Art Space Tokyo

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Tokyo is not an easy place to get to grips with, especially for those of us who are used to the structure and scale of most European cities. Its multi-layered sprawl and labyrinthine underground transport network can make it feel like a never-ending maze. Like the city itself, Tokyo’s art scene can feel impenetrable to [...]

Christopher H. Paquette, Untitled

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Christopher Paquette

Toledo, Ohio, 2010
Website –

Christopher Paquette is an artist and writer from Philadelphia. Since 2006 he …

Sara VanDerBeek Nominated for Smithsonian’s Contemporary Artist Award

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  2012 © Sara VanDerBeek Established in 2001, the Smithsonian American Art Museum created the Contemporary Artist Award to enhance the museum’s commitment to living artists and to honor their achievements. Artists nominated have to be younger than 50, have produced a significant body of work, and consistently demonstrate exceptional creativity. The 15 nominees for [...]

Martin Usborne, Tea with five sugars

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Martin Usborne

Tea with five sugars,
Hoxton, London, 2008
From the Joseph of Hoxton series Website –

Martin Usborne lives and works in London. H…