in Fort Collins, Colorado….

I think most of us would like to think we lead interesting lives, but Colorado photographer, Skott Chandler provides the evidence that much of what we do is routine or banal. Skott gave a spirited presentation at SPE that spoke to his creative approaches to making images. The photographs featured today from his project, House Watch, are the result of self-created pinhole cameras secured to the ceilings of a whole host of living spaces.  The results reflect how people (and dogs) use space–those who are in focus or semi-focus are more stationary, those who disappear are only moving through the room.

Skott is a  photographic artist in Denver, Colorado where he teaches at the Art Institute of Colorado. He received his degree in Studio Art at Southern Utah University, and during that time he received a UGRASP (Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Program) grant for his surreal Photocubism series.
He then received his MFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Skott has exhibited work throughout the United States, as well as internationally in Bordeaux, France, Hong Kong, and Geneva, Switzerland. His work was selected for Klopmpching Gallery’s inaugural FRESH 2011 photography competition and he was recognized by Gallery 263 in Cambridge, MA, as one of the Top 30 Emerging Artist Under 30 for 2011.

 House Watch

Humans have many levels of connection with their personal spaces. Narratives within these domestic spaces differ depending on the inhabitants and their activities that may be mundane, ambiguous, hilarious, absurd, or unsettling. The space within a house affects the inhabitants, and the inhabitants affect the space‚Äďan oddly intriguing phenomenon that proves difficult to visualize. 

Creating a photographic representation of such an abstract emotional experience was my motivation. The photographs take the perspective of an omniscient voyeur investigating the dynamics of space within a home. Ceiling mounted pinhole cameras cast an unflinching gaze upon the inhabitants and rooms within the walls; not to judge, but to witness.

Diffusion Magazine 2011

Publisher, photographer, and all around visionary, Blue Mitchell, has recently released the 2011 issue of Diffusion Magazine (Vol lll). It’s ready for purchase and sure to be another wonderful issue full of inspiration and uncommon images. Also included are articles by Zeb Andrews, Libby Rowe, Lauren Henkin, and Blue Mitchell. Blue began this annual publication in 2009 as a place to celebrate photographs and photographers who were using unusual, historical, and creative approaches to image making.

In conjunction with the launch of the 2011 issue, the Jennifer Schwartz Gallery in Atlanta will be showcasing many of the featured artists. The exhibition opens on June 11th-July 16th, 2011.

Displaced (2010) by Lauren Henkin

Infinite Pines (2008) by Becky Comber

Untitled (2010) by Becky Comber

Untitled (2008) by Becky Comber

Rescuing Victory (2010) by Charles Grogg

Magnolia Tree (2010) by Charles Grogg

Rescue (2008) by Charles Grogg

The Thief (2008) by Jason E. Kelley

The Centurion and the Druid (2010) by Jason E. Kelley

Tea Party (2009) by Jason E. Kelley

Chandelier (2003) by Ann Pallesen

Dahlias (2004) by Ann Pallesen

Plush (2003) by Ann Pallesen

It Still Had All Its Teeth (2009) by Kate Stone

There Were Bras Hanging in the Window (2009) by Kate Stone

Turned Out She Was Down the Block (2009) by Kate Stone

Joanna, Age 16 (2004) by Rita Bernstein

Witness (2010) by Rita Bernstein

Blackbird (2010) by Rita Bernstein

Suburban Sublime #1 (2010) by Christopher Jordan

Suburban Sublime #13 (2010) by Christopher Jordan

Suburban Sublime #14 (2010) by Christopher Jordan

Object Diaspora #27 (2010) by Jennifer Schlesinger

Object Diaspora #12 (2009) by Jennifer Schlesinger

Object Diaspora #1 (2009) by Jennifer Schlesinger

Swept Away (2009) by Libby Rowe