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“Equivalents” Competition Exhibition at Photo Center NW

Scratched Print Skylight Hallway © Mary Ellen Bartley

While working on a series of cloud photographs in 1925, Alfred Stieglitz coined the title ”Equivalents” for his work, with the idea that the photographs could correspond to both the reality in front of the camera’s lens and the internal being of whoever was looking at them. Photographs could be representational and abstract, so even a photograph of a mundane subject could provoke a strong emotional response.

W. M. Hunt, the juror of the 17th Annual Photo Competition at Photo Center NW, chose this idea as the open theme for this year’s contest. So, the winning images are eclectic, but all meet Hunt’s criterion for what makes great photographs: their ability “to evoke a sensation that resonates through my being,” regardless of subject matter or technical process. See if the work resonates through your being too at Photo Center NW’s Seattle gallery, or check them out online. And for more of Hunt’s curatorial vision, check out The Unseen Eye: Photographs from the Unconscious, 35% off as part of Aperture’s summer sale, which ends this Friday, August 10.

T-Shirt design contest | Tattoo-style


What am I looking for?:
I’m looking for an original “tattoo-style” design that will be printed on black t-shirts in a limited edition of 100. It needs to have a reference to the number 500 but can include lot’s of other things from skulls to pretty flowers to vintage cameras. It needs to be “bad-ass”, original and creative! I’d like a fairly large design for the back of the t-shirt and a small one for the front (optional) that might be placed on a front pouch.

Are there restrictions?:
Yes, you are only allowed to use a maximum of 2 colors as we are printing at an expensive but high quality screen printer and still want the t-shirts to be affordable. You also have to be able to deliver the images (once chosen) in the correct vector format: either .eps, .ai or .cdr.

What will you get in return?:
You will get 2 t-shirts with your own design in the sizes you wish, a collection of photography / poster-art books including Backflashes: Graffity Tales by Ruedione and Emek …the thinking man’s poster artist…
Your name and website will be mentioned on this website, the facebook page and the certificates of authenticity that come with the t-shirts.
All designs submitted will be posted on facebook with your name and website on the 500 Photographers facebook page.

When is the deadline?:
We’re working fast, so the deadline for your examples is SATURDAY JUNE 2ND 2012.

E-MAIL YOUR DESIGN TO: [email protected] (mention “t-shirt design” in the subject box)